Jon Cruz, Bronx teacher arrested for child porn. Paid $1600 for pics of boy’s feet.


Jon Cruz, an acclaimed Bronx teacher has been arrested on charges of possessing child pornography. His arrest warrant would note paying underage boys for nude photos. The man’s arrest would come at his Manhattan resident on Friday, with authorities telling Jon Cruz had worked as a teacher and debate coach at the Bronx High School of […]

Pictures: Egyptian authorities investigate porn film made at site of Giza pyramids and Sphinx


Egyptian authorities have launched an investigation after a graphic European adult movie was made with that nation’s architectural treasures in the background. The film shows an actress flashing parts of her body while on a coach trip to the heavily tourist trafficked area. Speaking to the camera, the actress, Aurita complains about the views, before […]

Iranian acid attacker who blinded man has eye gouged out as punishment


An Iranian man convicted of blinding and disfiguring their victim after pouring acid on their face had his left eye gouged out on Tuesday as part of that nation’s strict eye for an eye punishment policy.  The unidentified man was first rendered unconscious in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj before doctors removed his left eye. Nevertheless doctors […]

Pictures: Indian mob seize rape prisoner, Syed Farid Khan, beat him to death


A harrowing scene has unfolded in the city of Dimapur, India, after a thousands plus lynch mob swarmed the city’s jail, kidnapped 35 year old man, indicted for rape, Syed Farid Khan, stripped him and then proceeded to mercilessly beat him to death in front a frenzied crowd. Taking justice into their own hands, the […]

Bar of soap made from the fat of Jewish Holocaust victims removed from eBay


Prosecutors in Holland have blocked the sale of a bar of soap which its owners claim was made from the fat of Jewish people murdered during the Holocaust. According to a report via the jerusalempost, the owner attempted to sell the soap on eBay for €199 ($215 USD) But as soon as the item went […]

Does a store owner who sold $1m lottery ticket deserve half cause he fronted cost?


A North Carolina store owner has sued winning lottery winner, mother of five Eva Reyes, 55 because he lent the woman the money to go and buy an Emerald 10 scratch card which led to Reyes winning $1 million. According to USA Liquors store owner, Laxmi Bhardwaj, the man loaned the woman the money because […]

Rev. Shaun O. Harrison: Rogue Minister and school dean shoots student execution style


Church minister and public school dean, the Reverend Shaun O. Harrison, 55 of Roxbury, Boston has been arrested after the rogue minister on Tuesday set up a 17 year old student who he had  recruited as a drug dealer and shot him execution style in the back of the head. Miraculously the student survived but […]

Yemeni boy locked in cage and set alight in ISIS imitation by children.


A Yemeni boy has been locked in a cage and set alight by a group of children in an imitation act that recently saw ISIS’s barbaric murder of Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh. As many as seven boys are believed to have attacked the as-yet unnamed victim in Al Dahthath village in the country’s northern Ibb province. ISIS […]

Oh really? Carissa Bryant, Marshalltown sixth grade teacher turns up drunk to class.


It seems things haven’t been going particularly well and how for sixth grade Marshalltown school teacher, Carissa Bryant after she turned up drunk to class this recent Wednesday. Courtesy of a police report via the Marshall County Sherrif’s office, the 33 year old woman was arrested and charged with public intoxication. The office would tell […]

Kari J. Milberg loses control of her car whist Facebook chatting. Kills daughter and two nieces


Kari J.Milberg, 34 a Wisconsin mother has been charged with three counts of homicide after causing a 2013 car crash that killed her eleven year old daughter Livia and two young nieces. The cause of the crash? The mother was purportedly Facebook chatting when she lost control of the automobile. Along with the woman’s eleven […]

Why did Michelle Vail, Florida mother force her son to jump out of window in a failed double suicide?


Michelle Vail, a St Petersburg, Florida woman has been arrested after she forced her seven year old son at gunpoint to jump out of a second floor apartment early Thursday before jumping after him in a failed double suicide attempt. According to authorities, 7-year-old Oscar Vail said his mother, Michelle Vail, said a serial killer […]