Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps made the first move but now we’ve split up, but sex was great.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.15.51 PM

For someone who has claimed that she is not after tabloid attention, Taylor Lianne Chandler it seems has become the defecto tabloid fodder to go to as the latest leaked revelations (can you guess by whom?) about her ‘steamy relationship’ with Olympian gold medal swimmer, Michael Phelps make the rounds… Taylor Lianne Chandler arrested for extorting […]

Swiss dinner: Will roast cat and sausages made out of dogs be banned this Christmas?

Dog and Cat

Animal rights activists in Switzerland are demanding that a tradition which entails the roasting of cats and the making of sausages out of pet dogs be outlawed as Swiss diners get set to munch into traditional Christmas dinners. The practice thought to be carried out by an astonishing 3% of the population has led to […]

Czech university holds twerking contest for employee internships.


Ladies want to really advance in your career? Show those guys and the world what you’re really made up of? Finally get your hands on those coveted internships? Then it might be time to fit into these itsy bitty shorts and twerk your behind to free abandon as did one group of female students from […]

Nick Schmidt, ex felon thanksgiving date finds takers via Craig’sList ad


How would you like to cause a scene? Turn what ought to be a memorable family occasion into an eye grabbing one? Have all attending female members hit on or just plain piss off dad? If so then former Nashville, Texas ex felon and sometime airport chef, Nick Schmidt might be the thanksgiving date from […]

Abigail Simon Trial: Was tutor forced to have sex with 15 year old student?


Abigail Simon a former Grand Rapids, Catholic Central High School  tutor has told in a Michigan courtroom that she was forced to have sex with a 15 year old student after he purportedly threatened the teacher. In her testification the 35 year old teacher Abigail Simon told how she was left no option after the student […]

Klaudia Wysocka, Polish model gassed to death after taking bath.

Faulty Heater Kills Young Woman In Bath

Klaudia Wysocka a Polish model has been gassed to death whilst taking a bath after a faulty boiler filled the bathroom with carbon monoxide. The model and part time student’s death came after moving to local town, Olsztyn near her home of Goldap in north eastern Poland to study microbiology. At the time of the […]

CEO Robert Rosenkranz lover sues for hush money. Wife must have known


Katherine Nelson, the self proclaimed 31 year old lover of Delphi Financial Group CEO Robert Rosenkranz, 72 has caused fissure after sending the NY tycoon’s wife a twitter message revealing that she had a four year affair with her husband. In an ominous tweet, Robert Rosenkranz’s mistress wrote: ‘You must have known,’ to Alexandra Munroe […]

Pictures: Is April Love Geary, 19, Robin Thicke’s new girlfriend?


Speculation has mounted to the fore that 19 year old Hollywood model, April Love Geary may now be 37 year old Blurred Lines singer, Robin Thicke’s new girlfriend after the model posted a selfie from the crooner’s bed over the weekend on her instagram account. Robin Thicke finally admits marriage is over as new album […]

Johnny Depp drunk. Amber Heard may break up now


Seems like there might be trouble in the romance department between Johnny Depp, 51 and his nubile finance, Amber Heard after suggestions over the weekend that the actress was highly mortified by Johnny’s recent drunken performance at the recent Hollywood Film Awards. Video: Amber Heard nude cell phone leaked. Sexy talk to lover (NSFW) The Fappening […]

Ricardo Javid Lugo posed as 12 year old at school to lure victims

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Ricardo Javid Lugo, a 17 year old Hurst, Texas man has been arrested after enrolling and posing as a 12 year old at Hurst Hills Elementary School. Also arrested was Lugo’s accomplice, Randy Ray Wesson, 28 who posed as Lugo’s father. The sexual predators it has been told had both planned to recruit potential victims […]

Taylor Lianne Chandler arrested for extorting $10k from business man.


In a damning expose this morning it has been revealed that there is more than meets the eye with respect to purported Michael Phelps girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler. An arrest and jail record for a $10 000, 1992 extortion plot of a businessman. Taylor Lianne Chandler: ‘I did not sell out Michael Phelps.’ How Taylor […]

Taylor Lianne Chandler: ‘I did not sell out Michael Phelps.’


In response to the media’s claims or suggestions (including our very own) that Taylor Lianne Chandler, the ‘purported girlfriend’ of famed swimmer Michael Phelps sold the swimmer out, the instant celebrity du jour has this morning responded to the over riding question: Why did she take her story to the tabloids when there was no […]