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The Top Ten “Step and Repeat” Offenders of NYC.

'I am the step and repeat champion of the world.'


Step and repeat. It’s a hustle but then again someone has to do it and to be sure there a quite a few of you out there nurturing that side of your desire to get into the press box. In layman’s term it’s what us media types call you being a media whore, but in this instance, the desire to physically manipulate oneself in front of the camera man as a token booby prize requires real stamina, a false sense of ego and a desire to trick us (but most importantly yourselves my darlings) into a grand sense of being. It also requires a megalomaniac sense of entitlement, as if the world had to know you existed as if you too by proxy by appearing against some paper cardboard with corporate logos were ingraining the world with your own national identity.

That said, we here at scallywagandvagabond decided it was time to out the flagrant abusers of this mischievious device to accord fame, meaning and cultural (ir)relevancy. The truth is- if standing infront of a cardboard piece of paper could really sustain us a legitimate identity we’d all be doing it- but then again there are some of you who are resolute in believing that your overplayed mug is what constitutes decorum, civility and your rightful place in society. Unfortunately my dears, we do beg to differ.

That said, it’s time to meet the mischievous collective who have managed to outdo so many of you out there to become this years top ten step and repeat offenders…

May the bludgeioning begin… (article continues onto page 11)

And suddenly life has meaning...

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