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The Top Ten “Step and Repeat” Offenders of NYC.

Can you tell who looks more trigger happy? Eli or Karen?

Step and repeat offender #9 – Karen Biehl.

Kids, I have to admit, every time I get to look at this ray of sunshine whoring the step and repeat podium I get utterly dizzy. A born natural with a twisted sense of entitlement. Frankly a no one from no where’s ville (I regress I hear Karen actually has a job as a secretary for some obscure law firm- hooray!) who has somehow decided to throw herself at the camera boy.

But to her credit this nobody at least likes to share the podium box with her chihuahua pooch, Eli, (who we can single handedly thank for putting Karen in the public eye) and her equally uncharismatic toy boy Matt Wayne, a purported illusionist (the irony is prescient). Which if anything should give the rest of you nobodies courage to hustle and hoard your shiny image to as many desperate publicists you can muster the courage to call on a Friday afternoon.

Nevertheless we’re sure Karen means well and one day whilst we’re all taking our mid afternoon siesta she too will suddenly announce that she has her own Reality show- ” Smacking that bitch up high,” and of course we’ll all reluctantly wake up, spritz some designer cologne on our cheekbones and race as fast as we can to some makeshift camera set with Karen waiting for us with open arms. But for now, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled on Karen’s dog- Eli, cause at least that bitch already has her own reality show- ‘Doggie Moms.’

PMC exposure- a pathetic 49.

Who would you hit? Eli or Karen? Is there a difference?

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