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The Top Ten “Step and Repeat” Offenders of NYC.

Micah Jesse- Click and drag...

Number 6- Micah I don’t believe he’s still alive Jesse.

Kids- Micah Jesse is one of those individuals you would like to have the benefit of the doubt of, but after careful inspection, we thought it would be better to expose this bitch for his shenanigans.

What makes Micah pathetic interesting is the way he describes himself as a celebrity blogger (when in fact if you type in his website on alexa– a third party ranking system) you will discover the bitch has no traffic and 7 readers spread over 8 seasons. But never mind, we all have slow reading days- but what you and I don’t have is what Micah has; the tenacity to reinvent himself not just as a failing celebrity blogger but also pseudo celebrity too.

Yes, that’s right kids- the more you dream about celebrities and make the odd mention about them in some blog the more you are apt to believe that you too now qualify as a pseudo celebrity who deserves step and repeat billing and a tender slap to their face healthy applause.

To his credit, Micah is just a pathetic lovable no body with the personality of a used rubber doll on autowind- but at least the camera never lies and as you can see, that camera will always have a crush on Micah Jesse.

But after all is said and done, Micah must be doing something right cause the bitch recently celebrated his 4 years of being completely irrelevant anniversary.

Happy birthday Miccah. PMC barometer- 131 and hawt to go.


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