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Study: 42% of America can’t stand all you hipsters.



A study released today by Public Policy Polling has gone on to say that 42% of America can’t stand hipsters and in total only 16% of Americans have a favorable opinion of them which in some weird fitting way ought to make all you slackers (by definition) quite pleased.

Other interesting nuggets include:

Democrats (18% favorable, 34% unfav) are twice as likely as Republicans (9% fav, 48% unfav) to have a favorable opinion. Voters age 18-29 have a favorable opinion of them (43% fav-29% unfav), but very few voters over age 65 do (6% fav -37% unfav).

Just 10% of voters say they consider themselves to be hipsters – and almost all of those are younger voters. Half of all voters aged 18-29 consider themselves hipsters; every other age group is 5% or less.

But the real eye catcher was whether Americans as a whole thought all you slackers as a whole made a positive contribution to society?

We asked voters whether they thought hipsters made a positive cultural contribution to society or whether they just “soullessly appropriate cultural tropes from the past for their own ironic amusement.” 23% of voters said they made positive cultural contributions while nearly half – 46% – went with soulless cultural appropriation. Independents at 31% were most likely to say hipsters make a positive cultural contribution, while Republicans were least likely (15%) with Democrats in the middle (23%).

To be sure this author would  be curious to know which segment of the population was surveyed and whether for that matter anyone really even knows what a hipster really means anymore save for some vague idea of desperately trying not to conform to society whilst at the same time trying to give off the notion that one belongs in some counterculture dialect which of course counters the very idea of what makes for a true counter culture figure in the first place. Which is to suggest most of you slackers have no real idea what you’re doing in the first place.

And then there was this observation that brought a rueful smile to my face:

A true hipster looks borderline homeless. More than likely, from a wealthy family, college educated, works at a bar or coffee shop, rides a fixed gear, moustached or bearded, Ray Bans lots of Ray Bans, dirty, but not as dirty as a hippy. Pleasant individually, but rather dicky, opinionated, arrogant and condescending in groups, similar to a frat guy. Portrays a “I don’t give a f#ck” attitude, however, secretly, is highly competitive in being ironic.

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