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The Top Ten “Step and Repeat” Offenders of NYC.


Number 2: Tia Walker

And this year’s runner up of step and repeat offender goes to celebrity wanna be and blogger Tia Walker who will most assuredly have me arrested after she finishes reading this article.

Well what can we say about Tia, bubbly, larger than life (but to her credit she watches what she eats and like Derek Warburton likes to run in her living room to keep those cheek bones trim) and a keen observer of life- that is when she’s not confusing herself for the subject she has come to cover.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all got to make that shit work for us, but I do wonder for half a second, how Tia, bless her soul, who has a collective of 15 readers (well probably more now right?- please click here, for Tia) has managed to make herself the starring vehicle of her journalistic attempts? After all, I’ve always been of the opinion, it’s one thing to cover the story and interview patrons and guests, but it’s an all together different thing when you confuse yourself for the patron and guest and get that camera boy to point that camera at you.

Who knows, maybe Tia’s onto a good thing, and soon all us bloggers will be doing push ups and running 14 miles in our living rooms so we can look dandy sharp for the PMC camera boy? But I doubt it- personally I’ve come to accept being behind the scenes, but I’m sure someone will invite a reason to out me too. Please.

Tia, bless your soul- I still adore you.

PMC count- 601 and rising with a bullet. Great work if you can get it- and Tia certainly does.


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