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Fashion forward or fashion faux pas on the streets of hipper than thou Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

These girls are trying way too hard. Again it seems the new trend is to have no sense of personal style. These girls both just pulled their outfits form the pages of nylon and hit the streets. Next time blondie dont be so over the top if your gonna wear a strong pattern tone it down with simple sunglasses.

Hipster tearing it up? Photography by Kathrin Baumbach.

By now Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, has achieved the reputation of being the perceived epicenter of cool and fashion forward consciousness in the whole of the US amongst artsy non conformist (so we have been told anyway) 20 something and 30 year olds. From attitude, creating art, where to eat, shop, hang out and of course where to live.

Well, that set us thinking, if this is all so true, how is this enclave which has become a mecca for America’s disgruntled ironic/iconic youth in search of redemption and freedom to be whoever they want to be measure up when it comes to fashion dress sense?

That said, this weekend past we sent out John Wenrich, our lifestyles editor with one of our inhouse photographers, Kathrin Baumbach, to see what they could find as far as fashion forward goes. In the end they came back with some pretty interesting observations, some which will delight and some which will disappoint. See what you think….

love Scallywag.

This weekend past, Kathrin and I set out to find some examples of Williamsburg’s finest fashion forward statements. But to be honest although we did come across some nice finds, we weren’t necessarily wowed like we were hoping to be. Maybe it’s a situation that most hipters were still sleeping in (it was 11 am 3pm after all on the weekend) or just away on some beach.

That said, I organized on this page and the next what we thought worked really well and what we thought did not work so well from there on. What we did note, when it worked, it was pleasant and cohesive, nothing too earth shattering, but keeping in fashion provocative, but when it didn’t work- it really left us very dizzy.

Over all the impression we were left with is it “Fashion on the go or just one big billboard for Brooklyn Industries or whatever label has laid its claim to the hipster identity?”

See what you think, and by all means feel free to agree and disagree with my and Kathrin’s assessments. Let’s hope you’re not one of the poor souls in the fashion faux pas department, and if you are , chances are you can read what we have to say and not make the same mistakes again.


This guy was Great!! Facial hair and all this guy knows what he is doing...exactly nothing about how he dresses. This guy lives and breaths the hipster uniform like its his job (he probably doesn't have one).