Kate Middleton Woman’s Day magazine cover photoshop fail: ‘Is that really me on the cover?’


‘Why bother?’ might be the first reaction upon observing Australia’s Womans Day magazine cover of Kate Middleton who looks almost unrecognizable and almost cartoonish in what can best be described as a photo shop fail of garguntum proportions. Appearing on the cover, pregnant Kate is dressed in a blue coat smiling warmly (uber sacharine might […]

Was LeBron James wrong to put his arm around Kate Middleton?


It seems a flutter of disquiet has been created with the release of images showing a somewhat chastised and unnerved Kate Middleton (or is that just the tabloids reaching?) being touched by basketball great, LeBron James. While for us mere mortals such gestures are openly received without a second thought, Kate Middleton and Prince William […]

Pippa Middleton to be hired as NBC Today correspondent?


It looks as if British socialite Pippa Middleton is set to become a mainstay on American television as the sister of Kate Middleton is rumored to be on the verge of being offered a slot as a special correspondent (define special) with NBC’s Today show. Pippa Middleton explains to Matt Lauer what it’s like to […]

Vanity Fair accused of photoshopping Prince William’s thinning hair.


It seems Vanity Fair has taken umbrage with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge‘s palette of thinning hair as the journal has come in for some heavy criticism after readers took to criticizing the journal’s decision to make the Prince’s hair appear more fuller in a new cover depicting the Prince, his wife Kate Middleton and […]

Pippa Middleton explains to Matt Lauer what it’s like to be a well to do socialite


If only you could be the nonchalant effervescent socialite Pippa Middleton is too…. Along with charity bike rides it seems Kate Middleton‘s sister, Pippa Middleton is on a mission to explain to American audiences that she’s no longer the wild child of yesteryear but actually the personification of elegance, pizazz and genteel manners. Which is […]

David Cameron’s nanny naked pictures stirs controversy.


The appearance of UK Prime minister David Cameron‘s nanny naked images has stirred controversy over whether the images released on various adult websites were intended as a measure to embarrass the UK prime minister as well as possibly blackmail the unnamed nanny. In fact one charity according to the UK’s independent has decried the move […]

Australian media now runs Kate Middleton bum photos. Are they wrong?


It seems the Kate Middleton  bum photos has gone from bad to worse with the Australia’s Sydney Daily Telegraph choosing to run the photos to the chagrin of the royal family after Germany’s Bild magazine first published said images. In defending their outlet’s decision to run the images (which by the way can be found on any […]

Queen Elizabeth appalled with Kate Middleton bum naked photo scandal


It seems Queen Elizabeth is one not too happy with the drama that has played out since the  Kate Middleton bum naked photo scandal has played out. Although the royal family hasn’t publicly commented on the latest fiasco, it is widely thought that the Queen is outraged given the fact she had specifically demanded that Kate […]

(NSFW) Should Kate Middleton butt picture be pulled down by Bild?


Since the publishing of Kate Middleton butt picture has made the rounds questions have been asked if whether the tabloids have once again infringed on the privacy rights of the British royal couple. Australian media now runs Kate Middleton butt pictures. Are they wrong?  Queen Elizabeth appalled with Kate Middleton bum naked photo scandal  (NSFW) Kate […]

(NSFW) Kate Middleton naked butt photographed in Australia.


(NSFW) It seems Kate Middleton may indeed be in a spot of bother once again after a photographer managed to photograph Kate Middleton’s naked butt. The photo is believed to have come about as a sudden gust of wind blew allowing one photographer the yummy gravy of Kate’s derriere (ass) whilst the royal was on tour […]

Kate Middleton pregnant with twins, a tabloid miracle?


Rumors are once again flying about in tabloid land with the releasing of OK magazine‘s cover theorizing that Kate Middleton is once again pregnant, but this time with twins. Naturally. jezebel: The proof is mostly two (2) separate photos of her hand resting on her stomach, which is essentially the same thing as a sonogram. […]

Women are having dimple surgery to get the Kate Midddleton smile.


It might technically be a flaw, having a dimple in your cheek, but that’s not stopping an increasing number of women who have decided to purposefully seek dimple surgery in order to affect the perceived ‘adorable’ feature, which these days courtesy of Kate Middleton‘s smile has proved too irresistible. Offers Dr Amiya Prasad, a New […]