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Learning to love the ‘hipster.’



Hipsters exist in abundant sources. They can be found milling derelict streets that only they can enjoy, Pabst strewn dance floors, Euro- centric cafe/brasseries and from time to time on the periphery of the real world that most of us are forced to grapple with on a daily basis. That said, hipsters are a charming lot and if one takes time to get to know them they can hope to emulate their swagger, poise and the effortless elan they give off as they peddle past you on their Schwins. Inertia and self denigration aside a hipster occasionally likes to step out of the wood work and as much as they give off the impression they despise you they are from time to time willing to be seduced and frolicked. The irony, cause irony is always king to the hipster is to appreciate that sometimes your differences are the things that brings the wet lips between yours…

The first thing you should realize when you meet a hipster is their belligerent apathy towards you. They will always believe that they are better looking than you, smarter than you and more attuned to the sensibilities of life that you apparently have failed to master (hence the expression -working stiff, 9-5er and bridge and tunnel). One can of course argue that there are many sub groups within the world that carry the same thought: yuppies, socialites, fags, and even the bridge and tunnel set who always manage to turn irony on its head. Nevertheless unlike most groups, hipsters have one advantage over most of society that even you are ultimately inclined to accept- their indifference tied in with their youth, and their preference for used cigarette butts.

Where it once would have been considered inconceivable, hipsters more than ever are increasingly pre disposed to glamor and anything that serves to accentuate their sudden arrival in society. For a while the mainstream press chose to ignore them, but slowly thanks to the capricious antics of hipsters openly smoking crack on the street, occasionally overdosing on dope or Friday night’s quota of Pabst, and our favorite – aggravating the hell out of Hasidic Jews who fear them like an eyesore- hipsters have slowly managed to shed light on their existence. An existence that even they for the longest time thumbed back at you.