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Marina Krim to remain tight lipped. Refuses to address nanny’s allegations…

Marina and Kevin Krim
Marina and Kevin Krim via PMC.


Marina and Kevin Krim
Marina and Kevin Krim via PMC.

Marina and Kevin Krim reveal how their surviving daughter Nessie saves them.

Oh really! Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega begs judge to bar media!

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega pleads not guilty to murder. Declines to speak…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega grand indicted to serve the rest of her life in jail.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was stressed out about money. Did the Krim family hold out…?

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now believed to have been motivated by money, but wont confess…

Marina Krim’s nanny’s Facebook page now insists that Marina Krim killed her children.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega insists she was the one abused and mistreated.

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega thought she was too underpaid and didn’t like the way she was spoken to.

Cops say Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to admit killings….

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now formally charged with first degree murder.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was warned she’d be fired. Refused to clean…

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega to be arraigned from hospital bed. Still wont speak…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now hires lawyer. Still not talking to cops.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega thought to have resented her employers…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to cooperate with authorities.

Did Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega have a motive?

Why did a Manhattan nanny stab Marina Krim’s two children to death?

As authorities and the public at large continue to dwell on what could have brought on one of the most contentious and horrendous murders of late in the city of NY, Marina and Kevin Krim have decided for the time being to remain tight lipped.

This comes off the face of the latest remarks via the Krim family’s former nanny who has gone on to vigorously claim that if anyone was a victim it was her and that she was terribly treated at the hands of the Krim family. A point of view that has led to  overwhelming torrent of reactions from scorned readers, some wondering out aloud if Marina Krim could have perhaps done more for their nanny with others repulsed and slamming such commentators, see two respective comments I have copy and pasted below which made me wonder:


Oh please, get over yourselves. Marina had a BLOG, don’t you people think it takes quite a while to write on one, choose the pics to upload, put pics up, etc? Sounds to me like a mom who is too busy with anything but her children.

To anyone out there saying that the Krims were nice to their nanny for paying her ticket to go to the Dominican Republic, I got newsflash for you: they only paid for her ticket so they would have a nanny with them. Oh, and of course they let her escape a bit to spend time with her family but the MAIN REASON why they took her was for their own needs.

Now, about the nanny: the fact that Marina told her she could work an extra 5 hours to make money as a housekeeper means that Ortega probably asked for a raise. Since Marina was already spending 10k on rent she said no but offered some money for cleaning which it is an insult to a babysitter. But since Marina lived in a bubble, like most of the idiots replying in her defense, you just can’t wrap your heads around that, can’t you? Where does the word BABYSITTER or NANNY means housekeeper?

Ortega lost weight and Marina’s friends said they wouldn’t hire the nanny because she was grumpy. Marina didn’t see any of that because she never spent any time around.

The children did not deserve to suffer and die and I cannot imagine the pain Lucia Krim felt trying to defend herself as she was stabbed over and over. I think Ortega must have snapped and that’s why she killed them. After all, she resented the parents, not the kids.

Marina was greedy. She chose her money over her children. She didn’t “went backwards to help” like some reports out there. Someone who goes backwards to help someone would have offered sick paid leave to the nanny so she could be healthier (she lost weight) and happier (friends said she was grumpy) because children need someone healthy and happy taking care of them.

The Krims will be wondering, for the rest of their lives, if they had paid Ortega 200 or 300 dollars extra a week, if that would have kept their children alive.

And I have a feeling that the answer is yes.


Are you insane?? Are you seriously suggesting that all the Krims had to do to keep their children from being murdered was give this psychopath nanny “the extra money she needed??” So in your deluded world, it’s the Krims fault because they should have “bent over backwards to help” and “offered sick paid leave, they should have asked her if everything was ok in their life.” Because then they would not have CAUSED Nanny Ortega to murder their children! How about this scenario instead: Ortega should have taken responsibility for HERSELF and sought psychological help, spent her money more wisely, and/or found a better paying job. NOTHING excuses brutally murdering two little children, and anyone who makes excuses for this sorry excuse of a human being is pathetic at best.


Nevertheless despite the public acrimony, speculation and desire to find out how this crime was precipitated the Krim family for their part have chosen to not respond to the media’s invitation for their thoughts nor have they dropped any hints except to offer the following statement at Leo and Lulu’s highly secured memorial service this past Monday:

“It is important to us that they are remembered as the sweet, creative, and fun-loving children they were.”

Who though has responded to the murders and gives a hint of how the Krim family will proceed from here on, as many have argued that the traumatic double murders may have had the effect of steering the Krim family into a deep depression and to date the Krims have retreated from public view is the deceased children’s grandmother, Karen Krim.

Offers the grandmother, via radaronline:

“It’s just a horror story,” Karen Krim, told in an exclusive interview on Wednesday from her home in Camarillo, Calif. “I was their grandmother. It is really horrible.”

Rather than risk embroiling themselves in statements that their former nanny, Yoselyn Ortega has issued  which involve gripes of being underpaid, not respected, and often disregarded and relegated to that of the cleaning lady the Krims have for now revealed little. However that too is bound to change once Yoselyn Ortega is brought to justice and the Krim family will have their chance to finally address the heinous murders that have unfortunately befallen their family and outraged so many.





  1. I am a mother of 2 young boys! This story has disturbed me so much! I have so much hatred for this nanny! I wish her nothing but pain and suffering! She needs to feel souvh pain for what those poor innocent kids went thru and the life long pain Marina will feel each day for the rest of her life. I seriously don’t know how she will be able to move on from this. My heart breaks for marina:( Ortega needs to die, need to be burned alive. Maybe someone should stab the life out of her son so she can feel the pain the krims r going thru! I hope she gets it hard in prison! I hope people make her life miserable! I hope karma comes around and hits her so hard! Leaves her tortured suffering with every breath she takes!

  2. this is a distraction. here is the real story –
    Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP’s Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

  3. You can never give someone like Ortega enough… She will always ask for more. She is the epitome of evil. Someone who will take the lives of two children out of spite is an incurable person. Anyone who supports her way of thinking is a danger to society… Sick people defending the devil.

  4. I was shocked by those murders, I am even MORE shocked after reading those comments justifying this psychopath of murdering 2 innocent children! they can only be psychopaths themselves, that’s their line of thinking. Thanks, Vancouvermom for posting a well worded, down-to-earth comment. Hopefully there are more people in the world like yourself than like those other cold people.

  5. There are people many who believe they are underpaid-overworked i’m sure 70% of the population feels that way but I do not see these individuals going after their employers children or other family members – to slaughter them. There is no excuse for what this woman may have done. She had so many options resign, approach labor board, seek alternative employment to name a few. People need to understand that the Krims did not owe her any more money than for the work they employed her to do. Why do we have a culture that is so against wealthy people, i feel like the world feels like the rich owe them something when MANY (note I said many not all) wealthy people have worked hard to get where they are or their ancestors have. I know it is tough to find jobs out there but seriously if you are being abused will you sacrifice your sanity for money. I have many co-workers who felt underpaid and overworked and mis-treated but what did they do? they tried as much as they could to find new jobs and guess what, they did even in the harsh economy. I give that example as a testament to the fact that if you want something bad enough you will get it. Now what does she have instead, blood on her hands and the Krims the devastating grief of loosing not one but two children. I hate to think that me working hard now and trying to live a prosperous life and leave an inheritance for my children will mean they will be despised for their wealth in the future.

  6. When I came to this country I got a job as waitress after few days landing at JFK. While working at the restaurant I had the chance to meet a lot of nice and respectful people. At one point, a married couple literally begged me to baby sit their lovely two years old daughter. I did not have children of my own at the time and I told them no because I did not want to get attached. I never regret my decision, beside, the waitress money was a lot better. Now, having a child I could not even think to take care of somebody else kids. I made sure that my love and my time would go to my adorable angel, primarly. I don’t like the idea to work in someone else private space, as well as I would not want anybody to come in my house. When I had my child I hired a baby sit, she just didn’t show up one day. I left my job,started to be a full time mom ( clearly with my husband support) and I loved it! I always lived by my means and never envied anybody. I was always able to take care of myself and my family,that implies cooking, cleaning, ironing, grocery shop etc. My point to fellows mom like “nycmomof3″ is, DON”T FOOL yourself around, you are in need of a nanny/housekeeper ,and depend on them more than you are aware of because basically unable to make it trough what ,in a shallow jargon, you call ” a bad hair day”!

  7. We’ll find out, but I don’t think so. The nanny seemed to have been with it enough to wait until the mother came home, so the nanny could witness the mother’s horror of seeing her precious children dead, and then the nanny heightened the drama by stabbing herself because, in her eyes, SHE’S the ultimate victim. My guess is borderline, psychopathic personality. She could have been just fine until the Krims started to say no to her, then the drama started. The nanny had made it clear in the hospital of her resentments, and that Mrs. Krim knows why this happened – it is somehow Mrs. Krim’s fault, NOT mine. Typical psychopathic behavior.

  8. Brenda, I was thinking like you but I did some research on rents in NYC and New Jersey. I also checked the cost of schooling. There are some great public schools in New Jersey. It is just as easy to rent a place there as in manhattan. I seem to remember a film starring Cary Grant where they decided to move out of NYC back in the 1940s for a better life style.
    Plenty of people commute into NYC. Mrs Ortega’s son, Jesus is 17 and he should be mature enough that he can take himself to school and get a part time job and help his mother. Also we now know that the father of Jesus was in USA and should be contributing to his son’s support.

  9. I guess you are capable of the same henious crime just becuase you feel envious others have more than you. What a shame!

  10. I don’t find his comments insane or disgusting. But you on the other hand have a total attitude problem, just as the monster nanny did, along with her being eat up with resentment , jealousy, & visions of entitlement from this family. Oh please give me a break, if she didn’t like her pay & duties she should have quit to find another job. Are you serious that you can think that ANYTHING, including pay & job duties would justify the violent brutal killing of these 2 little innocent & helpless children?!? You make it sould like because they didn’t give her a raise & lessen her job duties they deserved her committing this horrific & tragic crime?!? You make me absolutely sick!!! I have worked at the same office job now for 26 yrs & make @ 40,000/yr. It’s a one girl office & I do all secreterial & clerical work, along w/job description “anything else neccssary “! I have cleaned our office before & NEVER ONCE thought about getting even & stabbing to death my boss’s children!! I’m thankful to have a job, & have the attitude of my glass being half full, not half empty, which makes for a very happy & content life – try it, sounds like you need something positive badly, because there are LOTS of things that money is not worth doing over & this is certaintly one of them!!

  11. 4-5% of Americans are without a conscience (sociopaths/psychopaths). They have no empathy for other human beings. It’s not always easy to recognize them. They’re good at blending in. It’s wise to read up about the signs and symptoms so you may be able to recognize if your boss is one or if your son is dating one. You may be able to mitigate the damage they cause. It’s not always possible to avoid them entirely unless you avoid all things public, like movie theaters, parks, beauty shops, schools, etc. You just never know where and how they’ll spew their sadism. The Krims are victims. They deserve our empathy and prayers. I can’t imagine the agony of being in their shoes. They lost their beloved children, and to know how they suffered such a senseless and violent death. There is nothing worse in the world!

  12. when in a parking lot, has anyone thought about cutting someone off to grab a parking space? I can say I wont do it, because I am afraid the person I cut off would scratch my car. If I had a fight with a nanny I woud NOT leave my kids alone with her—NOT because I would think in a million years that she would kill my kiids, but i would wonder if she would take out her anger on them in ANY way. I am not excusing the Nanny, 100% her fault and nobody else. What I am saying to parents is LEARN from this…if the person that is taking care of your child suddenly loses weight, has money problems, is acting “grumpy”….TAKE ACTION ( and not tell her to shape up or ship out….)—dont expose your kids to unneccessary harm.

  13. Read “The Sociopath Next Door” for the stats. Sociopaths are more common than you think – and they create distress for anyone who comes into contact with them. Most don’t murder, but they are highly destructive and damaging nonetheless.

  14. Read “The Sociopath Next Door” for the stats. Sociopaths are more common than you think – and they create distress for anyone who comes into contact with them. Most don’t murder, but they are highly destructive and damaging nonetheless.

  15. (Yep; push that class warfare stuff, Brenda. “Us vs Them” really brings us all together.)

    It’s been reported that Ms. Ortega spoke to her employers about having money problems. They offered her additional work for additional pay. She could have declined the offer, if it wasn’t to her liking.

    They didn’t come to her and threaten her with firing if she refused to do housework.

  16. The Krims aren’t required to respond to Nanny Ortega’s allegations, which are irrelevant. Her allegations are not an excuse or justification for the murder of two beautiful innocent children. Ortega and her machete need to be returned to sender (Dominican Republic). Let them pay for three hots and a cot for the remainder of her psychopathic life. If she remains in this country, she should be EXECUTED.

  17. Where did to get that 5% figure?
    It is estimated 1% is schizophrenic and not all those are dangerous to others.

  18. Actually if you live in most western democracies then you do get paid holidays. The USA is the most appalling in this regard. Most countries give 4 weeks after the first year.

  19. Thanks for your input. I had au pairs and I think it is difficult for the au pair. The kids are in their territory. Secondly the longer you spend in the job the more the kids know how far they can push you. I asked the au pair to supervise printed sheets of simple maths say a couple each day and also to get them to read. My son said she pinched him. I believed him although she denied it but I stood behind the au pair. After she left he admitted he didn’t want to do the work.
    It is a difficult position since the nanny/au pair because you may not necessarily love the kids. Heck I even don’t even like my I kids behaviour sometimes. Au pair /nanny can’t escalate the discipline. I would compare the relationship between parent and au pair is just like two parents trying to discipline their kids. If one takes one method and the other the opposite there is going to be problems. Yoselyn said she and Mrs Krim conflicted over interaction and stimulation of the kids and giving the kids sweets/cookies.

  20. I have heard of different time lines regarding the housework request. I hope the Krim speak up sooner or later.
    I have had a lot of employees and they are varying talents and commitments to a job. I am more “mercenary” now with regard to employees. However I would never mention firing someone along with pulling up their sox.
    There is no excuse to murder. It seems more and more evident that this was premeditated.
    If nothing else comes from this then some formalisation of domestic workers would be in order.
    One thing that confuses me is the time line for when LUlu was supposed to be at dance class. She told the neighbour in the lift she had already been but Mrs Krim was supposed to meet them all at the dance studio. How did things go awry there?

  21. I don’t think you can stop the speculation. It is a parent’s worst fear and most people have to depend on another person to look after their kids at some stage.

  22. True, also I think they have to go though the stages of grief. I think I would still be in denial. It isn’t my kids and I can’t wrap my head around it. I am trying to understand why. I do know that I found child care problematic. This story will stir almost everyone who has a child.

  23. You are such an insane and disgust person. Let me ask you something. If you work in a office and you are in charged of a department, do you do the cleaning if in the dept cannot manage to hired a person to clean? Since you want to please your boss and make it seem that you deserve the job, because is the only one available for you, you may right? The problem is that in real world, that doesn’t happen. And you know why? Because the people that have better economy see the lower as “slaves” which let me tell you, in chance you didn’t know, we are all equal. If I’m a nanny and the child is sleeping, I stay close to him or them to make sure they are safe, that’s my work. If they don’t have time to clean their houses, Since you guys have the “money” there is plenty of maid that will love to do the job!

  24. How dare anyone even address the nanny and how she felt here… Two innocent lives were taken. That’s what matters! How the parents treated her, how much she got paid, how the Krim’s spent their money… all irrelevant! Again, two beautiful, helpless and innocent children suffered at the hands of this psycho! That’s the ONLY thing anyone should remember!!!!

  25. I agree. This woman is the devil and should burn in hell or burnt alive. Im normally not such a hateful person but the horrible way these babies died has seriously disturbed me. I feel so much hatred towards this crazy psychopath who is so self absorbed to think that she can complain about her workload as a justification for killing children. I love children, so beautiful and innocent with so much potential. How can someone brutally stab a child!!!!!!

  26. I’ve been an au pair for a year, in two different families. In the first one, it was hell! The kids were rude to me, they treated me like crap and the parents ignored it, didn’t respect my hours or my feelings. I was living with them so I had to constantly live by their rules, I had to do more than my share and they blamed me for every aspect of their lives that wasn’t perfect. They said I was part of the family only when it’s convenient to them, but I was easily replaceable and they let me know it. They made promises they never kept, they tried to bribe me with some useless gifts that weren’t worth much and it was obvious. It is definitely hard to be the help, especially when you take care of the kids. They see you as their servant and feel entitled to everything. You often feel like it’s beneath you and you deserve better. I didn’t have an easy life, I was raised to be kind and polite and I had to deal with these spoiled, mean, arrogant kids. I know they were kids (from 6 to 10, not as young as the Krims), but I grew to hate them and their parents, just because I couldn’t like them, nor stay indifferent since I was seeing them everyday of my life. I started to get depressed too, I avoided them and had a hard time interacting with them. At times, I even felt like getting physical because I felt so upset all the time. But it was enough to scare me, and after five months of hell, you know what I did? I left, for another, better family. It wasn’t perfect either, and I prefer my current job as an assistant. At least, when I serve coffee to my boss, I almost always get a “thank you”

    But what I didn’t do was kill the kids in cold blood! This woman had to be insane to commit such a violent murder! She was obviously sick and noone saw the signs, or noone wanted to see them. Yes, she snapped, and she screwed up, big time! You don’t stab someone easily even if there is a reason to hate them. She has to be a deranged person to do something so cruel to these kids! I understand where she comes from (I’ve been there!), but absolutely nothing can justify such an crime.

    I don’t know what their life was like, maybe the parents did hurt the nanny’s feelings, but their pain today is nowhere near proportional to whatever they could have done to her. I’m sorry for these precious children and for this family, this has to be the most destructive, devastating way to lose loved ones. I hope they will find a way to cope with that loss and keep building their family one way or another.

  27. Yes, i totally agree. I cant thing of a suitable punishment for that bitch-everything is too good for her, death is too good, prison is too good. I would cut her ugly hands and legs off.

  28. Nothing excuses this monster dominican BITCH. Nothing! There were the most adorable, smiling, cute kids i have ever seen with a bright future ahead. These poor little gems just got horribly unlucky to get a nanny-monster who now should be burnt alive!

  29. We all work in this world and dont make enough, even as I struggle and stress in my own life I cant go to my boss and just get paid 200 to 300 more a week..most jobs do not have vacations included . I would love to meet a perfect parent, because the mother blogs she dont spend time with her children? Hmm I work 8 hours,and still take time to myself as most parents do.Some of the things that these people write really blow my mind.. I really want to meet the parent who has no hobby,takes no time for herself ..Jealous people who are not happy with the life they live can say negitive things about one having a babysitter”nanny”is the only thing I can think of, I wonder if the writer has uploaded pics and stats on facebook

  30. I feel the same anger towards this woman..she’s a coward and I cannot fathom what she did to this family. I hope this haunts her and leaves her without peace the rest of her life!

  31. Answer her allegations? Give me a break! These were her employers, not her friends or family. Sometimes it’s best to maintain the so called”class” lines. Yes, be kind, generous, respectful and understanding, but no need to encourage more than that. Everyone will be happier.

  32. Has anyone actually seen the blog by the mother? I read it. It is obvious that the parents were heavily involved with thier kids and reading that blog and viewing the pics (and there are a LOT) highlights just how much they obviously adored the kids, and those kids were HAPPY!

  33. Nothing EVER justifies or excuses murdering children. Only one person is to blame for this awful crime and the minute she chose to kill those kids, she lost any right she has to sympathy or compassion for her personal troubles. Those parents shoulder no blame for the murder of the Krim children. The evil nanny did that one all on her own. Prayers to the Krim family.

  34. would have been nice had your article had a balanced view.. not SEVEN comments that put the Krim’s in bad light and only one that supported them

  35. For anyone putting any blame on the mom, obviously u are not a parent. It is very reasonable to ask nannies to do household chores. When we hire, we ask that they do laundry, cook, light cleaning when they are not watching the child. If i come home early from work, i will watch the baby and nanny will help around the house. In the hiring description, u can ask for household duties. Who does this woman think she is? Shes is paid to help out and if she doesnt like it, someone else will take the job. U negociate a salary. U are not a slave and can leave anytime. To kill little defenseless children means this woman was very jealous and resentful of her employer. Her life is miserable and she wants to make her employers life just as miserable. She is a monster. Death is too good for her.

  36. Im heartbroken over the death of the krim kids. Everyday i think of the poor parents and the horror of those children before they died. Ortega is a dispicable, vile monster who thinks that being disgruntled over money justifies killing innocent children. She is the reason for the death penalty and so we are not supporting such filth with tax payer dollars. I dont care if the krims were paying her 1 dollar an hour and beating her everyday. Shes an adult and should leave, get better job, report it to the cops. She is a child murderer, the worst criminal. I wish i could tear her apart with my bare hands. Disgusting piece of garbage!

  37. There can be absolutely no justification for the murder of two innocent children. Anyone who can think of one needs to do some serious introspection.

  38. The nanny had a choice. She could’ve picked herself up and left the Krims. She chose instead to seek revenge against 2 defenseless children. I know now why I support the death penalty.

  39. I don’t give a damn if Marina never said a mumbling word to Ortega I don’t give a damn if Ortega was grumpier then Judge Judy & lost weight to the point her skeletons showed thru a thin layer of flesh, she had no right to take those children lives! Nothing justifies her actions! Should my sister come to kill my 5 kids off because I won’t loan her $5000 for nonsense? Would I give her the benefit of the doubt after she kills them & then say well my sister wouldn’t give me money for a car to eventually wreck like my old one so I killed her kids in cold blood!! She did me wrong! Psssst ppl need to stop with the madness & pathetic assumption before they too have to deal with a meaningless tragic like the Krims r dealing with! Take my life before you harm my kids if anything! You’re angry with me not innocent children smh God bless the Krim family RIP Lulu & Leo

  40. I was a nanny for many years and never wanted have a piece of my employers life.What a nonsense.Those families were divorced/broken or totally messed up.My one employer was calling me ” Hey u” all the time.I was taking care of 3 children and the 10 years old used to tell me ” you are here to cook,clean and watch after us”.I am sure kids don’t bring it from school but learn it from their parents.One day I just did not show up for work,I had enough of this no respect relationship.Btw ,they wanted me to clean the windows too.However,I feel deeply sorry for Krims family

  41. If she was unhappy in her employment, it’s a free country. She was a paid servant, not a slave. If she felt she wasn’t getting her due, all she had to do was leave. No one is entitled to a raise, especially not someone whose services are slipping in quality; even if she were highly deserving of praise and reference, the employer decides how much they can pay and they are not always willing or able pay what the employee desires. When there is a mis-match, the employee can sell his or her valuable services elsewhere. There’s no law requiring you to be a nanny or remain a nanny or to remain with any particular employer. Krim might have tried to excuse or overlook: this would have been her mistake. The feeling of entitlement of the murderous nanny is typical of the sociopath. If there is some medical basis (tumor, thyroid misfire, whatever) for her violent retributive targeting of small defenseless children, to get back at someone who she felt slighted her, perhaps there is room for mercy. Otherwise the nanny is evil, selfish, and deserving of every punishment available.

  42. Haters stay away from Marina…She is going to cry for her kids till she is alive so just try to understand her life time pain. Leave her alone and let her heal!!

    Nessie will be just fine and grow up as more compassionate girl. I was just 4 year old when my family lost my younger brother(2.5yr)….I have seen my mom crying non-stop…behaving like a log of wood and still loving me wayyyyyyy more as I was the only one remaining…and then time passed and I had my younger siblings too…I don’t think I have any issues with that other than I still remember that episode and can feel the pain of others ….Nessie will be just be fine…Marina, plan for your next baby… the earlier the better for you, Kevin and Nessie….I know its very very hard time but God will bless you soon.

  43. I agree. I’m getting the sense that this site is trying to whip up controversy where none actually exists solely to continue drawing readers to the site. There was no new news in today’s “article.” In fact, the only thing today’s article really did was harvest the most outrageous comments from yesterday’s reader’s replies.

  44. I have hired many nanny’s over the last 20 years. I had one of them for 9 years and although she doesn’t work for me she is a part of my family. That being said, every single nannyhousekeeper has animosty of some kind towards the family. It is human nature when you are there daily and see a different lifestyle they are envious and after they’ve been with you for a while they do think “why not me”. Although they are fond of us and our kids, they always feel our kids are spoiled and as the kids get older this gets worse. You are kidding yourselves to think “oh not mine”. When they are involved in your daily lives they judge. Although this almost never leads to physical harm or muder!! My point to fellow moms out there is NOT to be NAIIVE. They do not love you and depend on you as much as you do them…

  45. I can’t believe anyone would expect the Krim’s, who are beyond devastated I’m sure, to make any public response. I’d be amazed if they could take a single breath without choking up and breaking down at this stage. God Bless those two. May He keep them strong and together…

  46. FACT: Ms Ortega murdered innocent, defenceless children. She has forever scarred this family, and the world. It comes as no surprise that the devil will say anything to try to justify what she did. She committed unspeakable, heinous crimes. She has no decency, no character. No parent, person, or family ‘deserves’ this. These crimes are not justifiable. The nanny-employer relationship is not for our scrutiny – two children are dead. Too much has been lost. Ms Ortega is not the Krim’s child to take care of. She is a person of no integrity and obviously is one to always blame others and never take responsibility for her own actions. She is a child killer. Being mad at your employer – Seriously? What a lunatic.

    This family doesn’t need insults from the public. They are parents. They employed a psychopath. They lost their children, family, life, home and happiness. Leave them alone and stop attacking the victims. Do something decent and give. http://lululeofund.org/

  47. I cannot imagine how anyone, anyone, ANYONE can suggest that the mother is in any way responsible for this. I don’t care how the nanny felt. She had no right to kill innocent children. NONE. ZERO. NONE. Plus, news flash, many nannies actually do house work. I know that ours insisted on it (mostly dishes and the laundry), even though we hadn’t asked her to do it. Our best friend’s nanny also did house work, lots of it, while their toddler slept. She also wasn’t asked, but I can tell you that it was very much appreciated and part of what earned her the title of “uber nanny.” House work is kind of a bonus, I suppose, but hardly unusual, especially since kids make messes. Sorry if the nanny here felt that was “beneath” her. What a piece of garbage she is. I hope she rots, slowly and miserably.

  48. There is no reason to bring out the negative comments about the Krim family more to public attention. Even if the nanny thought the mother was horrible, she had the choice of quitting her job, and finding something that seemed more respectable to her. No family or children ever deserve this.

  49. I find it rather insulting to describe the behavior of the Krims as being “tight lipped” – has it occurred to you that they were over their heads in arranging the funerals and the memorial services of their two beautiful children, who were so hideously murdered? Not to mention attending to the needs of their surviving child? The trial will take place in a real court, not the court of the media and public opinion.

  50. The issue of treatment of nannies is a very legitimate one, however it a total non-issue when it comes to this case as there is simply NO EXCUSE for this woman’s monstrous actions. If she had a beef with her employer, then maybe she should have killed her in any case (not that I am condoning any murders) but in her deluded mind why take it out on those innocent children and not on her so-called tormentor herself?! To kill two innocent children who had absolutely nothing to do with the problems between the nanny and the mother is unexcusable and unforgivable, no matter how hard she was being worked. Wah wah so quit your job and find another then if you hate it so much.

  51. If you’re going to quote from the Krim’s statement about their children, perhaps you should also point out that an additional, public step the Krims have taken is to establish a charity in honor of their lost children. http://lululeofund.org/

    Maybe the readers of this site could turn their attention to the good cause of supporting arts and sciences education for underprivileged youth, rather than speculating about what led to this hideous event.

  52. Estimates are that up to 5% of the population are sociopaths – that’s one in 20. These are self-centered people that obsess about themselves and how they are short-changed – always blaming others for their situations or actions. Never any accountability. Usually their motive is money, but it occasionally spills into murder. The more I read about this case, the more I think that not only did Ortega have demented rage against the Krim adults, but she was also jealous of the children – children who were obviously loved and adored and had a wonderful lifestyle. The nanny probably ruminated in her head how SHE never got painting lessons or got to go to the zoo as a child, blah blah blah, and how dare the Krims turn her down for money – they have it all, and I have NOTHING. Disordered mind simmering into rage. There is nothing the Krims could have done, except fire this woman from the first signs of oddness and instability.

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