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What do hipsters like to do in their spare time?



Trying to make sense of what goes on along Bedford Avenue.

There are some things that go beyond reasoning. That said we tried to have a think for ourselves and came up with the possible explanations of what hipsters like to do in their spare time. Failing our list a look at the video below may actually go a long way in exploring the mystery behind the hipster.

1/ In their spare time hipsters like to chain smoke.

2/ Make ironical comments like ‘we used to be like that’ (when they are in still in fact like that).

3/ Accidentally fall down elevator shafts and kill themselves.

4/ Ride skateboards and bicycles with no brakes.

5/ No longer wear trucker hats.

6/ Eventually get depressed and then get a job.

7/ Live off their parents trust fund.

8/ Pay $4 for a caffe latte and still think they are getting a good deal.

9/ Become addicted to crack, dope and the occasional reality tv show.

10/ Sit and stand and laugh at society before they realize they are been laughed at in return.