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The Top Ten “Step and Repeat” Offenders of NYC.

Hmm- do you know these two hawt bitches??

Coming at number 8- Paul Guevara- Peter Davis wanna be best friend and rat bag.

Kids, have you had a chance to meet Paul Guevara yet? Well we have and let us tell you this hawt bitch is destined to a fine life of ass kissing and groveling. A natural bullshit artist and always chomping on the white stuff (I know Paul, we all have our past times) Paul has literally come out of nowhere to make his introduction to society.

At one point part of Anna Rothschild Pr enclave (don’t ask us why he’s not there anymore) and now running his own hustle Paul Guevara is quickly becoming the Paul Calderon Johnson (don’t you miss this bitch?) substitute (whose misdeeds of late have put him squarely in the – ‘we’ll call you, don’t call us category,’ sans the romance attache of social arbiter/ editor at large Peter Davis). Which only behooves the smarts behind Paul who knows a good thing when he sees it.

Where once the step and repeat was once reserved for social icons and celebrity, Paul has managed to bastardize the concept by injecting his proletarian mug on a heavily rotating retinue of photo ops- and when you’re on the way to becoming a household media whore, jinks and tricks will always be the way to go.

Another drink on the house Paul.

PMC count- 26 with the bullet.

(ps- we would have actually liked to use actual photos of Paul doing his step and repeat thing, but unfortunately google doesn’t (yet) think Paul is important enough to give us big glossy images of Paul whoring it in front of some cardboard box.)

Always a hawt bitch to go...

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