Did Ismaaiyl Brinsley kill on behalf of the Black Guerrilla Family?


In the aftermath of yesterday afternoon’s daring broad daylight shooting of two NYPD police officers, questions are being raised as to what inspired the gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, to carry out his dastardly plan? That said questions now are being raised if the man also known as Bleau Barracuda carried out the heinous act on […]

Ismaaiyl Brinsley shoots two NYPD cops dead execution style. Posted plans 3 hours before


Ismaaiyl Brinsley an African American man, also known as Bleau Barracuda has this afternoon shot dead  two NYPD cops been as they sat in their marked police car near a Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn street corner in what authorities describe an execution style murder to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Did Ismaaiyl Brinsley kill on behalf […]

Pictures: Viktoria Modesta pop star whose prosthetic limbs challenge body image


In a bid to challenge body image, budding pop star Viktoria Modesta has taken to wearing a prosthetic limb, an ensemble that left the X factor finalist wowing fans alike as she mesmerized with her slinky performance in her latest charting video, ‘Prototype ‘(see below). Rather than refusing to live out her dreams, the performer who was […]

Why did Tiffany Vanalstyne, babysitter strangle and beat 5 year old cousin to death?


Cops are trying to understand what prompted 19 year old upstate New York woman, Tiffany Vanalstyne who took to bashing her five year old cousin and strangling him to death before dumping his body over a guard rail on Thursday. In an effort to cover her tracks Vanalstyne would call cops and tell them that […]

Indian bull fetches world record auction price of $1.92m but owner declines sale to continue selling semen for $47k a month.

Worlds Most Expensive Bull Is Worth 1.2m GBP

How valuable is your semen? An Indian bull has fetched the world record auction price of $1.92 million but its owner would decline selling the exotic bull so they could continue selling its prized semen for $47 000 a month. According to a report via the UK’s dailymail had the Indian farmer, Karamvir Singh gone ahead […]

Did Chelsea star Oscar post risque picture with wife and sister?


UK football fans remain undecided if Chelsea star Oscar picture of him, his wife and sister on instagram/twitter has gone too much on the risqué side after social media users noticed the interesting position of Oscar Emboaba‘s hands…. Explains metro.co.uk: Oscar, who is clearly a family man, went on Instagram to share the snap of […]

Giuseppe and Livia Fortuna, couple married for 69 years die hour apart from each other


Giuseppe and Livia Fortuna a Stamford, Connecticut couple who were married for 69 years have died less than an hour apart from each other at the same nursing home. The couple’s passing comes after a fairy tale chance meeting in Rome, Italy and their subsequent marriage before the end of World War 2 emigrating and […]

Khloe Kardashian: I am planning on getting Rob Kardashian evicted.


It seems things continue to go from bad to worse in our telegenic reality saga otherwise known as the Rob Kardashian train wreck in surround stereo and media hype. The newest pegging of Rob sees him now being threatened with eviction from sister Khloe Kardashian who has all but have run out of patience for […]

Instagram purges spambots makes celebrities irrelevant again


It was inevitable and alas it’s here: the purging of fake instagram accounts courtesy of dummy accounts, spambots and fake likes and followers. Which of and within itself shouldn’t bother anyone except that is, those of us, like major celebrities who have now seen their social cache take a dive since the purge has led […]