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Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega thought to have resented her employers…

Leo and Lulu Krim
Leo and Lulu Krim


Leo and Lulu Krim
Leo and Lulu Krim

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was stressed out about money. Did the Krim family hold out…?

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now believed to have been motivated by money, but wont confess…

Marina Krim’s nanny’s Facebook page now insists that Marina Krim killed her children.

Marina Krim too remain tight lipped. Refuses to address nanny’s allegations…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega insists she was the one abused and mistreated.

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega thought she was too underpaid and didn’t like the way she was spoken to.

Cops say Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega resented always being told what to do. Refuses to admit killings….

Martina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now formally charged with first degree murder.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was warned she’d be fired. Refused to clean…

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega to be arraigned from hospital bed. Still wont speak…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now hires lawyer. Still not talking to cops.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to cooperate with authorities.

Did Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega have a motive?

Why did a Manhattan nanny stab Marina Krim’s two children to death?

As more details emerge as to what precipitated the slaying of Marina and Kevin Krim‘s two children, 6 year old Lulu Krim and 3 year old Leo Krim at the hands of their caretaker, nanny Yoselyn Ortega, friends, family and building neighbors where the Krim family lived are now offering details which paint a grim and disturbing portrait of Ms Ortega, the accused killer.

Reports media outlet telegraphYoselyn Ortega’s home was an crowded tenement in Harlem that she yearned to leave. She shared the apartment with her teenage son, a sister and a niece, and roamed the halls selling cheap cosmetics and jewelry for extra money. She had been forced to relinquish a new apartment for her and her son and move back. A woman had chiseled her on a debt. Neighbors found her sulky and remote. 

Recounted Ruben Diaz, 49,  a neighbor of Ms Ortega: ‘She lost a lot of weight. She looked very unhealthy. It looked like she was going through some problems,’ Diaz told The New York Post. ‘She had aged a lot — like seven years in a few months.’

According to police, Ortega had revealed to people that she was seeing a psychiatrist.

Seeing a psychiatrist? Battling mental and physical issues? Had the Krim family been aware of this? Was it apparent to Marina and Kevin Krim that their much trusted care taker was undergoing trauma, had Ms Ortega spoken to them about her personal concerns or did she not dare to? Surely there must have been signs even to the Krim family that not all was well but even then who could have imagined Ms Ortega then turning to do the unthinkable?

Adds further, the nanny’ sister, a deeply mortified Celia Ortega who initially introduced Yoselyn Ortega to the Krim family: ‘She snapped. We don’t understand what happened to her mind.’

What is also troubling and a mystery is how Ms Ortega is said to have recently lost her apartment in the Bronx thus being forced to move in with her sister. Which begs the question why was that the case? Was Ms Ortega not being paid enough, was she in debt, had she made that situation known to the Krim family and if so how did they react to it? (it is said they offered her more hours and referred her to another family whom declined).

Perhaps Ms Ortega even asked for a raise or financial assistance and was not accommodated or was it a feeling of betrayal and resentment that the Krim family retained an opulent lifestyle and here she was the servant nanny displaced, alienated, resentful of the type of personal life that she was now being forced to endure?

Then again what obligations did the Krims have to Ms Ortega beyond paying her and seeing that her immediate needs were met at the household? Surely Ms Ortega’s concerns were for her to resolve or had she by now begun to build up resentment towards the Krim family, whether rational or not…?

But then adds Karen Krim, Kevin Krim’s sister: ‘They just bent over backwards being nice to this woman. They were always doing things that were just fabulous for her. I’m just astounded, and I have no idea why something like this would happen.’

She added: ‘We’re just having a really, really hard time here. It’s the worst nightmare any parent could ever have.’

Reports abc: If there was tension between the nanny and the Krims, it didn’t show on a Web journal kept by the children’s mother. Marina Krim spoke lovingly in one entry about traveling to the Dominican Republic last February to stay for several days at the home of Ortega’s sister.

“We met Josie’s amazing familia!!! And the Dominican Republic is a wonderful country!!” she wrote.

Pictures posted on the blog showed the two families posing together for a happy photo, with Ortega hugging the 3-year-old, Nessie, their cheeks pressed together.

But if there is suggestion that the Krim family were uncaring or not particularly sensitive to Ms Ortega’s situation, foxnews also offers the following as well:

….the Krims offered extra hours to Ortega, a Dominican who has been a US citizen for 10 years. They also referred her to another family for a baby-sitting job on the side, though that family turned her down because they found her “a little too grumpy,” a law-enforcement source told the Post.

At present it is understood Ms Ortega has retained consciousness but to date has refused to answer authorities or doctor’s questions, said to be in a catatonic state and unwilling or perhaps just unable to communicate. Time will tell what preempted the murders and what this could all possibly suggest about the tenuous socio economic dynamics that are often the hard reality between a well to do employer and their often besieged employees….

Then there was this reflection courtesy of Sharon Weatley, a former nanny herself:

“But I do think child care providers sometimes walk around with a lot of anger toward their employer. People ask them to do ridiculous things beyond the care of children. Then they get overworked and frustrated in the same way that a parent gets overworked.”

That said irrespective of her employer’s social standing and the resentment that may have caused in relation to Ms Ortega’s own problems one is ultimately compelled to wonder what implored Ms Ortega to seek a kind of retribution by doing the unthinkable and murder a family’s most cherished beings, its children…?



  1. I believe that wealthy people like the Krims are so out of touch with reality that they expect to be waited on hand and foot by anyone outside their circle of rich friends. In this regard they overlook how insensitive they come across to those who work for them. Of course the Krims don’t deserve losing their two children for their insensitivity but it is a wake up call to those out of touch rich people who expect to treat others like second class citizens. People are people regardless of class.

  2. why couldn’t Mrs Krim see the distress when her own neighbors and the other mother she referred for extra work plus Mrs Ortega’s neighbors also saw the stress. Very sad but having employed staff in my home I don’t ever kid myself that they are my friends. From what has been revealed so far if Mrs Krim couldn’t see the signs then she was living Ina bubble.

  3. can this writer really be so stupid? what possible “class consciousness” or displeasure with pay or jealousy can justify killing two small innocent children. what drivel, this writer is too stupid to ever be printed.

  4. An article full of mostly guessing, which is really gossip not news. Having said that, though, a responsible investigation of the issue raised would be worthwhile, separate from this tragedy. What do rich people pay their immigrant nannies, and how unrealistic are their expectations? There are many well-to-do to very well wealthy people employing poor immigrants, some who cannot even speak English, because they can pay them very little and they can make unfair demands on their time, as well as make them do more than should be required given their job description. These same families spend inordinate amounts on frivolous luxuries while begrudging giving their nannies a badly needed raise! When the person you trust alone with your children is forced to live in a slum, then that person is not making a liveable wage. How can resentments *not* grow under those circumstances? It is also humiliating to have to take “gifts” and “favors” from parents instead of just receiving a healthy enough salary that you can afford your own necessities and plane tickets home. The disparity is a problem under the best of circumstances.

  5. BULL… people that broke do not go to a psychiatrist…this is the post story destruction of her character, and its all lies.

  6. ugh, ugly!!! mental illness comes in all colors and breeds for your info. Has nothing to do whether you’re CUBAN, japanese or a pendejo. Bottom line, this atrocity happened to a wonderful family and the perpetrator clearly did not have the tools to deal with stressful situations, however irrational that may seem to us. The irony though, is that evidently she still had her family support, not like she ended up living in a shelter with crackheads… but this woman’s mental state was obviously so fragile that anything was about to make her crack at any point.

  7. not surprising that there’s no byline on this article–who would put their name on this trashy unsubstantiated piece of writing.

  8. Whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves! Pure gossip and speculation about a family who has become the victims of one of the most horrible crimes one could imagine. Wow, “journalism” at its absolute worst…

  9. Ohhh Puerto Rican, my bad then, well big difference…Puerto Ricans are almost about the same (they claim not), many Dominicans and Puerto Ricans both have a lot of mental issues, and to be honest I am tired of them both flooding Central Florida and the whole east coast spreading their negative evil energy and crime.

  10. Open your eyes people..this is obviously a cover up..what a coincidence that she happens to murder the children a day after the biggest corruption scandal in us history is reported on by CNBC, which happens to be run by Kevin Krim..this was done to send Kevin a message..what a world we live in..and what a joke of a site this is

  11. The lost her apartment because she was subletting, and the people who were renting took the apartment back. And even if they KNEW she was seeing a psychiatrist – you NEVER think your nanny is going to kill your KIDS!!!!

  12. I second this. Also, the author of the article doesn’t seem to know the correct way to use many words including “whom”, “preempted”, “retained”, and “implored”. Reading the last few paragraphs, the number of errors was surprising. Also, calling this an act of “retribution” is really presumptuous. There is just no evidence to that effect at this point.

    Also, if the doctors say she is “catatonic”, then she is unable to give any useful answers, and its ridiculous to say that’s the nanny is refusing to cooperate.

    All of this just makes me very sad for the Krims. My heart aches for them as well as the nanny’s son. It’s also terrifying to think that a trusted caregiver could do soemthing like this out of the blue.

  13. Paul Ryan and Mitt are saying 54 will be the future cutoff date for social security retirement. I don’t think this 50 year old will be the last to go nuts. At 50 it’s time to wind down not work harder. When you’re 50 you too will see…the body starts to hurt. I could not in any way take care of children right now.

  14. The most interesting revelation was that Ortega was seeing a psychiatrist. Most likely she was prescribed psychotropic drugs. The most common side effect of these drugs is homicidal and suicidal tendencies. Hope the Krims sue the psychiatrist and drug company. Hope Kevin Krim will enable more reporting on all the murders and suicides caused by these drugs. These quacks have got to be stopped.

  15. <>
    Scallywag, if you purport yourself to be a journalist, here a few tips. 1. Use your real name. 2. Do just a little research. Legitimate publications such as The Times have noted that the nanny sublet an apartment, the primary lessee returned, and therefore, the nanny had to leave.

  16. This is the most ridiculous piece of “journalism” I have ever read. To insinuate that the parents of these dear children are some how to blame for this woman’s wicked act is appalling. Blame the RICH…….a prevalent theme in our society, one that is getting old! We, as a country, appear to be losing the realism that each of us has a personal responsibility in this world. NO ONE owes us anything. We are not all equal and just because someone has more, does not mean we are ENTITLED to more.

  17. Another demented Dominican, there was one here in Florida a few weeks before this, killing his pregnant ex and others and then suicide and now this — these beautiful children killed for no reason just because this selfish evil witch had life issues, she had no place being around kids at all..

  18. Just speculation based on various articles. This may be one of the few real cases of temporary insanity, or a severe psychotic break. The bottom line is that she was the kids’ nanny for two years and there was nothing to suggest that the relationship was strained. Obviously, the meltdown in her private life and her having to see a mental health professional were signs of something terrible going on. Decent people do sometimes commit horrible acts, but there is usually a reason that can be discovered.

  19. i agree and to even suggest that the parents should have noticed a problem is preposterous do u really think they would have allowed this sick, evil woman to continue looking after their kids if they had even the slightest inkling that they would be in safe hands that bitch literally deserves to burn in hell.

  20. wow, scallywag, this article is for the trash can of journalism. It is gossip and innuendo not reporting. It’s unfortunate that you raise the questions with a hint and wiff of gossip around them. No one has even speculated that a medical condition could have caused some sort of chemical imbalance in this woman and made her psychotic. She could have been on the wrong medication and it changed her thought processes or phsyical ablity to handle things. This was not the actions of a sane, revengeful person. This was the action of an insane person.

  21. Goodness, this is terrible writing. “Nanny thought to have resented her employers?” By whom? Who thought that? Because the writer doesn’t present one piece of evidence to substantiate that. She presents the view of a random former nanny, saying that some nannies resent their employers. But nothing indicating THIS woman was one of them. All we know about her is that she was clearly haven’t some financial and mental problems. That’s it.

    Terrible, terrible writing.

  22. Who is the idiot journalist who wrote this article?

    The EVIL Latino nanny, that is all there is to know!! And to try to justify her killings of two children is inadmissible!!

  23. This sort of trash journalism makes me throw up. Let’s blame the family for this monster’s vile crime! Yes it must have been these hard working reasonable successful people that forced the knife into this poor supressed woman’s hand. Sick sick sick

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