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The Top Ten “Step and Repeat” Offenders of NYC.


Kipton and Zev. Where did the (fame) love go?

Step and repeat offender number 7- Zev Eisenberg.

Until recently the love interest of Kipton Kronkite who did a number on Mr Eisenberg’s heart by hightailing it with a well to do sugar daddy three times his age- Zev Eisenberg has been for a while a fixture on the social circuit and by extension an abuser of getting his puppy eyed mug on as many blogs, and step and repeat canvasses as possible.

Whilst bosom buddies with Kipton, Zev was sure to be taken out of a dark cupboard that Kipton kept him in and placed square in the photographers attention span when it came time to milk the room for as much sympathy it could possibly muster. Of course like all shiny things that one begins to be exposed to, Zev began to run ahead of himself and made it his calling to become a professional media whore/socialite bullshit entity with the appropriately dry cleaned rayon suit. Even Zev understands, even if you’ve run out of money, pretending as you still look like you have money will always go far with the pony crowd.

Never mind Zev, the boys and the money will one day return, but for now, give that summer linen suit a quick dunk because it’s time to strut that room and reignite our collective star lust.

ps- congratulations on funny graduating from high school yesterday…

PMC sightings- a respectable 205, but could be better.

Emma Snowdon Jones (who we think is further up the list) and Zev Eisenberg

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