Chrystal Hassell, mother goes on crack cocaine binge birth. On suicide watch


A newborn child is in critical condition after its mother, Chrystal Hassell, 37 went on a crack cocaine binge in a Ocala, Florida motel the evening prior to his birth. Since the ordeal, the mother has been arrested for child neglect after calling authorities after her newborn baby proceeded to turn blue. Prior to giving birth, […]

15 year old Argentinian girl rescued after being locked away for 12 years with monkey and dog.


A 15 year old Argentinian girl has been been rescued after being locked away for 12 years with a monkey and a dog tell authorities. The girl told cops had been beaten for eating food left for the animals, including bananas provided for the monkey. The emaciated unnamed girl who was reportedly fed the same […]

Why was an Iranian man spared from hanging? Victim’s mother intervenes.


An Iranian man has been spared from imminent hanging as the victim’s mother. Seconds away from having the chair underneath him kicked away by his victim’s family whilst he stood blindfolded with a noose around his head, the victim’s mother unexpectedly called for the hangman to have her son’s killer’s noose removed. Instead of kicking […]

Michael Alig will soon be released and he has parties to go.


Nightlife bad boy impresario, Michael Alig is set to be released from jail for the 1996 murder of roommate/drug dealer Angel Melendez on May 5th. Eligible for parole since 2006, the club kid had been denied until now. Offers Steve Lewis at BlackBook: ‘Michael has never used a computer or cellphone but he has remained […]

The rise of the NYC gold digger. Can you spot her?

Gold Digger

Dating as most of us can attest comes with its own sets of challenges. Chemistry, physical attraction, similar values, complimentary backgrounds and of course one’s wealth. Or lack of wealth or in the case of the NYC gold digger the abundance of wealth. In an interesting feature this morning by way of the nypost we […]

Kurt Coleman is Australia’s version of Paris Hilton. Very in love with himself.


Australia’s Kurt Coleman is the wet dream you only dared you could be…. Kurt Coleman to be sure has a very high fascination for all things sparkling, glamorous, pretty, beautiful and perfect, just like him. To date Australia’s self confessed version of Paris Hilton (according to our collective hero) has amassed more that 171 000 […]

Jared Michael Selfie is memorable courtesy of train engineer


How Jared Michael’s selfie became the ultimate photo bomb… Jared Michael has learned the hard way that some things as amusing as they seem to be are just way out of bounds. Point in case: taking a selfie by the side of the railway tracks while a locomotive train is passing by. For his troubles […]

Jennifer Christine Fichter, teacher had sex with student before abortion


Jennifer Christine Fichter a 29 year old English teacher has been charged with 6 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor after allegedly maintaing a four month old affair with an underage student. The woman came to be arrested after confessing to the 17 year old boy’s mother she had had sex with her […]

Argentinian blacksmith fathers 5 children with own daughter


An Argentinian blacksmith has been arrested for purportedly fathering 5 children with his own daughter. The man, 53 whose identity has not been publicly revealed has been accused of repeatedly raping his daughter who is now 31 as he kept her captive inside their Mendoza home since childhood. When questioned about the woman, the man […]

Yifan Hou, World Chess champion strikes glamorous Oyster magazine pose.


It’s not everyday chess players are celebrated in contemporary culture, but it seems Yifan Hou, 2013 female world chess champion managed with her demure looks to capture the attention of editors at Oyster Magazine. Told the 20 year old Beijing, China native who has been honing her skills since she was 5 years old: ‘Titles don’t really […]