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Can a hipster still be a hipster if he takes him or herself seriously?


hipster1Here’s the existential question of the week? Can a hipster still be a hipster devoid of irony?

Sure, one can look like a hipster, wear trucker hats (they still don’t wear them anymore, do they, but last time we checked they were still into skinny jeans), drink caffe latte all day long and quote some obscure writer that no one in mainstream society gives a flying hoot about. But here’s the question, does one stop becoming a hipster the minute they actually take anything they do or say seriously?

Last time we braved Bedford ave the highway of faux behavior and existence we were sure we had the answer- that no, a hipster is no longer a hipster when he starts to actually believe his shit, but were suddenly confused when we spotted two hipsters talking to each other, both with beards and beer stains heading in the direction of the barber and the Laundromat.

A real hipster wouldn’t take a shower would they? They’d just wait for it to rain, because then it would be more ironical. Right?