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Peaches Geldof diet led to excessive weight loss. Lost 50 pounds in weeks

Peaches Geldof diet
Why had Peaches Geldof embarked on a rapid diet which saw her become skeletal thin? Re emerged emaciated during recent London fashion week.

In what is increasingly becoming believed to be the demise of British socialite, Peaches Geldof it is said that her fanatical allegiance to a juice diet may have led to her experiencing excessive weight loss. With some even wondering if she was in the throes of anorexia?

Ironically fans and experts alike had spoken out about her shrinking frame in recent weeks which she had attributed to a dangerous diet, even warning her that her eating habits could prove fatal.

Whilst some degree of modest dieting within itself may be beneficial for most, extreme dieting as in the case of Peaches Geldof who sought to maintain a fashionable thin and chic frame for the UK fashion stylish crowd she was part of may have come with great peril.  A cursory regard of her skeletal appearance during the recent London Fashion week portends to the trauma that the young woman was self inflicting on herself. But this being the fashion crowd, it was tolerated and in some circles even encouraged.

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Peaches Geldof diet
In recent weeks the British socialite had become woefully thin and emaciated.

In appreciating the ravages of extreme dieting which may have led to the young woman incurring a cardiac arrest (a reality that dietitians and nutritionists warn against) radar online reflects on the woefully thin skeletal appearance of the British socialite of late:

Geldof’s “worringly skinny” body raised concern during London Fashion Week in February, when she posted Instagram shots of her jaw-droopingly tiny waist and arms on Instagram. Bloggers called the look “super skinny,” “scary,” and expressed concern for her health.

Yet it wasn’t the first time the socialite had been caught this thin and appearing duly emaciated.

In a December 2011 feature with the UK’s dailymail, the then 22-year-old described how she could lose ten pounds by living off nothing but vegetable juice for a month.

One dietician called the starlet ‘brain dead‘ and said she is risking ‘acute cardiac arrest.’

Told the socialite: ‘I have no willpower but with the juicing I’m like, ‘I have to do it because I have to lose this extra ten pounds.’

Providing little reassurance that she has a healthy attitude to food, she added: ‘I will lose it then I’m back going mental for the chips.’

‘I’ll juice and then I eat chips.’

Peaches Geldof diet
The epitome of good health? Looking shockingly thin in recent weeks.

The article continues: And in recent months, admitted she still has days when she wakes up and thinks ‘I’m so fat.’

She attempted to provide some reassurance that her dieting is not out of control in August by tweeting: ‘To those telling me I look skinny and to eat something, I can assure you I’ve just cut out eating crap. 

‘I still eat like a horse.’

But the star has confessed that she feels very aware of the pressure to be thin in the media spotlight.

Of concern is this video (directly above) of Peaches Geldof taken in recent weeks where she looks exceedingly frail, emaciated and weak. Hardly the image of her former self prior to her decision to dramatically lose weight.

Reiterated Peaches Geldof to OK magazine in a 2011 interview: ‘Sometimes it’s hard,’

‘If you open any high-fashion magazine, the girls in it are stick-thin and they’ve been airbrushed down to the point where it’s just ludicrousness. I have days when I wake up and think, ‘I’m so fat.’’

In addition to her juicing diet, Peaches Geldof also reportedly subsisted on miso soup. In one outing to Busaba Eathai Thai restaurant in London in 2011, she reportedly spent more than an hour sipping down one bowl. Hardly the most positive endorsing image of body health consciousness and positive self esteem.

Reiterated a spokesperson for the British Dietic Association: ‘Rapid dieting like this not only makes you lose muscle strength but wastes away your internal organs.’

‘It is what kills anorexics. It is a stupid approach and it is irresponsible to promote this sort of disordered eating. It’s worrying that somebody who has money and access to contacts would pick such a ridiculous way to diet.’

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Peaches Geldof diet
Hardly the look of good health?



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