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Peaches Geldof insider: ‘She had a death wish.’

Peaches Geldof death wish
Was Peached Geldof predisposed to self destructive behavior and lured by the idea of a romantic death?

As the world grapples with the sudden unexpected death of British socialite, Peaches Geldof it has been revealed by some of her closest friends that the daughter of a haunted couple may have had a death wish.

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Told a source via the UK’s sun: ‘Everyone is in complete shock. She was devoted to her children she was always with them.’

The friend added: ‘The reason she was so thin is because she had an underactive thyroid and when she got pregnant, that went mental.

‘She wasn’t on drugs, well, not that her friends knew. We’d have stepped in otherwise.’

Yet nevertheless authorities failed to find any evidence of hard drugs, or alcohol, something many had wondered given the 25 year old socialite’s well publicized foray as a teenager.

That said, another insider offered the following: ‘She had her mother’s temperament. It’s like she had a daughter/mother death wish.

‘I think she thought dying young was somehow romantic — you leave behind a myth.’

Could it be by posting on social media an image of herself as a child with her late troubled mother, Paula Yates a day before she died that Peaches Geldof knew she was in the throes of something that was taking her life away and rather than own up to it, chose to succumb to it? Even romanticize and celebrate it? Had Peaches Geldof come to accept that this would ultimately be her lot and thus die a kind of romantic death, as had her mother?

Added friend, singer Ellie Goulding: ‘Even if you think you’ve got it all figured out, some things still can’t be explained or understood. Two beautiful children. RIP Peaches.’

A post-mortem is expected to take place later on Tuesday.



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