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Learning to love the ‘hipster.’



Now it’s suddenly trendy and even cool for a hipster to hang out beyond Williamsburg (okay let’s be fair- East Williamsburg…) and from time to time visit Rose Bar or even attend the Bryant Park collections which we all know are whom all the models now date. The over riding irony here is as much as the hipster once eschewed glamor they now clamor for it and rightly so- for they are beautiful, bobo glamorous and intent on entering the cultural milieu that for the longest time they chose to negate and parody.

That said as we enter the new year we have high hopes that hipsters will begin to take society seriously (as seriously as they can stomach) and contribute in collectively inspiring us and enlightening us. And really that can’t be a bad thing because once in a while even a hipster gets bored of thumbing their noses at the things they secretly desire. So who knows, we’re betting that there will be less dribble, saliva on the dance floor and a little more of a temptation to become the thing they so passionately until now deplored. Although we’re still betting that they’ll still be smoking used cigarette butts…