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Prince stayed awake for six days prior to death. What was he on?

Prince stayed awake for six days prior to death

Prince stayed awake for six days prior to death

Prince stayed awake for six days prior to death: Was Prince really on downers prior to his death? Did a lethal concoction send the musician into overdrive point of no return?

New reports have told of Prince having been literally awake for six days in a row, with fears that it could all be linked to ‘dodgy doctor’ prescriptions.

According to a report via the mirror, Prince’s brother in law, Maurice Phillips told of Prince having not sleep for 154 hours before being found dead in a lift.

The claims come despite the singer being hooked on sleep inducing painkillers, which if anything ought to have put the musician in a knock out zone.

The newest revelations raises questions as to what prescriptions/narcotics (legal or illicitly acquired) the musician was on and what could have precipitated the musician being unable to ‘turn off.’

The claims come off the back of a report over the weekend in which a secret Doctor D is alleged to have scored Prince up to 6 months of a cache of drugs at a time, often including powerful opioids Dilaudid and Fentanyl.

The alleged behind the scenes drug dealer who clandestinely wrote prescriptions for the musician in an exclusive with the dailymail, told of being Prince’s to go to man for 25 years until 2008.

Who Prince hooked up with post 2008 to supply him with his fix the physician mused was probably near the musician’s Minneapolis place of address.

Told Maurice Phillips, the husband of Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson: I was with him just last weekend.

‘He worked 154 hours straight. He was a good brother-in-law.’

Reports also told of Prince appearing weak and pale after visiting local record store, Electric Fetus records, a day after his purported drug overdose in the days prior to his death.

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The revelations have led to friends fretting Prince may have been ‘overprescribed’ drugs by a dodgy doctor. Which is code for Prince may have gotten himself in big trouble by getting his hands on a trove of drugs, either pharmaceuticals or narcotics that send him over the edge.

Of note, witnesses told of seeing the recluse in the days prior to his death going back and forth to a local Walgreens Pharmacy appearing anxious and buzzed.

This less than a week after the musician is alleged to have suffered a drug overdose at the hands of opiate drug, percocet en route to a performance. 

Which is to wonder, what rational individual would subject themselves to another episode of drug abuse so close after suffering life threatening illness? 

The new claims have raised questions whether in fact Prince overdosed on Percoset and if not an upper as opposed to a downer?

How much the prescription drug/narcotic may have fed in with Prince’s diminished state and other medications the musician may have also been taking (and at what doses?) is yet to be realized.

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