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The Top Ten “Step and Repeat” Offenders of NYC.


Number 5: Emma Snowdon JonesI will always be a casualty of my high cheekbones and brasserie…”

Kids, at this stage of the game, I am of the opinion someone ought to reach out and cut Emma a ribbon and pin it on her lapel for the rest of eternity- ‘Perpetual step and repeat Abuser’ but with a smiley face if you know what I mean.

Talk about managing to get herself on the public radar- Emma has amazing stamina and resilience. She might be getting a bit old in the tooth (oops did I say that?) but Emma will forever be the lynch pin to all things grand and shiny.

Of course there were rumors she didn’t have a job (but really who does anymore?) and of course the mullah to pay her rent (of course I did hear threw the grapevine she was charging her ex room mate a motza for her share, which enabled Emma the necessary financial relief to meet her step and repeat pro bono obligations)- but thankfully Emma has always been resourceful and managed somehow to keep herself relevant.

Personally I think they ought to pay this bitch a couple of grand just for walking in the door. A few spritzers, cheerios, the requisite three quarter angles and a $300 $40 check at the end of it all.

If anyone has longevity and usefulness in society – it’s Emma. Which is to say the world deeply applauds you Emma.

'Hey- look at me bitches!'


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