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Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega insists she was the one abused and mistreated.

Yoselyn Ortega
Yoselyn Ortega as she was being rushed to hospital the night of the murders after a failed suicide attempt.


Yoselyn Ortega
Yoselyn Ortega as she was being rushed to hospital the night of the murders after a failed suicide attempt.

Oh really! Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega begs judge to bar media!

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega pleads not guilty to murder. Declines to speak…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega grand indicted to serve the rest of her life in jail.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was stressed out about money. Did the Krim family hold out…?

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now believed to have been motivated by money, but wont confess…

Marina Krim’s nanny’s Facebook page now insists that Marina Krim killed her children.

Marina Krim too remain tight lipped. Refuses to address nanny’s allegations…

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega thought she was too underpaid and didn’t like the way she was spoken to.

Cops say Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to admit killings….

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now formally charged with first degree murder.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was warned she’d be fired. Refused to clean…

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega to be arraigned from hospital bed. Still wont speak…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now hires lawyer. Still not talking to cops.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega thought to have resented her employers…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to cooperate with authorities.

Did Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega have a motive?

Why did a Manhattan nanny stab Marina Krim’s two children to death?

As authorities and the public try to come to grips with the calamity that has befallen Marina and Kevin Krim with respect to the horrendous double murders of their two children, 6 year and 2 year old Lulu and Leo Krim questions are being asked as to how it all unfortunately came to be.

According to undisclosed sources siphoned by radaronline the brunt of the blame for the travesty according to its perpetrator Yoselyn Ortega rests squarely on her employer the Krim family who in her opinion mistreated her and failed to be sensitive to her needs and state of mind, never mind her financial duress. After all they were family by now (at least according to Marina Krim’s personal blog where she took time to marvel about Yoselyn Ortega’s immediate family during one joint family visit to the Dominican Republic where Ortega originally hailed from) and on some level as family Marina Krim in the family nanny’s eyes had failed her miserably for failing not to do more for her.

Said the source: “Yoselyn complained that she thought she should of been making more money and that she was being underpaid for additional duties than what she signed up for. When Yoselyn began working for the Krims they also had a housekeeper and Yoselyn said that she didn’t like the way that Marina spoke to her. It was obvious Yoselyn was trying to portray her in a bad light.”

And there was this revelation as well:

“Yoselyn also said that when she left at the end of the day before the murders, Marina ignored her when she said good-bye and this made her very, very angry. Yoselyn became extremely animated when she discussed the incident with law enforcement. Yoselyn also said she had numerous disagreements with Marina about how the kids were being cared for.”

Listening to Ms Ortega one comes away with the idea that she felt she was mistreated and taking advantage of whilst the Krim family presided in their gilded affluent existence whilst she suffered with her miserable lot. In other words Ms Ortega unbeknownst to her employer had become a walking time bomb who was set to dangerously implode as her world capitulated and in her mind began to hold the Krim family responsible for her duress, even if the outside observer knows better.

All of which brings to mind were Ms Ortega’s actions ultimately the result of a malignant malevolent individual or the result of a woman who got lost in her struggle to live some kind of Utopian existence as she must have felt she was guaranteed when she first arrived in the US ten years ago and started to work for the Krim family some 2 years ago? Either way none of us can ever condone the reprehensible choice of behavior that Ms Ortega ultimately chose to belie herself with, something it seems Ms Ortega has yet to acknowledge as she steadfastly holds on to the premise that she was the one who was wronged and was only acting out the injustices befallen her.

That said, I’ve decided to publish a variety of comments that have been posted on this site as well as this one immediately below via radar that may draw further light on the dynamics that may or may not have existed at the Krim family household and how this may underscore the dialectics between disparate socio economic polarities that so often exist with respect to nanny employer relations.


Anyone that “blames” the family probably thinks like I do-Why would you leave your child with someone that you are feuding with? Whether that person is the child’s nanny,parent,or anyone else-if someone is mad at you, it’s not very smart to leave your children with them. They’re YOUR children,take care of them and take them with you. The nanny’s neighbor said she aged 7 years in a matter of months,and lost a lot of weight. She was obviously going through something, and you can’t tell me the mom didn’t notice. If I took my dog to the groomer and argued with them about something, I wouldn’t leave my DOG there, for fear they would retaliate against me by harming my dog. It blows my mind that the mom was feuding with the nanny,tried to find her other employment, but still left her flesh and blood with her. I believe the nanny loved the kids, and thought the kids were better off with her,not on this earth, than they were with the mom. I also believe the nanny is having a mental issue, so I’m not AGREEING with her perception, just saying I don’t think she is in her right mind right now. STRESS IS A KILLER. It can kill you via health issues, and it can cause you to change, and kill others.WE don’t know what went on in that house, or what the nanny witnessed, or what her PERCEPTION was of the environment, but I do feel the mom has her children’s blood on her hands. You don’t leave your kids with just anyone, and I would NEVER leave my child with someone that I was fighting with, that was also going through “something” that was causing her to deteriorate in such a rapid way. The family that the mother referred the nanny to for extra work didn’t hire the nanny because they said she was “too grumpy, or angry.” Did the mom not reflect on their perception of the nanny, or was she too busy to think about it? The mother didn’t work, she could have fired the nanny and WATCHED HER OWN CHILDREN UNTIL SHE COULD FIND A REPLACEMENT NANNY. 

What happened to the housekeeper the family had when the Nanny started? Was she FIRED so the nanny could do her job? She’s not there anymore, so if they can fire a housekeeper, why not a nanny? Is it because the mom couldn’t be bothered to watch her own kids AND clean,so she tried to clean up the picture by heaping the housework on the nanny, and call it”Trying to give her extra work, because she needs the money”? Maybe this was a wake up call for the mom.


At the first inkling that an employee is not performing, fire them or talk to them about picking up their act but don’t mention firing. I have made some bad employee choices. Once you think about firing someone then probably should just do it.


Not sure Mrs Krim is sympathetic to anyone’s plight.


The blog is back up. I read it. Whilst there is a lot of sunshine in it I can also see tha Marina Krim expected things her way. Ok staff is one thing but in her teaching art classes at the school she didn’t like the teacher saying no to her project reminding her that the art project must reflect the curriculum. Another incident was calling the immigration officer an a hole because he said something to her kid who was tired and crying. Get over it. No body loves anyone else’s screaming kid. No matter how cute.
I also suspect the kids didn’t get enough sleep. That makes children fractious. Many posts where she admits where the kids were p at 11pm. The next day they had school or preschool.

The act is extreme. Don’t forgive Mrs Ortega and she should go to jail for a very long time but I am not so impressed with Mrs Krim.


She had an accounting degree and her son was 17, so she would have been 33 when she had him. Not excusing her horrific actions, but we really don’t live in a a meritocracy and poor people usually work harder than anyone.


Perhaps the Krim’s underpaid the nanny and perhaps they werent always the nicest (lets just entertain that possibility). Even if this were the case, would that merit slaughtering two children who trusted this person? 


I live in England and have been reading the news on this and it has shocked me to the core. I fully agree with the other two comments on here. The Nanny – who was also a mother herself ! – can try any disgusting excuse she can lay her hands on – mental illness, money worries, low pay – etc etc. It’s all ridiculous, she was a nanny – not a slave laborer in a mine in southern Africa or a refuse/dump worker like kids in India – who was paid, who was offered alternate sources of income (extra work, nanny to another family) in the richest country in the world. It beggars belief that she committed such a crime and Anyone that tries to – in any way – justify this act should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

I agree. I think she felt the Krims owed her money, a place to live, more and more and more, and they couldn’t accept all the demands. She felt she was entitled, she was probably jealous of the Krims’ lifestyle and apartment, and was seething in fury when rejected for money. The mistake the poor Krims made was that they didn’t fire this bitter hag from the moment they had bad vibes – but who would possibly predict this nanny would commit murder – against babies, no less! I think she’s a psychopath who felt justified in her actions and will blame others for her predicament, whilst painting herself as the main victim in the story. She is beyond despicable.



  1. Whenever a tragedy happens we also want to say see that would never happen to me because I would have saw the signs or I wouldn’t have a babysitter in the first place. You look for something that separates you from the tragedy. The truth is bad things happen – they can happen to you me to anyone. I can feed my child all the right foods and they still could end up with cancer. I could home school my kids to avoid a Sandy Hook, but then what happens when I take them to a museum for a home school activity and a crazy person shoots up that place. I could notice my nanny seems tired lately, but I would never imagine she would kill my children. Stop trying to figure out what the Krims did wrong so you can pat yourself on the back and say that would never happen to you. Grieve for this mother and family and cherish every minute with your child and pray thanking god so far you are safe and that nothing will happen in the future.

  2. how can anyone in their right mind be questioning the behavior or choices of the mother?? That is sick and insensitive and typical liberal BS to try and empathize and reason with a cold hearted murderer. Idiots. The mother had nothing to do with it.

  3. I can’t agree more – how some mother’s are dealing with this horrific tragedy is appalling. It’s the most grotesque form of bullying I have seen to a family’s heartbreaking loss. Though most mother’s like myself, have been grieving for this family (and like many, I am a total stranger). I take it as a personal attack and just can’t believe the cruelty of some parents that choose to blame during such a sad, heart wrenching time.That to me is a sign of terrible parenting.

  4. This is appalling..every person and the writer as well, who made these comments should be ashamed of themselves. There is no “reason” why the nanny committed such a heinous crime on these poor innocent children. We will never have an “ah ha” moment as to why this occurred. A deranged woman snapped and killed these children and made them suffer. It could have been a mother, a father, the postal worker, anyone, something just snapped. But to blame this mother, that we should all be grieving for, and to try make it a statement about child rearing is just disgusting. Shame on all of you, you should look at yourselves and your own parenting if these are the kind of ways you deal with a family’s heartbreaking loss.

  5. Nannies are paid much more for only one child as far as I know (in decent homes) The fact is, for a nanny in her position was being underpaid, because there were three small active children and how affluent the family seems to be.

  6. Mrs. Krim probably felt sorry for Ortega and wouldn’t fire her!! No good deed goes unpunished. This women was mentally ill. People in the building said she stopped talking to others and not even making eye contact. Obviously, if Ortega was angry at the Krims, why hurt the children that she must have loved? She is sick in the head. I don’t even know how the Krims will EVER go forward in their lives. I’ve thought about them so much since this happened and the horrific pain that will never leave their hearts. they need prayers so they can raise their one child and continue with life.

  7. You know what—you are a mean and small person……and you don’t know what you are talking about. Greedy parents? Lavish lifestyle? Entitled? Really?? What the hell is wrong with you?

    It must be so easy to sit back in your little computer space and send out such judgement over the Internet. Do you happen to know the family? I didn’t think so, but I do and they are lovely. If you want to fault them for something, fault them for not firing that piece of crap when she became mentally unstable. They literally paid with their children’s lives for an attempt to be gracious to a person who was eaten alive by the same thing you have: envy.

    Envy for money or class? No. Because if you knew anything about living in NYC it would be that the lifestyle is not lavish—and that you can live on a fraction of the salary in your native Texas and have a gazillion more luxuries. People who opt to live in NYC are typically motivated by things other than luxury—they like the connection to other people via the arts, the energy of the city and the opportunity for meaningful work. If lavish is what they wanted, they could have easily sold their small NYC apartment and bought a mega mansion in your native Texas.

    What the nanny envied was not the money–but rather the sense of wholeness the family exhibited. These were people who had their act *together*—they were successful, connected, kind and, dare I say it? HAPPY.

    Yes, I get that the whole idea of being a servant is abhorrent to some people; others revel in the opportunity for a paycheck and honest work. Yes–some people would consider it beneath them to watch someone else’s kids–others would celebrate the opportunity to be part of a family. Moreover—this lady could have QUIT.

    That’s right–she was no victim and no slave. She could have QUIT and found other work doing other things….. from cleaning houses, to working at McDonalds where she would have likely gone postal on someone for demeaning her by demanding a cheeseburger.

    Entitled people are people like YOU who begrudge someone for having means—and feel that others are OWED by virtue of showing up.

  8. You’re sick for saying that. How do you know Ortega wasn’t paid well? Why does it matter how much rent the Krims paid? Are you suggesting that the Krims should have moved their family of 5 to a cheaper smaller apt In order to afford paying more to their nanny?
    Not even Ortega’s family noticed that she was “unravelling” like you said so why would the Krims? Ortega was simply an entitled, bitter, jealous and evil bitch who couldn’t stand working for someone who has a nice life unlike her. She butchered innocent, defenseless children and NOTHING can mitigate that.
    As far as you are concerned, you are a heartless person with no empathy for parents whose heart was ripped out in pieces!

  9. Sicko!! How do you know this despicable nanny wasn’t paid enough? She was actually paid way more then average for her poor skills. And why does it even matter how much rent they paid? So you’re saying the Krims should have moved to a smaller apartment with their 3 kids in order to afford paying more dollars for a sitter who wasn’t even performing her job properly? Because maybe she wouldn’t have killed their kids if they had done more for her?
    What a stupid, heartless comment.

  10. You are a lowly person yourself. That despicable nanny was much better paid then she deserved. You are as much of a monster as she is for attacking generous parents who employed a baby sitter that turned out to be a heinous, greedy, jealous, entitled piece of GARBAGE. She should rott in hell and I hope you do too for not showing any empathy for a mother whose heart was ripped out of her chest while alive!! You obviously have no children or no heart! And you are obviously bitter because you are a loser and can’t make enough money to live well so you take your bitterness out on people who worked hard to get where they are and have the lifestyle you want!

  11. Of course, we all do not know what really happened and what the real reasons were. but if it had to do with the nanny’s stressful and deteriorating social, financial and health situation, then I think the sick capitalist darwinist system in the usa is in part to blame for such tragedies. I do not defend the nanny’s actions in any way or form, but she was no criminal or born evil. what happened to her, is what can happen to an individual (in the most extreme case) when the societal system doesnt seem to allow everyone a dignified life. if someone has a starving family at home, he might at some point start to steal or kill – even though he was born a normal, loving and caring person. but if the differences between poor and rich get too big in a country, then the whole society will bear the brunt of it, and even the rich will not be able to freely enjoy their life and affluence and it will backfire at them. the krims are not to blame because it is normal for all of us not to pay more than we have to. if there are so many poor people that they have no other choice than to compete by working for the lowest dumping prices, then we will not pay more than the dumping price, even if it means that these people will live in poverty, starve or cannot pay doctor’s bills. we all do not care, for example, that h&M is exploiting the people in bangladesh so that we only need to pay dumping prices for our clothes – but we enjoy the low prices and we dont care about the starving children in bangladesh who are not duly paid so that they can live better and go to school. and if the competitition on the nanny market were to become so fierce that nannies would even accept 5 $ an hour, then affluent families like the Krims or any of us would not feel the need to pay more.

    Now, this is where the system is ailing. there should be a fixed minimum wage that HAS to be paid for any job, be it a cleaner or a nanny (especially a permanent one) as well as the obligation to give her a permanent work contract (unless she is only working there sporadically) with some social security and paid sick leave. why is it still possible in the richest economy in the world to deny hard working people even basic social rights and stability. the fault is not the krims – because we all only pay what we absolutely have to. but here the laws should prevent that kind of social abuse. say a nanny gets 18$ an hour in new york, of which she would also have to pay her social security and taxes (if we dont want to force her into an illegal existence in the shadow economy) and, if she has a child of her own, also has to pay a baby sitter for her child – (who would then definitely have to work for a slave wage!! ) from these 18$ – then, she will never be able to afford an apartment to live in with her son. and this is inhumane….. and then, if rich and poor people live so close together like in the krim-nanny-situation – where one mother does not need to work, watch her children or clean – or have to worry about anything (doctors, bills etc.) but her internet blog – while the other has to get any bloody job to get by (find an additional babysitting job in addition to almost working fulltime, plus selling jewellery plus taking care of her son – with no help offered by any social institution or the possibility to get time off (paid!) to see a doctor etc. then people may SNAP. the only way to avoid this – is to change the system that allows such abuse – otherwise it will also backfire at the rich.

    one more example of that is MEXICO. the differences between poor and rich there and zero social solidarity between the haves and the have-nots through respective laws – have the effect that the rich need their private armys to guard their premises – they cannot sit freely in restaurants without bodyguards etc…. or walk around in the streets anymore at night….

    so, if the rich want to live safely, it must be ensured that the societal system is built in a way that the poorer layers of the society can live a decent life and their children without getting into such financial despair that they snap and resort to crazy actions. or, if this predatory system is maintained in this raw form, the richer ones will have to make sure, they protect themselves – their homes and their kids – from the poorer people that might grow resentful or snap if the stress or burden on them and their minds gets to much for them to cope with. I would not let a homeless or jobless immigrant alone in my flat to do a cleaning job for example. why? because i figure that this person’s plight might be so big, that even if it is a morally sound and nice person, he or she might get tempted too much – as the differences between their and my situation is too big.
    and if I have a babysitter for my children who works already 35 hours for my kids and they are happy with her – i wouldnt want to put the stress on her to do more hours and clean, so as to have absolutely no time for her own child and herself…. not if I wanted a happy nanny.

  12. So what are u saying?!? Even if they paid her very low wages, the lowest of wages, that would justify her brutally murdering 2 little innocent & helpless children?!? Your value on money is absolutely disgusting! People really need to stop trying to find an excusable reason for this monster of a nanny who committed this violent, horrific, evil onto this family, under absolutely NO circumstances would this kind of a crime be acceptable!!! Just SICKENING!!!

  13. Please explain to me if you can why someone with millions would get help from the Dominican Republic to take care of their most precious assests? How someone can have 100% trust in a woman who they knew for 2 years and was clearly showing signs of mental deterioration (weight loss, grumpy, money problems) and how one can leave her kids with this person AFTER fignts. I will not leave my CAR alone with ANYONE that I had a fight with (does not matter who) for fear my car will be scratched, much less my KIDS.

  14. “Sadly but it’s true”–Greedy parents???? Do you know that the nanny was making $18 an hour? It is not an exorbitant amount of money but it is hardly slave wages. Even the extra cleaning would have been $18 an hour!! Probaby more than YOU yourself make!

  15. I read another news story on this from the Krim grandmother’s persective, I think it was. She was saying on the one hand that the Krims had for weeks been threatening to fire the nanny for what they considered poor work. On the other hand the grandmother also stated that the Krims had felt for the nanny and wanted to help her by offering more work. Specifically cleaning work.

    This just doesn’t make sense to me. Why offer more work to a person who you think isn’t doing her current work properly? It seemed to me like the story from the grandmother’s perspective was probably biased towards portraying the Krims in a positive light – as you would expect it to be. Apparently the nanny’s story is that they wanted her to clean without extra pay. Given the nonsensical grandmother’s portrayal, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case.

    However – whatever the acrimony that existed between the adults, how DARE she. There was NO EXCUSE for murdering those innocent children.

    Also – why do news articles insist on using ‘killing’ instead of ‘murder’?

  16. How dare anyone point fingers at Kevin and Marina Krim!! No matter what the story behind this heinous crime they did not deserve to have their children taken from them in such an awful way, Lucia and Leo did not deserve to suffer in the manner that they did, Kevin, Marina and Nesie do not deserve to live the rest if their lives with out the love that they shared with Lucia and Leo! Shame on anyone who has anything other than condolences for the Krims, have you no heart?!?! I am shook to my core by this crime and hope that the Krims and their loved ones can take solace in the love and happiness they brought to Lucia and Leo during their short time on this earth and the love that Lucia and Leo had for them!! No one deserves to suffer such a tremendous loss, I am horrfied at the state of humanity in this world!!

  17. So here we have it. She was/is crazy and nothing holds any substance or she has genuine grievances and time will tell exactly how much money she was getting. I have read so many versions of the work agreement that I cannot be sure whether there is any true grievance about money.

  18. We don’t know what these sweets were. Let’s assume cookies as you stated. There are two options. Either Marina had them in the house already or Yoselyn used her own money to bring them into the house. We will find out the truth of the matter in due course.

  19. Remember, also – this could have happened to ANYONE. There is no blame on Mrs. Krim. She was being thoughtful of the nanny and the nanny’s welfare – SADLY. I have no doubt that she wanted to fire her, but also had compassion for her financial troubles (again, sadly). I’m sure she was aware of the situation and deciding how best to approach it – who in the world would think that something like this would happen?!

  20. I can understand threads of these comments, but at the end of the day, this nanny acted like a spoiled, delusionally entitled @*&!% I believe that Mrs. Krim was TOO nice, got TOO close – all of which created this delusional attachment in the nanny’s desperate mind… expected the Krims to take care of her, too. She took out her anger where she was jealous – of the children who were taken care of, provided for and loved… One of the last comments a neighbor made in the elevator was to the precious girl, Lulu – saying, “Do you know how beautiful you are?”… Just imagining the disturbed, dark, empty and insecure state of mind of the nanny’s, I believe that was fuel to the fire. This is so heart-breaking and so wrong. The world is so pained over such a beautiful loss. Lucia is pure Light and guide to her precious brother.

  21. alex, are you claming any boss who doesn’t give their employees a requested raise is selfish? How absurd. If everyone could get a raise just by asking, it would be as if money appeared out of thin air. “I want, I get” would be everyone’s mantra. Ortega is extremely entitled, and worse. There’s an accepted pay rate for nannies and the Krims were no doubt living up to it. I have a housekeeper who’s been coming once a week for three years. She’s been getting $20 an hour, and I will increase that to $25 in January 2013 — what housekeepers earn in my part of the woods. I’m sure she’d like an even higher increase — who wouldn’t? Next month, my husband and I plan on going to Italy for our anniversary and staying in a luxury hotel. According to your logic, we’re being “extremely selfish” because we’re taking an expensive vacation while our housekeeper could do with more money. It’s ludicrous My housekeeper is paid a perfectly fair amount for what she does, as I’m sure was Ortega. The Krims have the right to their lifestyle, and that doesn’t mean they’re selfish.

  22. Bystander and Alex,The only “selfish” person is the nanny. Bystander, you write that it was “selfish” of the Krims not to notice Ortega was falling apart — to keep her working. How come her sister did not notice, too? Was it selfish of her also? Her pay was just fine for a nanny, I’m sure. Half the world looks down-and-out today. The Krims were so kind that they gave her more of a chance than she deserved. Ortega is a grown woman who decided to take on the responsiblity of caring for two very young children — arguably the most important job in the world. If she was feeling so emotionally distraught it was HER DUTY, PURE AND SIMPLE, to inform the Krims so that they could find another caretaker for their children, one who would enhance their young lives, not upset and then ultimately destroy them. She could have gone on disability, found a job that didn’t involve vulnerable children, checked herself into a mental institution for help. But instead, she showed up for work, complained about money, and resented an opportunity to earn more — because light housecleaning was beneath her. Outrageous.

  23. Yoselyn Ortega needs to be tried, convicted and then put to death. There is no excuse whatsoever for an adult to savagely stab to death a small defenseless child—none whatsoever! The fact that she has no remorse underscores the reality that this woman is a monster without a shred of conscience. If she didn’t like working for Krims, then she should have left. She deserves nothing short of death.

  24. How much was Ortega making? You seem to know, care to share? Sociopaths, by the way, don’t need much excuse to do harm to others. And clearly Ortega, if we accept she was angry for a long time, premeditated hurting the kids to retaliate, don’t you think? What about Ortega’s friend subletting Ortega an apartment only to return 3 months later, kick her out and not give her back her deposit. Of course that must be the fault of the nasty greedy Krims — no doubt you would say.

  25. I agree with you. I fully back up the Krim’s family. All my condolences and love to this family. How dare people post comments to criticize a family that is going through this horrific pain? How would you feel if they were your children? Mrs. Krim looks like a very loving parent, and ultimately if she has the money to hire a nanny and so what. Also she was extremely generous in hiring this “good for nothing” , if it was me, one look at her I would turn her down. I don’t believe this devil called yoselyn is mentally ill, no she is not, she is a gold digger, unhappy person. No matter how much they pay her, she would never be satisfied. Maybe what she wanted is to be Mrs. Krim, big deal she had a degree in her country, here she did not have anything. If she was smart, she could have pursued a degree here, and go to Harvard to get the money that she wanted. Let me tell you “if you want a nice life, you have to work for it” However, no excuse to kill somebody else’s children. These little angels did not deserve to die in the hands of this jealous, envious, woman. I hope the law doesn’t take it easy on her and gives her what she deserves. My respects to the Krim’s family!!!!! If they were mi children, God knows what I would have done to this yoselyn a.k.a good for nothing. I am so angry at this, I can’t find the words, I just hate this woman……

  26. It’s too bad President Obama’s politics of dependency adds fuel to the fire of delusional, entitled creeps like Ortega, causing them to feel further infantilized and onload their rage on perceived aggressors when they feel unfullfilled.

  27. What is wrong with you, anyway? Why would you post such heartless, baseless comments? Do you have children? I hope not, but if you do, you surely aren’t interacting with them 24/7. How idiotic to assume that because Marina Krim kept a blog, she was “too busy with anything but her children.” To the contrary, her blog clearly indicates that she was a very involved and devoted mom. The Krims had no obligation to give Ortega extra money or make sure she was
    happy – it was HER responsibility to take care of herself, which would include managing her money. The Krims offered her the opportunity to supplement her income with five extra hours a week doing housework, and apparently that was beneath her. So she could have left and found another job. What she chose to do instead is indefensible. Period. The Krims did nothing wrong, and only a truly heartless, despicable person would fault them and rub salt in wounds that will never heal anyway.

  28. It is also my understanding that the Krim’s offered her additional hours cleaning to help her earn more money. Why not just pay her more for watching the kids, you (and probably she) ask? I read in one article that they had already talked to her about some dissatisfaction with her performance. Do you give a raise to someone whose performance is lacking? I don’t know about you, but I don’t.

  29. Why are people blaming the Krims? They did nothing wrong. I see several comments here admonishing them for not asking Ortega how she felt, for not noticing her demise, for not offering her sick leave or more money. The Krims seemed to go out of their way to help her, but they’re not magicians or Ortega’s personal money tree — and they had three children to care for. Who kills two innocents because they’re not happy? Are these commenters actually blaming Lulu and Leo’s deaths on the fact that the Krims didn’t give their nanny as much money as she wanted? Are they claiming that whenever any employee asks for something — regardless of what it is — their boss must give them it or suffer the consequences of having children murdered? Even though these commenters would deny they’re saying this, that’s what it adds up to. Plus, the Krims were paying her the same salary as other Manhattan nannies earned. Just because she got herself into a financial mess is no reason for someone else to clean it up. She’s not a baby; she’s a grown woman. But she murderously resented Lulu and Leo because they were being entirely taken care of by the Krims, something she wanted for herself. She wasn’t jealous of just Marina, she was jealous of Marina’s children. She was lucky to have such wonderful, caring employers. But delusional, entitled creep that she is, she didn’t realize it. The world owed her a living.

  30. How could you gather any judgements when you (1) have never met either party from which to draw an opinion on their character or their behavior and (2) have no idea what the Krim’s paid this woman? How do you gather that she’s telling the truth and even if she is, you don’t see anything odd about the fact that she shows NO REMORSE for murdering two little defenseless children who did nothing wrong, one of whom she cared for since birth? I mean…sweet innocent children. Who does that? Who gets mad at a parent and kills that parent’s children? Did Marina whip her with a belt? Did she physically hurt her or her family? I mean, there is no reasoning here…it’s completely utterly and totally senseless. Stop trying to make sense of a tragedy that is completely senseless.

  31. Bystander – interesting choice of alias.
    I am not going to honor your prurient questions with an answer. This is not a TV drama, a telenovela or Law and Order. This is the case of a real, gentle, innocent family whose members’ lives have been destroyed irrecoverably.

  32. They are in no way responsible for what happened. The fact that this awful woman would even TRY to justify what she did makes it even more horrible.

  33. I don’t care how the parents treated the nanny. It doesn’t justify what she did to those kids. My boss can be a miserable horrible witch sometimes. I still work for her because I need that paycheck to live. I have financial issues and a lot of stress…everyone does…But not everyone kills a child over it. No matter how mean or unfair employers are, it has nothing to do with their children and it’s never an excuse to harm a defenseless child. And who cares if the parents chose to hire a nanny? That doesn’t make them even remotely responsible for what happened. The blame for this awful crime sits solely on the NANNY. She made the choice on her own and she deserves whatever she gets, and I hope the state of NY locks her away for life!

  34. Are you insane?? Are you seriously suggesting that all the Krims had to do to keep their children from being murdered was give this psychopath nanny “the extra money she needed??” So in your deluded world, it’s the Krims fault because they should have “bent over backwards to help” and “offered sick paid leave, they should have asked her if everything was ok in their life.” Because then they would not have CAUSED Nanny Ortega to murder their children! How about this scenario instead: Ortega should have taken responsibility for HERSELF and sought psychological help, spent her money more wisely, and/or found a better paying job. NOTHING excuses brutally murdering two little children, and anyone who makes excuses for this sorry excuse of a human being is pathetic at best.

  35. Well, treating her like family may have been their downfall in the sense that Nanny Ortega developed a major sense of entitlement which in turn fostered resentment. I believe the Krims meant well, and Ortega could have left their employ at any time for any reason. If she was unhappy, it was up to HER to do something about it. Period!

  36. NO ONE who knew her thought she was capable of this; read the statements from her own family. Lots of people go through hard times, as they knew she was, but VERY FEW of them commit murder.

  37. I agree. It seems that Nanny-from-hell Ortega wanted to hurt Marina Krim in the worst possible way. I read that she *started* to stab herself when Marina walked into the bathroom, as though Ortega waited to see Marina’s reaction first. She knew exactly what she was doing.

  38. so the Krims should kiss her ass and pay her millions of dollars so that she doesn’t murder the children…wth are you saying.

  39. OMG again what you are saying is ridiculous. So next time they hire a nanny you think they will think “We better pay her more so she doesn’t kill the children.” Do you realize that what you are saying makes no sense. If a person will kill someone over their salary…you wouldn’t want them near your children. The only regret the Krims should have is for hiring this crazy bitch in the first place.

  40. You’re right, she’s not a sociopath – she’s a psychopath! You, on the other hand, are a sociopath. A mother’s two children are murdered, and you blame HER instead of the murderer. Nice going. And somehow, you KNOW that the “greedy parents” don’t care about anyone but “their own and their kin.” What a grotesque thing to say. Climb back under your rock now.

  41. Oh you know Marina’s answer, do you? What a heartless jerk you must be. Who murders two little children because she has money problems or because she’s mad at their mother?? Who does that? And who makes excuses for it?? I hope no children are in YOUR care!

  42. no, remember the Krims did notice she wasn’t doing her job well in recent weeks and told her they would need to let her go if she wasn’t performing well…they were being nice by doing this …trying to give her a second chance.

  43. Some of these comments are despicable, and I don’t know the Krims. I did see Marina Krim’s blog, and I believe that the Krims are indeed kind, decent, lovely people. Her love for her kids was very evident. But the only thing that is really relevant here is that a grown woman decided to savagely murder two helpless children. Her “reasons” don’t matter. Her problems don’t matter. NOTHING mitigates, excuses or explains what she did – nothing. She is an utterly vile woman (and a mother herself, no less!) who deserves to be locked up for the rest of her miserable life.

    My condolences to the Krims and all who know and care about them.

  44. so you’re saying blackmail of this sort is okay “Hey pay me more money or I’ll kill the children.” That is ridiculous. A normal person would say, “give me a raise or I’ll quit.” Anyway I would have felt bad for Yoselyn if it were true she was “mistreated” but she killed the children!! what does that show for HER…she is an awful person and I wouldn’t trust anything she says. And how do you know Yoselyn wasn’t given a raise…she might have been and if she was a good nanny and if the Krims felt she was irreplaceable then they prob would give her a raise but to me it sounds like she couldn’t hack it as a nanny…she was tired with psychological problems. The Krims should have fired her a long time ago.

  45. Ortega wasn’t “Crazy”. Someone who is truly crazy would jump into a lions den unarmed or walk into a police precinct with a semi-automatic. This sadistic, dark, wretch slaughtered innocent vulnerable children who couldn’t defend themselves. It made her feel powerful to watch the mother suffer. She actually enjoyed it. There are sick people and there are evil people. Ortega is a “dark, evil presence”. To think otherwise, is delusional. It may help you sleep at night but it doesn’t jive with reality.

  46. You’re quoting Ortega on what went on the day before. But she’s a delusional lunatic. What would anger her, such as not saying goodbye — and who’s to say whether that’s true or not — might not be noticed by more reasonable people, who’d think, “well, we just had a big fight; my boss is angry but it’ll all blow over by tomorrow,” or who might also think “my boss could have fired me, but all she did was not say goodbye.” Nothing Ortega says holds any substance.

  47. Not “everyone” commented on Mrs. Ortega’s distress. One person, her neighbor, stated Ortega lost a lot of weight and looked older. One person. A few others commented on her money troubles, but most of them also stated those had to do with her spendthrift ways. Krim’s neighbors said she wasn’t as friendly, more of a poker-face, as the other nannies in the building, but nothing so out of the ordinary as to be concerned over, certainly nothing as strong as your word, “miserable.” Finally, the Krims’ friends who interviewed Ortega and found her grumpy are entitled to their opinion. I have an employee I love whom my brother would never hire in a million years, as he’s told me repeatedly, or to put it in his exact words, “How can you stand that man?” Far from being oblivious to Ortega’s complaints, Marina Krim went out of her way to help. But she isn’t a bank and does not have to be held hostage to her employee’s financial needs, particularly when she’s paying out an appropriate wage for the job. Who would have thought she’d kill the two children she claimed to love like her own son.

  48. People give their names to lies all the time. But NinaSidney never said there wasn’t truth to the neighbor’s statement; she simply pointed out that it was one statement amid many others, which were from people who knew Ortega much better than her neighbor — namely, her family, who said she seemed fine. I don’t understand the last part of your statement: Have you never had a family member who was unhappy? What do you think the Krims were supposed to do for her? I have siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and children who must fight their own emotional battles, and as much as I can help, I can’t cure them. Deep depression and pathological rage are personal battles best taken up with a therapist, and there was no way for the Krims to know the extent or breadth of Ortega’s illness. The Krims went out of their way to help her, but that doesn’t mean she gets all the money she wants. Even with my own children, I don’t hand them money whenever they ask; they must earn their keep. And as was pointed out again and again on this thread, there is no reason to believe the Krims were not paying their nanny what the hourly rate in Manhattan commanded. If she felt financially slighted by them, she could have gotten another job. Good nannies in Manhattan are in demand. But as was also pointed out here, Ortega knew she was being paid fairly, which is why she accepted the opportunity to clean, something she should have been grateful for instead of angry over. People take all kinds of jobs today to get by, even people with law degrees and PhDs. Nobody could have predicted she would go murderously insane and kill two kids. In my own life, I own a small print shop with two employees who’ve been here twenty years. I consider them family, but there are levels of closeness in families, so my children come first, then my siblings, then my aunts, uncles, and finally, my employees. I pay a very fair and competitive wage, and so if one of them complained about money issues, I would expect them to work overtime, or to ask closer family and friends to help out. If those options don’t appeal, they can always look for a higher paying job. I’m considered, if I do say so myself, a wonderful and caring boss.

    As far as whether Ortega smiled in photos, yes, I’ve seen several where she looked beamingly happy, and who’s to say whether those were taken before or after the trip to her hometown. But her smiles or frowns are irrelevant to the enormity of this nightmare.

  49. @ “sadly but it’s true”: Wow – you’re an incredible asshole. Wishing all shitty things come your way in life – you truly deserve them.

  50. How dare anyone try to justify the nannys actions. What she did was dispicable and heart wrenching. The nanny needs to die in the same manner as those 2 children, and go through what those two beautiful children went through. It’s no ones business what marina paid her nanny. Pay is pay and if she wasn’t happy she knew where the door was. Plain and simple. The nanny was the killer. The kids were the victim. The parents are the sufferers for life!!!!

  51. It was Mrs Ortega’s neighbour who said she had lost weight and looked very tired and haggard. If one person is prepared to give their name to a statement then is there no truth to it?
    Quite frankly looking at the photos from the trp to DR in February 2012 the Krim family all smile with their eyes. Mrs Ortega doesn’t. Se has been unhappy for a long time. I am sorry but I have to question this “treated her like family” because it does seem that the Krim were unaware of her unhappiness.

  52. Since you know the Krim can you answer why everyone including Ortega and Krim neighbours have commented about Mrs Ortega’s distress, weight loss and miserable disposition, yet from what we have read Mrs Krim was oblivious of the unravelling?

  53. Marina Krim is a wonderful person, and as such, more vulnerable to the machinations of evil manipulators, such as Ortega. People who are kind and conscientious are more often than not prey for sociopaths and their insatiable rage.

  54. As someone who actually employs a nanny in NYC, and cares deeply about our nanny, I think many of the posters here are envisioning the wrong situation here.

    How you are reading things into this situation is biased by the fact that you know more about the nanny’s side of the story than the parents’ side of the story. You are falling prey to a psychological principle called “anchoring.” Consider the fact that you are basing most of your conclusions off of the reported testimony of a person who admits she committed a crime that would be considered unacceptable in every society in the world. She killed two children with knife stabs to the neck, one of whom she woke up to kill.

    Take a step back and think about who you know more actual facts about and who you want to give the benefit of the doubt to…

    In any event, back to where I started, the thing that scares me as a parent of a young child who is cared for by a nanny is that if my nanny was having trouble and I knew about it, I would do whatever I could to embrace her and provide the stability that she needed. The last thing I would do would be to fire someone I cared about who was having financial trouble.

    We know that the Krims thought of the nanny as family (they, their family members and Ortega’s family members – her sister and her father – are all on the record saying this). They had a 2 year relationship with her. They recommended her to another family so she could get a second job nannying. They offered her more hours. To me, these are all facts that indicate people who not only KNEW Ortega was struggling, but were actively trying to help her. These people, like me, were trying to be part of the solution for a person they cared about.

    And then she not only betrayed that generosity of spirit, but did it in the most despicable way.

    Stick to the facts of the case here. There is nothing, NOTHING that justifies this heinous crime in the least.

  55. How do you know how often she wrote on that blog? Or that she didn’t add to it after the children were asleep, instead of, for example, reading a book or watching TV. It’s ridiculous to claim she didn’t spend time with her children. It sounds like her life was her children, and that she wanted each one of them to have her undivided attention, so instead of dragging all of them to an activity meant for one, she hired a nanny to help out. So what? That’s not an example of neglect; it’s an example of loving attentiveness, and lucky for her she could afford it. And how do you know whether Ortega herself didn’t hire a nanny or babysitter to take care of her own son. After all, she worked while raising him — I think in some financial capacity at a business. There’s no reason to think the nanny needed time off from work simply because she looked tired and grumpy. Who doesn’t? I do and so does everyone I know. If she felt overloaded she could have told Marina she needed time off, or gone on disability, or confided in her own family — they said they didn’t notice anything amiss about Ortega, so why should Marina Krim? As a matter of fact, it was only one person who was quoted as saying Ortega had aged and lost a lot of weight. Who says it’s true, particularly when it went unnoticed by both her sisters?

    And how do you know what went on when the Krims visited the Dominican Republic? They may have paid for Ortega’s ticket, as you claim, because they expected her to work during THEIR vacation, but maybe not — who knows? Even if it’s true, it was nice that they chose to vacation in a place Ortega called home. Not every family would do that. And why shouldn’t Ortega work during her working hours? I don’t understand any of these points. What she did was inexcusable, and has nothing to do with the way Marina Krim treated her. Ortega committed that horrible act because she’s an enraged psychotic, at the very least. If you don’t like the way you’re being treated at your job, get another one. Everyone can sweep a floor or flip a burger. I have, and am proud of it, too. Honest labor is honest labor. So, why do you claim that asking a nanny to clean house — something often included in a nanny’s job description without extra pay — is an insult? It’s, again, honest labor, and how can that ever be an insult? You’re a snob. Marina didn’t ask her to steal, for pity’s sake. And I’m sure Ortega isn’t stupid — she graduated college with a degree in accounting. If she felt she wasn’t being paid the going hourly rate for Manhattan nannies during her two years at the Krims’, she would have either quit or demanded her fair share. But she knew they were being fair — if not more than that — so she accepted their offer of housework for more money. But, still, she felt entitled to more, felt that she should be the one being taken care of, instead of the precious children. ANYBODY WHO ATTEMPTS TO BLAME — EVEN ONE IOTA — THEIR MURDERS ON MARINA KRIM SHOULD BE ASHAMED. SHE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. NOBODY COULD PREDICT SUCH AN OUTCOME, AND WHO’S TO SAY IT WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED EVEN IF THE NANNY WERE PAID A MILLION YEAR. SHE MIGHT HAVE DEMANDED TWO MILLION. SHE DID WHAT SHE DID BECAUSE SHE’S PSYCHOTIC AND NARCISSISTIC, AND PEOPLE LIKE THAT HAVE NO SENSE OF PROPORTION AND JUSTICE. IT’S ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT, AND IT’S NEVER ENOUGH. ANYONE CAPABLE OF KILLING TWO YOUNG CHILDREN, ONE STILL AN INFANT, IS GOING TO FIND A REASON OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES FOR THEIR UNCONSCIONABLE ACTS. AND MORE THE SHAME THAT OTHERS ARE DOING SO, TOO. SHE’S PROBABLY A PSYCHOPATH WHO HID IT WELL FOR YEARS, UNTIL …THIS.

  56. Why kill Marina? The point was to make her suffer. If she’s dead, she can’t suffer. The nanny may have been psychotic, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t know exactly what she was doing — according to her own insane rhyme and reason anyway.

  57. She probably couldn’t hold a job because of poor social skills. It doesn’t matter how much anyone would have paid her, she would have squandered it all and blamed everyone but herself. Sociopath!!!

  58. Maybe Marina was in denial? Maybe the witch was familiar to her? Maybe when Marina was a child, a witch was entrusted with her care? History often repeats itself. Chances are Ortega wasn’t the first sociopath Marina met. Statistically, 1 in 25 Americans have no conscience. Not all of them are killers like this Hansel and Gretel witch.

  59. But the weight loss would have just taken her from obese to simply fat. You can see her on the stretcher above – her shoulders are broad and thick, her breasts are very big and full. She is not skinny, she is not even at an ideal weight – she is STILL overweight. So if some people noticed she lost weight then she must have been obese, or borderline obese, before.

  60. The fact that you’re speculating so wildly shows how little you know — and now I, a commenter, am included in your speculations. No, I do not hire help and think they should accept whatever I pay. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any help at all. Period. And how do you know how much the Krims were paying Ortega? There’s no reason to assume they were NOT paying the going rate in Manhattan for nannies, and the fact that you do just confirms how off-base your speculations are. I based my comment on facts. Fact 1: the nanny moved out of her sister’s home after she got a job with the Krims; Fact 2: the nanny moved back into her sister’s home after she was kicked out of her own apartment by the legal tenant; Fact 3: the nanny, Ortega, spent a great deal of money decorating the apartment from which she was kicked out — something her sister claimed in interviews; Fact 4: The nanny, according to those she confided in, got herself in more of a finanical pickle when she sold jewelry to people who didn’t pay, and then had to ante up the missing money to the jewelry company herself; Fact 5: How do you know the Krims are paying $10,000 a month for their apartment? Maybe Kevin’s business is paying and their stay there is contingent on his employment, or maybe it’s a rent stabilized place. Who said their lifestyle is so lavish, particularly for Manhattan? Their six year old when to public, not private, school.

    I don’t understand your points. What difference does it make how much Ortega was paying for an apartment? I once worked as an assistant to a music executive who lived in a multi-million dollar apartment, and I didn’t, and don’t, live in anything like that. So what? Are you saying employees should be living the same lifestyle as whoever employs them? Are you also claiming the Krims should pay for all of Ortega’s needs and wants? Psychologists, moreover, are often covered by insurance, or charge on a sliding scale. And why should the Krims be expected to pay Ortega’s bills? I’ve had two or three jobs at once just so I could afford what I needed and wanted, just as many, many people do. Your comment, again, is full of wild speculations, not facts, and not even reasonable speculations at that. Finally, Marina offered her more hours because Ortega told her she needed more money — and that’s according to Ortega herself –though there’s no reason to think she wasn’t being paid the competitive hourly rate for Manhattan nannies. Finally, if Ortega could not find a financially secure position in New York City, she should have moved to a less expensive town. I did, and so did a million others.

  61. You have no idea what the Krims did or didn’t do. Stop blaming the victims. Nothing justifies murder. The fact that the murder was of defenseless children is even more heinous. Killing a sleeping toddler? Pure evil.

    If the nanny didn’t like the way she was being treated, she should have quit. There is a very strong market for nannies in NYC. Find a job with a different family. NOTHING could put the Krims on the same level of culpability as this criminal.

    Ask yourself what it would take for you to kill two children ages 2 and 6. If you can envision a scenario in which you would take that action, I encourage you to seek professional help immediately (and distance yourself from young children).

    If you can’t envision it, then you know that there is nothing that the Krims could have done to bring this on themselves. By the same logic, there’s nothing that they could have done to avoid it. They unfortunately brought a time bomb into their lives and it eventually exploded in the most tragic fashion imaginable.

    The villain’s own sister was widely quoted in NY papers as being shocked. Everyone (including the sister) thought Ortega loved these kids and the family more broadly. In fact she was a devilish time bomb. None of this could have been predicted, even by Ortega’s closest family members. All we can do is mourn, pray and (perhaps) try to learn something from this.

  62. This nanny was never a good earner in her life. When she started to work for the Krims at age 48 she was living with her sister – and I believe that was the arrangement the whole time she was living in New York. The nanny never had a good-paying job and she never kept a job very long – this despite having studied accounting (and maybe even getting a degree, but maybe not).
    She was able to move into an apartment of her own after working with the Krims. She spent a lot o her money redecorating it. Suddenly after working with the Krims, and only part-time, she could buy an apartment of her own and redecorate it.
    However, the owner came back from the Dominican Republic after only 3 months and kicked her out. This devastated her. It was after this that she got more moody.
    It was losing that apartment which sent her into a depression.

  63. Well in the picture of the nanny on the stretcher with the blood soaked on the shoulder of her shirt, she doesn’t look skinny to me. She appears a little over weight. So if an overweight person looses some weight, it could have looked like she was on a diet.

  64. “I, like another poster, also know the Krims personally.”

    Did you ever meet/see the nanny? I’m wondering, if so, you felt something negative about her. It seemed many felt she was cold and aloof and/or strange, but the Krims couldn’t sense it. She had to be unbalanced from the start and there must have been clues.

  65. “sadly but its true” you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Everything you write here is speculation, assumption and, frankly, bigotry.

    I, like another poster, also know the Krims personally. So here are the facts: They are kind people who adore(d) their children and have enormous hearts. They do not live a lavish lifestyle. They are not greedy. When they purchased tickets for this villain they were gifts and not conveniences for them (this is a common practice in NYC as a Christmas gift for nannies). When Marina blogged it was to share photos and stories with her family, who live on the other side of the country. It was out of love. These people were completely committed to their kids and only had a nanny so that they could give their kids every opportunity to do sports, art and music classes. If you had any idea what you were talking about, you’d know that is a pretty common thing for people in NYC. Many people struggle to make ends meet to give their kids opportunities that they didn’t have themselves. So no, the Krims did not bring this on themselves.

    But let’s say you’re right and the nanny was insulted or wronged in some way. Are you seriously arguing that the nanny’s actions were justifiable? Ridiculous. Shocking. Disgraceful.

    The absurdity of your writing reveals your raw ignorance.

  66. The nanny is a sick sociopath who slaughtered innocent children, and deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law. And all of you who are judging and blaming the parents are heartless and disgusting people, with no decency or compassion. I hope something equally horrible happens to you, and others judge you just as harshly.

  67. Agree, if my employee started to look sick, unhappy and losing weight I might not think mental illness but perhaps cancer.
    This is a sad event and let’s hope some good comes out of it. For all the mothers who look after their kids single handedly I am sure they will say it is a lot of work. I for one can’t keep up with cleaning. Then to keep them mentally engaged and stimulated is a lot of work. Kids at different levels of development is even more challenging. The minute you give attention to one the others get jealous and demand attention.
    Same thing when you are a child care worker.

  68. I think the nanny decided to kill the kids the evening before. Remember she had a big fight with Marina who accused her of not interacting with the kids and giving them too much junk food. (Actually this could have been why she had no trouble with the kids for years – the nanny would keep to herself and the kids would entertain themselves and each other. Giving them junk food would be the easy/lazy way out: instead of fixing them something more nutritious/work or telling them “no” and having to put up with begging or whining or doing something else to entertain them – she’d just give them cookies or whatever – and they’d think she was alright.

    Anyhow the nanny was very upset at Marina’s anger at her and chewing her out over what she did wrong, and on top of that Marina was so angry she didn’t say “Good bye” to the nanny as she left that day. And that incensed the Nanny – that’s what she told the police and they said the nanny was very animated on relating all this which means she was getting stirred up and angry over rethinking of it.

    I believe that night, after she left the Krims, she was stewing at Marina and wanted to hurt her. Within a few hours she probably decided to kill the kids.

    There’s no evidence the nanny even liked kids – other than her own son or those of her close relatives. She’s never been a nanny before – she worked in factories and as a cleaning woman – she took the job for money.

    Marina and family did not properly scrutinize her – she came with recommendation from her sister who knew Marina from the dance studios. The sister was only trying to get Joselyn (the nanny) a job and would not be objective in evaluating her: she would be seeing her sister through rose-colored glasses.

    Because the sister was a friendly acquaintance and seemed a gentlewoman (from pictures she looks a much more gently type than scary-looking Joselyn) – this reflected on Joselyn in a false positive way.

    Marina’s like for the sister blunted her judgement on the nanny.

    Plus I think all the Krims lacked some sort of sixth-sense and intuition about the nanny.

    Yes, she was dark force – many people who met her said she was cold and unfriendly. She looks a WITCH. She has a strange twisted mouth and other thinks which are off.

  69. I think he was sleeping whil his sister was being knifed but he was in the bathtub too so she had to have taken him from the bed.
    Maybe sociopath but if everyone could see what Mrs Ortega was then why not Mrs Krim?

  70. The 2-year-old was slashed as he slept – that was even what the nanny said. He would not have memories of the psycho horror scene, but I think he would have had the least possibility of surviving. I think the 6-year-old could have survived if the paramedics used those emergency bandages which more solidly stop the loss of blood.

  71. The woman was clearly going crazy, she wouldn’t have thought that Marina would be hard to kill! Someone who out of the blue kills two kids MUST HAVE GONE CRAZY!

    The nanny wasn’t a “dark, evil presence” she became an evil presence that day because if she had done anything bad before that (say spanking or shouting at the kids), I’m sure she would had been fired.

  72. I think you’re one of those people who hires help and thinks that whatever you pay them is fair enough and never gives a raise – even after 5 years.
    The woman worked for them for 2 years. NYC is an expensive place to live and the Krims knew that, for they were paying 10k themselves. Ortega was probably paying less than a 1/5 of that. She also was seeing a psychologist. Does anyone know what’s the rate for one in NYC?

    Marina didn’t offer her more hours as a housekeeper because she wanted to help. She offered it because it was convenient to her. Ortega probably asked for a raise – after 2 years, it should be expected, but the Krims couldn’t shell out some extra money……. now their kids are dead. What’s more important? The money or the children? I already know Marina’s answer.

  73. “If she was a sociopath, she would have killed the mom too when she arrived.”

    No because the mother was big enough to fight back – it would be much, much harder for the 50-year-old to kill a 36-year-old, somewhat athletic, woman than a 6 1/2 year old. The mother would have wrestled the knife from her, ran to a room & locked the door or escaped the apartment. Even the 6 1/2 year old did fight back – the autopsy showed she had cuts on her hand and lower arm – she was trying to fend off the stabbings and it probably took a lot of stabs to kill off the girl.

    The nanny was a dark, evil presence in their midst that had no right to be trusted with children. The only flaw is that the parents and children were oblivious to the dangerous and dark signs of this woman, who even looked like a witch. That was the family’s Achille’s heel.

  74. They were still breathing but they were small children and bled for a long time before help came. It would be an awful memory if they had survived.

  75. I thought that too; perhaps she tried to steal something or maybe she spanked the younger child and the 6 year old threatened to call her mom or tell her once she arrived.

    I think the Krims are just as wrong as Ortega. They pretty much put a knife in her hand. When they saw that her health was deteriorating, they should have “bent backwards to help” as many reports claim they did. They should have offered sick paid leave, they should have asked her if everything was ok in their life.

    But instead they chose to just ignore it, because the Help’s problem is the Help’s problem. They were paying her and couldn’t care less about what was happening in her life.

    It doesn’t matter if Ortega dies tomorrow, goes to jail or hangs herself in her jail cell because nothing will bring those kids back. And all the Krims had to do was give her the extra money she needed.

    Some people have huge breakdowns. They become depressed. They commit suicide. In Ortega’s case, she killed the kids.

  76. It’s said the children were still alive when the paramedics came. I wonder if they had used Israel/Emergency bandages that they could have saved at least one of the children.

  77. I think she would have killed the kids even if they had fired her. I bet if they had said “you’re fired” that would bring down all her problems to her at once, and Ortega would find a way to meet the kids one last time “to say good bye” and kill all 3 of them.

  78. I agree, they were extremely selfish. I believe the only reason why that conversation about Marina offering 5 hours a week of housekeeping was because the nanny asked for a raise. And of course they didn’t want to pay extra when they were paying expensive rent, plus utilities, plus classes for the kids.

  79. I don’t think she is playing the victim. She would be crying and would fake remorse. She is telling the truth. The detective said she was telling all that as she looked a bit spaced out. She even waived her right for a lawyer as she told what happened.

    If she was a sociopath, she would have killed the mom too when she arrived.

    Marina tought she was entitled to help from only one person, paying as little as possible, so she could keep her lavish lifestyle. Her children paid for that. I don’t feel sorry for Marina, I feel sorry for the children ad the awful pain they felt before they died, due to a woman having a breakdown and greedy parents who don’t care about the well being of anyone but their own and their kin.

  80. Oh please, get over yourselves. Marina had a BLOG, don’t you people think it takes quite a while to write on one, choose the pics to upload, put pics up, etc? Sounds to me like a mom who is too busy with anything but her children.

    To anyone out there saying that the Krims were nice to their nanny for paying her ticket to go to the Dominican Republic, I got newsflash for you: they only paid for her ticket so they would have a nanny with them. Oh, and of course they let her escape a bit to spend time with her family but the MAIN REASON why they took her was for their own needs.

    Now, about the nanny: the fact that Marina told her she could work an extra 5 hours to make money as a housekeeper means that Ortega probably asked for a raise. Since Marina was already spending 10k on rent she said no but offered some money for cleaning which it is an insult to a babysitter. But since Marina lived in a bubble, like most of the idiots replying in her defense, you just can’t wrap your heads around that, can’t you? Where does the word BABYSITTER or NANNY means housekeeper?

    Ortega lost weight and Marina’s friends said they wouldn’t hire the nanny because she was grumpy. Marina didn’t see any of that because she never spent any time around.

    The children did not deserve to suffer and die and I cannot imagine the pain Lucia Krim felt trying to defend herself as she was stabbed over and over. I think Ortega must have snapped and that’s why she killed them. After all, she resented the parents, not the kids.

    Marina was greedy. She chose her money over her children. She didn’t “went backwards to help” like some reports out there. Someone who goes backwards to help someone would have offered sick paid leave to the nanny so she could be healthier (she lost weight) and happier (friends said she was grumpy) because children need someone healthy and happy taking care of them.

    The Krims will be wondering, for the rest of their lives, if they had paid Ortega 200 or 300 dollars extra a week, if that would have kept their children alive.

    And I have a feeling that the answer is yes.

  81. ENTITLEMENT? Absolutely!!! But even worse, this Nanny was SADISTIC!!! She slit the 2 year old’s neck while he was SLEEPING! She stabbed the 6 year old mutiple times while she tried to defend herself. She let them lay in their own blood in the tub and DIE. The medical examiner said they slowly bleed out. They SUFFERED!!! This psycho didn’t claim she was delusional and hearing voices. She said she didn’t like to be told what to do and felt that cleaning was beneath her. She watched those precious innocent children suffer and die, but she made sure not to stab herself until she could “get off” by seeing the mother’s reaction upon finding her dead children. That is SADISTIC!!! There are plenty of ways Ortega could have made sure her “suicide” was successful,but she waited long enough before inflicting her own wounds so that she could watch the mother suffer AND save her own butt by making it to the hospital in time. She’s not showing remorse. She’s a true sociopath…playing the VICTIM.

  82. Yes, you’re absolutely right: Marina and Kevin Krim are in no way responsible, even remotely, for the murder. And it’s not a class issue; it’s a mental illness issue. Housekeepers themselves pay for childcare and babysitting. All these creepy comments on Marina Krim’s culpability because she didn’t notice her nanny’s unhappiness and mental and physical disintegration are outrageous. In the first place we have only the nanny’s words that there was tension and fighting between her and Marina Krim, and frankly, a psychopathic and/or psychotic killer is not someone I would depend on to tell the truth. We’ve yet to hear Marina’s story. People have disagreements all the time with their employers, but they get over them soon enough. As far as those other stories, on the nanny’s mental descent, they vary. The nanny’s own family say they saw nothing wrong — nothing — and that she must have just snapped. There were one or two neighbors who claimed she saw a psychologist, or asked to see one, and that she was hard up for money. But so what? Why should Marina Krim think a situation that practically everyone is in nowadays — money woes and looking fatigued — would result in murder, or even abuse. As it is, Marina offered her nanny not only more work, but introduced her to another family as a possible babysitter. Most nannies, moreover, do light housework as part of their job and do not get paid extra. I don’t know the Krims, but I do know one thing — they’re not the ones who murdered two totally innocent children.

  83. Disgusting! The nanny is a sociopath. It’s bad enough when they’re home grown, but to think that this one was imported, naturalized, given rights, social services, opportunities, etc. It’s sickening!!! These folks should be given psychiatric evaluations, rather than a history exam, as a prerequisite for citizenship. At least in Texas, we have the needle (death penalty) for these perps. The mother’s only shortcoming was that she was too kind to fire this wretched hag and projected her own value for human life onto this wicked heartless child killer. When you have a heart full of empathy, it’s hard to wrap your mind around the idea that there are some human beings who have NONE!

  84. Isn’t it selfish not to notice that the nanny is falling apart for weeks or months?
    Isn’t it selfish to keep using a person who is obviously in a poor mental shape?
    Or perhaps it is cheap and greedy to ignore all since the almighty dollar is the guiding principle (11,000$ a month rent, but no $$ for a proper nanny for those precious kids?? give me a break….). It certainly appears that way. Not excusing the brutal killings – the only ones I am sorry for are the kids. Especially the little one that survived. As someone said the parents are selfish and the nanny is sick. A deadly combo as it turned out.

  85. I completely agree with you – I am appalled that anyone would suggest that this mother somehow is responsible for the deranged behavior of this murderer. This family had the extreme bad luck to be targeted by a psycho. I hope this family will find the courage to go on despite the horrific loss they have endured.

  86. These comments are heartbreaking. I know the Krims. They are kind, decent, lovely people. As a mother, I aspire to be the devoted parents they are and were. As a woman, I despair that we don’t support each other. Ripping another woman to pieces because she left her children with a nanny for an hour and half is misogyny, plain and simple.

  87. First thought that came to mind when reading some of the nannies alleged complaints, perhaps the oldest child saw her doing something she shouldnt have, such as snooping in their things (desk, jewelry, etc). I had a child that witnessed something similar, our nanny didnt see her (my child) watching, but my child later told, at which time, she was fired. So I wonder if nanny in her financial situation did something similar, the oldest witnessed it, and in nannies insane mind thought that was her only choice or maybe wasnt even a thought but just acted. Regardless whether the mother was cold and indifferent to her help, is no excuse for her actions. No different than the thousands of examples one could give on here of other people creating stress in ones life, knowingly or not. My thought is that she knew exactly what she did. The time it took to control and kill both children (minutes maybe but time to think..), she then slashed her wrist, which gives cause…she knew what she did was wrong(no different than parents who commit murder/suicide involving their children). There are many people who deal with stressful situations everyday, but they dont resort to killing, especially defenseless children (how cowardly). Lets not victimize the Krims anymore. I’m sure they are torturing themselves enough with the ‘what ifs’…..lets just pray they have the strength to pull through. My sincere thoughts and prayers with them..daily.

  88. You may want to learn how to use a comma if you want to be taken seriously as a writer or journalist.

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