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Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was stressed out about money. Did the Krim family hold out…?

Marina Krim
Marina Krim


Marina Krim
Marina Krim

Marina and Kevin Krim reveal how their surviving daughter Nessie saves them.

Oh really! Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega begs judge to bar media!

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega pleads not guilty to murder. Declines to speak…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega grand indicted to serve the rest of her life in jail.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was stressed out about money. Did the Krim family hold out…?

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now believed to have been motivated by money, but wont confess…

Marina Krim’s nanny’s Facebook page now insists that Marina Krim killed her children.

Marina Krim too remain tight lipped. Refuses to address nanny’s allegations…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega insists she was the one abused and mistreated.

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega thought she was too underpaid and didn’t like the way she was spoken to.

Cops say Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to admit killings….

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now formally charged with first degree murder.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was warned she’d be fired. Refused to clean…

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega to be arraigned from hospital bed. Still wont speak…

Recent developments over the killings of  Marina and Kevin Krim’s children 6 year old Lulu and 2 year old Leo Krim at the hands of their former nanny Yoselyn Ortega now paint a picture of a woman who was at her wits end trying to make ends meet financially and somehow along the way snapped when she decided to take the lives of the Krim family children.

Despite earning a respectable $18 an hour for her nanny duties which would have brought her annual salary up to $32 000, a sum commensurate to what other similarly employed nannies enjoyed courtesy of their affluent Manhattan employers it seems Ms Ortega was unable to fulfill her day to day living arrangements and somehow this left her embittered and increasingly resentful of her employers who in comparison lived a markedly affluent lifestyle.

To date speculation has run rampant that Ms Ortega felt belittled by her lot and scorned that her employer, the Krim family whom she had over the last 2 years of her employment had begun to form a close bond with. That though some are suggesting may have been the trigger which brought out Ms Ortega’s hostility who may have by now come to expect much more from her employer given the very personal nature of their relationship who in the light of her financial duress could only muster an extra 5 hours a week of paid work, as a house cleaner (something that is said to have repulsed Ms Ortega and caused great indignity).

In fact the Krim family had also gone out of their way to introduce Ms Ortega to another family who were in the market for a nanny whom eventually decided against hiring Ms Ortega given that they found her sour and unkempt. Although that too raises the question if Ms Ortega was really hurting for money why didn’t she make an effort to make a better presentation or just simply accept the hours offered to her until other opportunities presented themselves. Or was it a situation that Ms Ortega felt that she was being taken advantage of and felt she deserved better without her having to resort to now cleaning up after her employer? Which is to say the task of being a nanny may be more quite involved and the pay most nanny’s draw may in fact not be actually what they ought to be paid given the degree of responsibility and effort involved? Or is it a situation that Ms Ortega felt she was owed better pay simply because her employers were affluent and in her mind almost mandated to do so given how she had expressed to them the degree of financial duress she was experiencing?

Other ideas postulated is the notion that Ms Ortega who had been in the United States for ten years, having arrived from the Dominic Republic with an accounting degree was no where closer to her aspirations of living the American dream. Which poses the awkward question how does one actually survive in a city like NYC with a salary of $32 000 especially when they have aspirations to send their children to private schools in the hope that they can later gain traction in the workforce, a reality hardly lost on many working families.

Nevertheless it seems Ms Ortega grew to resent her employers the Krim family who were in the position to live the type of lifestyle that she yearned for herself (it is said Ms Ortega had spent considerable sums of money on a sublet before being forced to relinquish it and consequently forced to move back in with her sister with her son in tow) and who also now found herself becoming increasingly bitter towards especially having by now being warned that she risked losing her tenure if her attitude and performance didn’t markedly change for the better. Something that it appears caused Ms Ortega great distress and a feeling of betrayal.

Nevertheless despite Ms Ortega’s financial woes authorities are not necessarily convinced that this in and of itself was the precursor which led to her slaying the children.

Said a law enforcement agent to  dnainfo: “There was definitely an issue with treatment by her employees, and money issues. But there must be some other craziness that has not come out.”

Complicating Ms Ortega’s financial situation was her relationship with her the father of her son, Jesus who may or may not have been assisting in the financial responsibilities of raising their 17 year old son.

Offers the huffingtonpost: Investigators tracked down Jesus’ father, Leno, a Dominican native who lives in Inwood and drives a taxi.

He and Ortega separated amicably in 2001 and he had “no ill will toward her,” and although he said he rarely saw Ortega, they “had no problems between them,” sources said.

“He was shocked by what happened,” a source said. “He had no idea what demons were raging.”

Leno told officials that he had dutifully sent $140 a month in child support to his son in the Dominican Republic. The figure, he said, was established by a Dominican judge. He also regularly visited his son there. He stopped having to pay child support when his son moved to New York, as Ortega didn’t petition a city court to require Leno make payments here.

Ultimately one is forced to wonder had the Krim family offered their nanny a raise as some have suggested that they ought to how much different things today may have been but then again one can easily argue what obligation were the Krim family to offer their employee a raise? Which raises other awkward questions, had Ms Ortega displaced her outrage of the difficulty of living the American dream on her employers rather than the system itself which many would argue makes it difficult for individuals of Hispanic decent to rise?

Although that too could be considered a tenuous argument as there are many who come from impoverished circumstances who are able to rise and acquire financial success and mobility, and yet on the flip that social mobility has over the years gotten increasingly difficult for those not in a position of financial empowerment and forced to live paycheck to paycheck. A reality not lost on many families who increasingly find themselves falling by the wayside just to meet basic expenses.

Regardless of the socio economic implications of the above case many have found Ms Ortega’s purported actions reprehensible, which poses the question, if she as a decent hardworking individual aspired to the lot of the Krim family why then did she then resort to murder? Surely even she must have understood that she was transgressing a line of decorum, human empathy and regard for life? Unless of course Ms Ortega rightly or wrongly perceived that she had been violated first….?

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now hires lawyer. Still not talking to cops.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega thought to have resented her employers…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to cooperate with authorities.

Did Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega have a motive?

Why did a Manhattan nanny stab Marina Krim’s two children to death?



  1. This has to be the worst writing I have ever had the misfortune of coming across. This has nothing to do with grammar, etc., but the actual ability to write. As to those commentators who admonish that it’s “her blog” and let her do with it what she wants, I say this: A bloggers’ thoughts and ideas are transferred via the written word. A blogger presumably is actively wanting and inviting others to read their musings, which also presumably, they want to be enjoyable for the reader. If you can’t write then just stick to keeping a personal journal.

  2. I no i’m a little late but I just need to agree with Sheryl regarding middle class. Kevin Krim making $10,000 per month is far different from a nanny making $37,000 per year. Yoselyn was making a decent salary for what she choose as a profession. If she wanted more then she needed to get the education and career that would make her more money. However, $18 per hour plus free meals isn’t bad at all.

    Yes, Kevin Krim was upperclass and made $10,000 per month.

  3. Marina Krim treated this woman terribly. She called her a “n____” the night before the murders, refused to give her a raise outright despite knowing the nanny was in desperate need (living in poverty in Harlem with 8 other people) and constantly threatened her with being fired. They paid her a pittance (her income supported 2 people and the Krims KNEW that) to care for their “precious” children while they pissed money away on frivolities. None of the above excuses murder, of course, but abuse and exploitation take it’s toll. How could the Krims not notice what EVERYONE else in the bldg did- that the nanny was struggling with severe depression? BECAUSE THEY ARE SO SELF-INVOLVED and lack empathy, even for the care-giver of their kids. Ms Ortega asked them for a loan to care for her own child and they refused, instead offering her 5 hours of additional housework! Meanwhile, she watched their spoiled, entitled brats run all over UWS shopping and taking “classes” while she and her son languished. I’m an insider and not surprised that this happened, only surprised that it doesn’t happen more often.

  4. Sure, the themes are unsettling, but so was the absurd amount of run-on sentences and repetitive thoughts. I could barely focus on the content of the article being that it was so poorly written.

  5. This is a tragedy all round…and unfortunately the children suffered. point exactly! if as has been said – SHE was their mother and THIS was THEIR home and Ms. Ortega was only baby sitting one child while the mother worked, helped with her kids and sent the other to school, why didnt she know what was going on in her OWN house? if Ms. Krim was sooo present, why should ms. Ortega know if the mother didnt? Who cleaned the house? who moved the chairs or whatever. AMAZING HOW SO MUCH IS coming to light AFTER the tragedy…YET, according to Mom’s blog, everything was wonderful, no hint of trouble. Other people saw Ms. Ortega’s harried, worried change with weight loss, yet Mom completely missed or IGNORED it. Be careful when you think YOU have everything under control, you cant make people as stupid as you want them to be…and as we see from Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, money does NOT make you smart.

  6. who gives a shit what park slope baby breeders keep-up-with-the-Krims, full-of-shit people say. It would be more realistic to hear the real stories from nannies”/ maids who work their asses off for the families, who get paid for 3 children the same as they would be for 1; who get passed off to other family members with little or no pay when “cheap” help is required, who are begrudged a living wage while people like the Krims and the so-called billionaires decide that even though they Themselves cant make it on $567.00 per week, who, having been able to buy their way into the Harvards and expensive schools, know how to determine cost of living – even meagre cost of living, still insist with some f you wannabees, that $32,000 is high dollar for grown people (as long as they are not white) to pay rent, eat, travel and be grateful to boot (just read the silly ridiculous blogs here). What a load of hypocrites you are. These folks as well as the Park slope lot, care about their kids and love them, yes! but that love and care are secondary to their $120,000 rentals, their fabulous clothes, their $8,000.00 per plate “charities” and their hob-nobbing with the rich and famous and most importantly,the showing off. And wayyyyyy down at the bottom of their list are the people who they pay to care for the children they LOVE so much and who are so precious, the people who learn to love their charges and care so deeply for them, that the employers consider them “like family”. So I dont want to hear from the park slopers or the central parkers or the grandmothers who dont know how to grandmother or those who dont know how to be human.

  7. jj and Gabriel – you are idiots. I don’t know Yoselyn and neither do you. Neither do you know the Krims. I know that the story is not as it is presented and anyone else with commonsense knows that too. This murder was HORRIBLE. I cant even imagine losing a child to natural causes far less, like this.

    However, the sympathy we feel for the Krim family and the suffering of the children should not blur commonsense. Unless Yoselyn Ortega suddenly went totally and unexplainedly crazy, this did not come out of a vacuum and we all know that wealth and money does not remove the sly and oftern overt cruelty that sometimes comes from working with white folks, and moresore RICH white folks who feel they own the world, have you over a barrell, know your weaknesses and needs and your dependence on them for a job, particularly in this job-starved and racist environment.

    So how do you know if any of this is true. Did you speak with Yoselyn? Do you know the Krims or just have a spiritual white kinship with them? How do you know Ms. Ortega was whining? How do you know it was “Light” cleaning. Have you ever looked after 3 pre-7 year olds? How much does it cost to look after ONE x 3 kids or 3 children (when the parents pretend 3 require the same energy and time as 1) in upper or lower Manhattan? how much is $32,000 per year after taxes and deductions – less than $575 per week…would you be able to cope on that – would you be able to pay rent, get to work and eat. Would you/ do you have energy for “light” cleaning in somebody else’s house after your full time job? How many jobs did she had to have: it has been said she also sole jelry, made food dishes for sale, sold jewelry to make ends meet. What do you know about the Krims/ Mr. Krim/ Mrs Krim other than that they are white, rich, can keep up with the rich and famous and impress people like you and afford $120,000 per year for just rent – 4 times as much for their lavish accommodation as for the care of their 3 precious children. Why could they not have paid her a living wage? For someone who the Krims, their neighbors and those in the know say loved the children and was “like family”, how come no-one noticed she was looking harried, worried and had lost weight? Because people like Ms. Ortega are not really seen as worthy of consideration. We will NEVER know as yoselyn will never be able to tell the full story under the weight of the KRIM’s rich white words,powerful pen and even more powerful lawyers and constituency. But there is much, much much more to this than meets the eye.

  8. I just created a spanish page in support of the Krim Family.
    En apoyo a la familia Krim (In support of the Krim family)

  9. Our deepest sympathies go out to the family.

    What should you look for when you’re screening a nanny?
    These three things are helpful in the hiring process:

    Be Prepared – The process of screening a nanny can be a
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    Ask Investigative Questions – Don’t forget to dig deeper
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    Paying Attention To The Details – When you’re going
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    interact with your child?

    Run Your Background Checks – Make sure you run background
    checks such as criminal histories, driving records or any others you feel


  10. I assure you it is a middle class salary — for the United States and for a single person to earn. I live smack in the middle of Manhattan, and plenty of people get by on that, too, even if they have to share an apartment and supplement their main income with a second job. And if Ortega felt she couldn’t hack it on that money alone, she should have moved elsewhere. There are many less expensive places to live — Morgantown, West Virginia, for example. I haven’t looked at the statistics in terms of what would be considered middle class for a family of four, but certainly for a woman with one child who should have been getting financial help from her husband — if he wasn’t paying, he needed to be brought to court and apparently she didn’t force the issue.

  11. $37,500 is not considered middle class in NYC – it’s hardly enough to survive. I don’t know why people feel compelled to comment on things when they clearly don’t have a clue.

  12. Again, you’re overlooking reality. I live in Manhattan and have children, and can state with absolute certainty, the Krims were paying Ortega what most nannies are paid in the city, and that includes nannies who are trained in childcare, those who actually went to school to become nannies. There may be exceptions to the rule. For example, I know a billionaire who rents an apartment for his nanny on the Upper East Side, and that’s a perk of the job — but how many people can afford that? Again, it’s an exception. The Krims were not looking for a cheap fix. Plus, each nannying job comes with a different set of responsibilities, so having to take care of six-month-old triplets while their parents work all day is different than have two children — Lulu was at school all day — with a mother who is helping the nanny out the whole time, if not doing most of the heavy childcare lifting. And, again, people fight on the job all the time,and,yes, with their nannies. Do you know how many nannies make suggestions about childcare? Everyone one of them, that’s how many. Marina had no way of knowing — no one would — that the woman she trusted, would go crazy and take out her anger on her children. I certainly wouldn’t think that, particularly because they’re helpless children and they’d been safe with her up to that time. Finally, Ortega does not look “evil” to me, as she does to you. She is evil, sick, sociopathic, enraged, but there’s not one picture in which she looks like that. Does she have horns sticking from her head? She looks close to the children in most of the pics I’ve seen.

  13. Park Slope Parents (Park Slope is an affluent Brooklyn “breeder” neighborhood) conducts a bi-annual nanny compensation survey. Many NYC families and nannies are familiar with it and use it to help guide negotiations. Considering that top dollar is $20/hr, her pay was very much well within the range of normal. It is possible that she didn’t pay taxes either as many nannies (at least 63%) are paid “off the books” and most of them prefer this because they don’t want to pay taxes (on the books nannies are paid more, but their take home pay is less than under the table). The survey also details the benefits most nannies can expect in NYC such as 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, unlimited ride metro card (over $1000/yr), open fridge policies, etc. Google “park slope parents nanny compensation survey 2011” if you want all the data about the financial norms for nannies in NYC. Ortega was compensated fairly for the job she held in the market she was in.

  14. You are delusional…I am not justifying anything, I’m saying that you never fight with the person who takes care of your children, because you never know what it builts in her head— and this story shows this, and it is not the first case, just google it under nanny killers and then come again and complain here…didn’t you read in the papers how much hate and resention this monster nanny had against the Krims? If I am able to get a nanny I would pay extra for a proffessional one who comes from an agency and is highly recommanded and not a cheep third world country witch who is grumpy and unhappy over salary. And also, did you see her face? She looks creepy, scary and EVIL…I would not trust that even with my dog.

  15. You are delusional…I am not justifying anything, I’m saying that you never fight with the person who takes care of your children, because you never know what it builts in her head— and this story shows this, and it is not the first case, just google it under nanny killers and then come again and complain here…didn’t you read in the papers how much hate and resention this monster nanny had against the Krims? If I am able to get a nanny I would pay extra for a proffessional one who comes from an agency and is highly recommanded and not a cheep third world country witch who is grumpy and unhappy over salary. And also, did you see her face? She looks creepy, scary and EVIL…I would not trust that even with my dog.

  16. First off, who says the Krims are rich? Even if they are, a nanny in New York should expect to get paid the going rate, and I assure you, that’s it. And as someone else pointed out on another thread, the nanny was not taking care of three kids at a time: the oldest was in school all day, and Marina was usually with at least one child by herself. An income of $37,500, which is what she would have been paid if she accept the extra five hours a week, is considered a middle class salary. If Ortega had problems getting by, she needed to take on a second or third job, as most people do; she needed to make sure her son’s father was doing his part financially; she needed to be more careful with money — spending a great deal of money on an iffy sublet is foolish; and she needed to quit before her rage overcame her. She was taking care of vulnerable children, and such a position requires more self-control that most. Going off on a colleague is different than abusing a child. And we’re not even going to get into what she actually did, suffice to say, a two-year-old can never defend themself from a knife attack.
    Plenty of people disagree on the job, and with their bosses too, but they’re not fired because their bosses, at least if they’re nice, responsible, good-hearted people, like Marina and Kevin Krim, are up for second chances and flexibility. If they had even an inkling their “wonderful” nanny, whom they trusted, would have gone ballistic, they would have canned her right then and there.

  17. And for the record this “Nanny” ( a.k.a cleaning lady) was not a stranger- she worked for the family for 2 years. And yes, It is absolutely normal for someone who works for 2 years to have disagreements occasionally with his employer . And when that happens in the worse case scenario- Nanny quits -does not murder your children. Nobody who has common sense before this ”event” would have ever suspected such an outcome.

    My first thought after finding out about this was that Nanny must have had schizophrenia attack or was using some hallucinogenic drugs. But no – this is worse- she murders helpless and innocent creatures in the COLD BLOOD. You would think there is no worse thing in the world.

    But sadly there is: knowing that there are people like you who in the midst of this terrible tragedy have some ( any) room in your hearts to justify this horrific,heartless action by suggesting that this monsters murderer, who was able to commit this act, didn’t feel any remorse for killing the kids she tended upon for 2 years, was underpaid and should had even gotten the raise?!?!?!!!!!!

    (” Of course, all these don’t give anyone the right to brutally murder 2 innocent children, but …”) – the bottom line is : there is no BUT!

    Daniela, I am ashamed to be sharing the first name with someone like you.

  18. My kids are bilingual and their first words were in English. I only speak English. They learnt to speak their fathers language not so much from him but from when they visited his family and heard the conversations back and forth.
    One of my kids has this habit of drawing on the wall. Would say she is creative in her naughtiness. I ask her why she does certain things and her stock response is “I wanted to know what would happen”. Her iq is 20 points higher than her siblings.
    A friend said to me that she probably needs more interaction. I discussed this with my husband and he ruminated on it and then said he didn’t think it would make much difference. When she visits my husband’s family she still gets into mischief in spite of all the aunties and cousins to interact with.
    We don’t know how bright the Krim kids are but let’s assume since their father got into Harvard that they have that potential.
    If you read anything by the parents of kids that are gifted or talented they often say it is a full time job to keep them engaged.

  19. There’s no evidence that Ms. Ortega was teaching the children at all. According to the fight, she didn’t interact with the kids much. Most of the time Mrs. Krim was there with her, or with another of her children. When she first hired her, it was the hot summer 2010 and Mrs. Krim was pregnant and had 2 “eager” little girls to entertain and she wrote she was glad that the new babysitter (Yoselyn Ortega) was helping. So Ms. Ortega was not stuck with 3 kids by herself all day, but co-watched/helped with the mother, or watched one or two, while the mother was taking the others (the girls) to dance lessons, swim lessons, etc. Only once a week when Mrs. Krim taught art class (maybe just 2-4 hours) was Mrs. Ortega alone with the kids. There’s no mention of the youngest, Leo, picking up or saying Spanish words. So school seemed the only place the girls were learning. Mrs. Ortega most likely basically just spoke English with the family.

    The little boy would have spoke Spanish words and the mother would have been noting this in her blog if the nanny was speaking to him much.
    I think the nanny ignored the kids when she was alone with them – there’s a blog post by Mrs. Krim of her finding a lot of writing on the wall by her oldest daughter behind the furniture which made her wonder what the “babysitter”, as Ms. Ortega was often called that first year or so, was doing all day.

  20. She could have petitioned and most likely would have received child support for her son in America. The father didn’t seem to mind paying. I think at the time, 8 months ago, Ms. Ortega was doing well financially, thanks to money she’d earned working 1 3/4 years for the Krims (I read the blog and it was late June 2010 when Josie, called then the babysitter, was first mentioned). It was then that she got the apartment of her own (or so she mistakenly thought as 3 months later the owners decided to come back from the Dominican Republic), spent a lot of money on fixing it up and decorating it, decided to bring her son to the U.S. and enroll him in expensive private school, and foregone any child benefits from the father, which she could have gotten – she didn’t think at the time she needed them.

    But then things unraveled when the apartments owners came back and kicked her out – they didn’t reimburse or compensate her for all the money she’s sunk into the apartment and she also had more months there paid up in advance – it seems these people should have been the object of her anger, but I guess they weren’t vulnerable enough and available enough for her to harm. So she had to move back in with her sister, and now with her son in tow, so it became a bit more crowded than before.

    This led her into some sort of a depression and eventually made her work with the Krims slack, I believe.

    Also, her cosmetics/jewelry sales (Avon?) went bad when the customers wouldn’t cough up the money for what they bought and she was stuck with the bill to repay the company.

    It was at this time that she started whining about her finances to the Krims. They decided to give her a few extra hours a week of light cleaning to earn more. In her depressed state and feeling of things going bad and backwards (she had worked as a cleaning lady before so it probably added to that backwards/worse feeling) and her stuck back with her sister again after loosing her dream of her own apartment, that, on top of depression sapping energy which would make even easy/light cleaning feel like more of a chore, turned her into an angry and moody personality (and I don’t think she was ever a cheerful or warm person in the first place). When she fought with Mrs. Krim and Mrs. Krim chewed her out about her performance, it was like a very moody teenager being berated by her mother for a bad report card. When Mrs. Krim refused to respond to her good-bye that night, Ms. Ortega took it especially bad like an angry moody teenager would. But on top of that, Ms. Ortega had a vengeful, cold and cruel twist to her personality which brought forth her diabolical plan to get at Mrs. Krim through the children.

  21. I suspect the themes and questions are unsettling. It’s always easier to perjure the author rather than the situation at hand. Nevertheless it is important we in the media try to raise questions as to what pertains in society. I think the reader is owed as much.

  22. Guest. Why come here if you don’t like the blog? I read Mrs Krim’s blog and it was full of grammatical mistakes. No one is lambasting her for those errors. Go read for yourself.

  23. The kids were going to a bilingual school. Half the day was in English and the other half in Spanish. Unless the Krim parents spoke Spanish then I would think that an educated Spanish speaking person would be regarded as more than a babysitter but also a teacher. mrs Ortega was middle class and had an accounting degree. I am making an assumption but I think her Spanish would not include slang.

  24. Daycares are run by people too. Not all those people should be around kids. The number one place kids get abused in every way imaginable is in the family home with a relative. Ortega was introduced to the Krims by Ortega’s sister who knew the Krims. So Ortega wasn’t a total stranger to the Krims.

    The Krims had the bad luck to have a stressed, resentful, angry person who either didn’t care about whom she hurt because she felt everyone should be miserable like her… or she had a psychic break. Too bad for them.

  25. What should the nanny have been paid? So far no one who says she should have been getting more has told me what more is? I read elsewhere that 18 is the average rate for someone with her experience, which is none, and who bascially did babysitting. So, again, what should the nanny have gotten? And, one other question. The nanny lived in the US for 10 years. She has some sort of accounting degree. What did she do before becoming a nanny? Why was she living with her sister before she got the nanny job. Just curious, any info on that?

  26. …my heart broke for those 2 beautiful children, and I never stopped thinking of Lucia and Leo’s last moments…a horrific tragedy…the nanny should be HANGED..

  27. First, $ 18 on hour is not a lot for a rich family to pay a babysitter to care for their 3 children; a raise? YES…the nanny wasn’t taking care of their dog, but of their children— the most precious in the world for them, so they had to keep the nanny happy and well paid in order to do her best, and for the parents to feel safe concerning the kids.
    Second, if you fight with the nanny or have arguments, you fire her that day, I would not feel safe thinking that she is alone with my kids, in my house, having bitterness and hate towards me…
    Of course, all these don’t give anyone the right to brutally murder 2 innocent children, but you never know what can be in the mind of a stranger after you have arguments that she is not doing a good job, threatened that she would be fired if she does not get better, etc…Me, personaly I don’t trust people and I would never leave my children with strangers, daycare would be a better option, or I would pay a family member.

  28. Do you anything about a concept called, grammar and punctuation. What a load of shitty writing. Better enroll yourself to a nearby community college. it will probably do you more good than bilging out trashy DailyMail-style-tabloid trash.

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