Veronika Black photos: Angelina Jolie look alike, ‘I make men nervous’

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Veronica Black a 27 year old Vancouver, Canada woman who bears a striking resemblance to actress Angelina Jolie has confessed that she makes men nervous. The admission comes as the Canadian model concedes despite being constantly praised for her looks, men never approach her. Presumably because they might be intimidated by the the doppelgängers striking […]

Slobodanka Tosic photos: Miss Bosnia extradited for murder and robbery


Slobodanka Tosic, a former Miss Bosnia and Playboy model has been extradited back to her home country after being linked to five murders and a string of robberies netting millions. Arrested in Croatia, the 29 year old woman has since been forcibly returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina to face trial. The charges against the woman […]

TransAsia Pilot cut off wrong engine moments before crash: ‘I fxcked up!’


A report has been released detailing the moments before a TransAsia Airways plane crashed into a river in Taiwan in February and killed 43 out of the 58 on board. According to investigators, the Tapei harbor crash could have been averted, when one of the engines suddenly cut out upon take off, had one of the two […]

Did Tiger Woods cheat with Amanda Boyd? Sports agent says no, source says ‘addicted’ to sex.


The golfing would has been rocked by allegations that Tiger Woods  took up with fellow golfer buddy, Jason Dufner’s former wife, Amanda Dufner (who has since gone back to her maiden name, Amanda Boyd) whilst he was still seeing Lindsey Vonn. Amanda Boyd photos: Tiger Woods cheated with golf buddy’s wife behind Lindsey Vonn’s back Tiger Woods […]

Mexican trucker gets wife jailed for refusing to do laundry


A 21 year old Mexican woman, Dulce Requena Garcia, has spent 12 hours locked away in Tampico city jail after her truck driver husband, Edgar Ivan Perez Alvarado, 26, called authorities complaining that his wife was shirking her responsibilities as a homemaker. The incarceration came after the wife was unable to pay a fine which […]

Jeff Amyx: Tennessee hardware store owner posts no gays allowed sign: ‘People congratulate me’


Tennessee hardware store owner, Jeff Amyx, 44,  has caused disconcert after placing a sing outside his Amyx Hardware and Roofing Supplies store forbidding the patronage of homosexuals. Reads the hardware store’s handwritten poster on store windows: ‘No gays allowed,’ Adding: ‘let the homosexual people know that there are Christian people that are willing to take […]

Video: Miley Cyrus french kissing, grinding Stella Maxwell, Victorias Secret model.


Entering the rehashed tabloid stakes is a video (see below) of Miley Cyrus making out and grinding with her love interest, with Victoria’s Secret model, Stella Maxwell, the pop singer’s evening parking lot’s source of inspiration. According to tmz, passerbys ran into the couple who were apparently ‘just hanging out’ during a break whilst filming […]

Alecia Dotson photos: Florida teacher brought lube for date with 11 year old boy


Alecia Dotson, a 45 year old married teacher’s aide has been arrested in a sting after bringing strawberry lubricant to a Florida movie theater so she could have a physical relationship with a eleven year old boy whom she had a crush on. The sting went down after the Highland Grove Elementary School teacher was […]

Dolphin leaps on board Dirk and Chrissie Frickman boat: Broke her ankles, blood everywhere


Dirk and Chrissie Frickman, an Orange County, California couple are in some respects lucky to still be in one piece after a seaside boating outing turned into a nightmare after a 350 pound dolphin literally jumped into their whaler boat. The couple were out with their son Tristan, 12, and daughter Courtney, 16, on June […]

Amanda Boyd photos: Tiger Woods cheated with golf buddy’s wife behind Lindsey Vonn’s back


It seems a tiger never changes the color of its stripes after all, case in point, serial cheater, Tiger Woods who is said to have conducted a steamy relationship with golfing buddy, Jason Dufner’s then wife, Amanda Dufner, now Amanda Boyd whilst he was still involved with Lindsey Vonn. Did Tiger Woods cheat with Amanda […]

Chrissy Teigen posts another topless photo: I dare you instagram


Whilst she may have been forced to take down Monday night’s topless image on her instagram account after breaching instagram’s rules of use, supermodel, Chrissy Teigen has hardly backed down as she went ahead and posted a new topless photo last night. Tweeted the model at the time: ‘The nipple has been temporarily silenced but […]