Home Scandal and Gossip Would you pay $131 000 for Princess Bea’s fallopian tube hat?

Would you pay $131 000 for Princess Bea’s fallopian tube hat?


The wonderful things you can do when you become an internet meme.

When Princess Beatrice arrived at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding wearing her wonderful contraption, society was aghast and somewhat giddy.

Anyway to cut a long story short, the internet ran with it (cause that’s what the internet does when it latches onto stellar inconsequential things) causing the world to be sufficiently moved and compelled by Prince Bea’s hawt little number.

But now she’s gone and sold it on ebay for $131 341.47- with said monies apparently going to Unicef and Children in Crises.

Part of us is giggling, cause we’re sure her mother – Duchess of York-Fergie wish she could get her paws on at least the $341.47 part- seeing as she’s always a dimeball away from skidrow- but that’s the thing with royalty- it’s best to flaunt it and make all them undesirables stress it.

One day Pippa Middleton is going to dig up her salt stained ivory bikini from her Ibiza vacation and raise a few million cause at least that would be showing us mortals her money is where her mouth is at.


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