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Jews vs Hipsters.


paintersDisintegration in South Williamsburg.

Will Jews and Hipsters ever get along? The answer it seems is no and that’s okay because it’s all happening on the bike lanes south of Bedford Ave where the Hasidic clan have put up their guards against the Pabst loving hipsters who refuse to be terrorized by anyone but themselves and their ironical references to wider culture.
With Gawker having a good old time deriding these two equally intriguing subsets of our community we read with amusement Gawker’s take-

Objectively speaking, some 24 year-olds repainting bike lanes on the street ranks in the bottom 10% of New York crime stories on any given day. But since they are HIPSTERS who love to ride bikes battling THE JEWS who hate hipsters and their immodest bike-riding attire, there in Williamsburg, in a sexxxy culture clash, well then.

At the center of the brouha is the contention that the Hasidic community has a right to mantain decorum within their community by recently having the local government erase bike lanes used by underdressed and nipple happy bitches. The hipsters pissed and not amused decided to fight back by returning at 3 am in the morning and start re painting the roads again so their brethren can safely make it along Bedford Ave and into the mecca of Hipster ville. Of course the Hasidic community wants to throttle these bastards and to be sure vice to versa.

So there we – we are set for an interesting culture clash and all we can wonder is who will prevail – will it be the Jews or the hipsters?

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