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Did Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega have a motive?

Nanny Yoselyn Ortega, pictured with Lucia Krim (right) and surviving daughter Nessie, 3 (obscured).


Nanny Yoselyn Ortega, pictured with Lucia Krim (right) and surviving daughter Nessie, 3 (obscured). Image via nydailynews.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was stressed out about money. Did the Krim family hold out…?

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now believed to have been motivated by money, but wont confess…

Marina Krim’s nanny’s Facebook page now insists that Marina Krim killed her children.

Marina Krim too remain tight lipped. Refuses to address nanny’s allegations…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega insists she was the one abused and mistreated.

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega thought she was too underpaid and didn’t like the way she was spoken to.

Cops say Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega resented always being told what to do. Refuses to admit killings….

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now formally charged with first degree murder.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was warned she’d be fired. Refused to clean…

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega to be arraigned from hospital bed. Still wont speak…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega thought to have resented her employers…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to cooperate with authorities.

Why did a Manhattan nanny stab Marina Krim’s two children to death?

Authorities are at present still trying to piece together the horrific events of last night’s double murders at West 75th st which saw 50 year old nanny, Yoselyn Ortega purportedly kill two children, 6 year old Lulu and 3 year old Leo Krim in her care.

At present authorities who have been amassing evidence and interviewing friends and relatives as well as the Krims themselves in the hope of shedding light on last night’s affairs have at present been reluctant to draw inference of what may have compelled Ms Ortega to act out. Instead they have publicly held that at present they have no motive.

That said authorities are hopeful that more light may be shed once Ms Ortega who remains in critical care comes to after a failed suicide attempt which saw her attempting to slit her own throat and wrists which hints at degrees of guilt and complicity in the murder of the two toddlers.

The murders themselves have widely alarmed many working New Yorkers, many of whom have taken into their household nannies to help with the day to day rigors of living in NYC, albeit as some commentators have cryptically reflected a well to do lifestyle reserved for the few…

Gaining a sense of Yoselyn Ortega’s character and a clue as to any motive that may have played a part in her supposed role in the murder of Marina and Kevin Krim‘s two children has at best been a fraught enterprise given the grimly circumstances at hand.

Courtesy of the nydailynews, building superintendent Fernando Mercado where  Ms Ortega lived in the immigrant enclave of Hamilton Heights had this to offer:

“I heard she loved those kids. We were all shocked. She’s a very nice woman. It sounded strange. All the time she was a nice lady, very religious. To me she has always been very, very stable.”

Then there was this description by neighbor Kenia Gelao: “She just seems like a calm, normal person. She’s always very good with my kids. She’s never had no problems. I guess you never know what can happen. Sometimes, people just break.”

Although there may have been signs that something was not all fine, as Ms Ortega’s niece, Katherine Garcia reiterated : ‘She was acting kind of nervous lately.’

Of course who amongst us hasn’t had a bad day or an emotionally volatile period in their lives which may encourage thoughts, feelings and behavior that one would be loathe to act out on any other day…?

Nevertheless Ms Ortega who had been in the service of Marina and Kevin Krim for just over a year was much adored by her employer, the Krim family and she in turn it is said was very much enraptured by them, having even compelled the Krim family to visit her family home in the Dominican Republic.

Wrote Marina Krim in her blog (since suspended) during the family’s nine day stay this past February.

“We spent half the time at our nanny, Josie’s sisters home in Santiago . . . We met Josie’s amazing familia!!! And the Dominican Republic is a wonderful country!! More pics to come!!”

And yet at the end of the day the visage of a hunkered 50 year old woman with her own throat and wrists slit at her own hand who was said to have loved the children as if her own just makes no sense. And yet perhaps this is what most find so unsettling, that someone who is given so much trust and who to date had shown few signs of irregularity would resort to such a violent crime.

Could it come down to a perceived sleight at the hands of the Krim family that eventually forced Ms Ortega’s hand, was there a lingering sense of betrayal, an offense or even Ms Ortega suddenly snapping at something that the children may have done that led her to doing the unthinkable?

One also wonders if and how the socio economic aspects of the Krim’s social standing may have also tempered the family nanny who one assumes was probably paid quite well but that too may have played a part in a sense of resentment and alienation against the well to do Krims who are said to have paid $10 000 a month for their stately Manhattan abode.

Then again why should a family’s social standing ever be a factor when an employee decides to do the unthinkable and murder a family’s most cherished beings, its children…?

Marina Krim and Leo and Lulu.
Scores of pictures on the online blog show the three children playing happily together at the home.


  1. First of all, Selena wasn’t murdered by a “jealous maid”; Yolanda Saldivar was the president of her fan club. Get your facts straight before giving out your opinion. Besides, what does Selena’s murder have to do with these murders? Secondly, don’t stereotype immigrants! Not everybody is alike. That is very ignorant of you to do and this type of ignorance is what keeps racism, prejudice, hatred, etc. alive in the world today. My parents are immigrants from a third world country and my mother is a nanny herself, not to rich white folks but holds the same occupation Yoselyn Ortega held. My mother would never commit such a heinous act, and she is one of many immigrants/nannies/workers who wouldn’t commit this terrible and heartless crime.

    It’s very sad you believe all immigrants come from “backward” countries and cultures. These countries are very rich in culture and help incorporate the vast diversity to the world; especially the USA. How narrow minded you appear to be, but alas; it is your opinion.

    Yoselyn Ortega committed a horrible crime and those poor angels didn’t deserve this; no matter what “excuse” this woman has. But anybody from any type of social class, race, ethnicity etc, can commit a crime like this. That is something people like yourself fail to recognize…

  2. “The jealousy and resentment scenarios just don’t make sense to me” You’re wrong. Jealousy is the very motive of most crimes. No need to invent possessions, diseases, although this woman is much probably a psychopath…a jealous psychopath is very, very dangerous…

  3. Is resentment inadequate to explain a crime ? Really ? What else might explain crimes ? problably the very reason of 99% of crimes….
    Maybe the word “resentment” isn’t strong enough…what about “burning hate”? That nanny killed the kids because she was consumed with jealousy and envy. She could not stand the Krim’s lifestyle, the Krim’s easy life, the Krim’s happiness…she was poor, living in Bronkx, and would not be surprised if her own kids were problematic…apart from that, Ortega was most probably on the psychopathic side…Sometimes, some type of educated people are so cautious, regarding “speculation” that they end up perceiving NOTHING…The Krim did not perceived anything, while one careful look on Ortega’s pictures reveal how unwel, how envious she was/still is.

  4. $43 Trillion lawsuit cv-04269-JBW-RML filed Oct 25, 2012. Kevin Krim reports it on CNBC Oct 26, 2012, His children are murdered just hours after his reporting and the story is removed immediately. So the nanny just happened to “flip out” at this particular convenient moment and break a vertebrae in her own neck? Also, the story changed from the beginning about how Mrs Krim found the nanny. From my perspective, someone else is involved.

  5. Warning: stay away from potential trash unless you want to be robbed or worse. Poor 50 year old immigrants from third world countries should not come near high class families, especially ones of a different race and culture. If I were a wealthy beautiful white (or fair) woman I would not let a poor immigrant woman from a backward country and culture near me or my children. Look what happenned to the beauty and famouse Latin singer Selena, who was murdered by a jealous maid.

  6. Why so much concern for this disgusting nanny? The photo shows her black claws (nails from a demon possessed person) all over the children. Beautiful, happy families with wealth are often hated due to jealousy, the most vile emotion that drives people to commit murder. I am not white, and I’m in the upper income bracket, married, considered attractive, a mom, great job and very happy – I have been a target of jealouse hatred from various people of all races. Don’t think whites never get madly jelouse of non whites.


  7. If people saw the nanny ‘unravelling’ or in a bad state, why did no one reach out to her? Did she think the children were posessed by ‘evil spirits’ or something irrational like that? (Some cultures are very superstitous that way)
    Was she entering psychosis? The jealousy and resentment scenarios just don’t make sense to me. Either way, she is a severely disturbed person and I’m sure they’ll give her what she deservess in prison.

  8. It’s all speculation but you have to be a complete monster to murder children. It’s piling speculation on speculation, but “resentment” or some perceived insult is grossly inadequate to explain the enormity of the crime. No one murders children based on some perceived slight.

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