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And all the Society bloggers came to Joonbug’s and Fashion Indie’s prom.

Sally Shan and white tuxedo boy.
Nyeelah Lewis and Brittany Mendenhall. Images courtesy of Sally Shan.

So what is it with society bloggers these days, a little thing in my head is got me wondering they are more media whores than the media whores that we all rush and bruise ourselves to cover. But that’s the thing with celebrity and faux fame, we all want to become one, and ironically in a delicious twist of fate society bloggers are now becoming the new hot ‘it’ thing, and if I have to confess- ‘I don’t mind a single damn thing, thank you very much- at last fame and a photographer to take my picture all day long….- take that Lilo!”

This past Saturday’s charming ensemble at Espace bought tears (okay more laughter) to this author as he sat there observing the tingly delight of grown ups reliving high school and fond memories of yesteryear, which one assumes was the intent.

Catching up with the lovely (and I do mean that kids!) Rebecca Alexander of Fashion Indie.com I was beguiled to learn that in essence it was a light hearted effort to bring together some of society’s prominent bloggers, glitterati and the kids who love them.

“Why not make it glamorous for every body?”

‘Why not indeed.”

Sally Shan and Devorah Rose.
Micah Jesse, Nyeelah Lewis and Stevie Sands paparazzo extradonaire
Sally Shan and Jared Eng.
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