NSFW: New ISIS execution video of 30 Ethiopian Christians emerges


ISIS have released a 29 minute video (see entire video below) showing the beheading and shooting execution procession of up to 3o Ethiopian Christians. The video titled, ‘Until It came to them- clear evidence’, echoes a previous video leaked two months ago which saw the similar procession of 21 captured Ethiopian coptic Christians to their eventual […]

Chinese Mastiff dogs now being slaughtered cause they’re not trendy anymore


Boom and bust might be one way to describe the phenomenon which has seen one prized Chinese mastiff dogs in China sold for as much as $200 000 only to now find the same breed less than two years later being sold off to slaughterhouses for $5 a head. So dire has been the trend […]

Samantha Fleming found dead after child protection officer lured mother and newly born baby

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 2.13.03 PM

The body of missing woman Samantha Fleming has been found 180 miles away from her Anderson, Indiana home after the mother and her newly born baby were lured three weeks ago by a woman claiming to be from Indiana’s Department of Child services. According to cops the mother and her three week old daughter were last […]

Sevdet Besim charged with Anzac terror plot: ‘Be a lion amongst a world full of sheep.’


Melbourne, Australian man Sevdet Besim has been charged with plotting to orchestrate an Anzac Day terror plot after cops arrested the 18 year old along with four others during a Saturday morning dawn raid. Appearing briefly before a Melbourne Magistrate Court the Hallam teen was charged with ‘conspiracy to commit acts done in preparation for, or […]

Grandfather with terminal cancer works as Uber driver to avoid eviction.


Ken Broskey a 69 year old Livonia, Michigan man with terminal cancer and with only ten weeks of expected life has chosen to work as an Uber driver to pay off the family home mortgage. Diagnosed with stage 4 Oropharyngeal cancer and urged to check into hospital care the man instead told of his desire […]

Vet of the year fired after posting dead pet cat photo: ‘I hunted it in my backyard.’


Kristen Lindsey, a veterinarian of the year has been fired from her clinic after posing pictures of her holding a cat which she had killed by firing an arrow into its head. In her post on Facebook (since deleted) the 31 year old woman explains how she hunted down the animal in her backyard, believing […]

Internet cheers after hunter Ian Gibson trampled by elephant he hoped to slay.


Social media has erupted with a thudding boom after it was revealed that prominent professional game hunter Ian Gibson was trampled to death by an elephant he had hoped to slay.  At the time of the man’s death, Gibson was leading a hunt in Chewore North in the lower Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe, when the […]

Should Dr Mehmet Oz be fired from Columbia? Is he a fraud?


Calls have been made to have Dr Mehmet Oz, the host of the ‘The Dr. Oz show’ dismissed from the medical faculty of Columbia University where he occupies the position of vice chair. The move to have the celebrity doctor fired comes after prominent doctors penned a note calling him a fraud. Said Dr. Henry […]

Catherine Engelhardt, teacher attacked by student’s mother. Left unconscious.


Catherine Engelhardt a middle school teacher is recovering at home after being assaulted by one of her student’s mothers along with the woman’s 14 year old niece. The attack came Wednesday afternoon at Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle school in Hempstead which saw one student’s mother, Annika McKenzie, 34 waiting for the teacher in a […]

Rachel Lehnardt daughter: My mom is an alcoholic. Leave her alone!


Entering the public foray since her mother came to be caught up in a kinky twister party at the family home which has since seen her lose custody of her five children is Rachel Lehnardt’s daughter who had initially called her mother with the hope of bringing her friends over for a make shift party. […]

Video: Japanese game show where guys sing karaoke with added handjob


Making entry into the international cultural foray is one ‘interesting’ late night Japanese game show, ‘Sing What Happens,’ which features male game show contestants singing karaoke whilst being furiously ‘hand’ serviced by femme fatales behind a screen curtain. Notes perezhilton: The show features contestants trying to hit super high notes and remember lyrics — wait […]

Gina Michelle is the tow truck clerk that Britt McHenry fat shamed.


Whilst she may pay lip service to advocating women’s rights, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has been exposed of doing anything but that after a vicious regaling of Arlington, Virginia, towing attendant clerk, Gina Michelle went viral this week. Told the glamor reporter to Michelle who one assumes was just doing her job when McHenry began […]