Is the Fappening dead? Are there more celebrity leaks in store?


It’s been 5 days since the last celebrity leak made its way on web forums, with admittedly low cache leaks, including next to nearly never heard entertainers, Ashley Blankenship, Wailana Geisen but perhaps sizable chunks involving leaked images of Aussie supermodel Allegra Carpenter and her boyfriend along with that of Lindsay Clubline who has minor […]

Alexis Palmer, model stiffed by Trump Model Management demands $200k salary.


Alexis Palmer a 21 year old Jamaican model of St Albans, Queens has accused Trump Model management of stiffing her in more than $200 000 in salary after docking her wages for dermatologist bills, walking lessons, limo rides and other ‘required’ expenses. The class action suit against the agency and its president, Corinne Nicolas along with […]

Ebola screeners wanted at JFK @ $19 an hour. Will you be applying?


How much is your life worth to you? That it is the question the nypost seems to be asking this Saturday morning pursuant to an article which tells of JFK’s plans to bring on staffers to handle the screening process of potential Ebola carriers from hotspot nations within Africa. Reports the nypost: For a measly […]

David Mohney, father kills self and children cause he wanted new life.


David Mohney, 52, a Port Orange , Florida father embroiled in a bitter divorce dispute shot and killed two of his children leaving a third wounded before then killing himself. Killed was the man’s 4-year-old daughter Savanna and 11-year-old son David while David Mahoney’s remaining daughter  9-year-old Lauren, was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in […]

Pictures: Tracy Marie Barras, Math teacher has indiscreet relations with three sixteen year old students


Tracy Marie Barras a Duson, Louisiana math teacher at Crowley High school has been arrested on three counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile following an investigation into allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior with three 16-year-old students. Investigations into the school teacher’s misconduct came to light after the Acadia Parish School Board reported possible inappropriate […]

Richard Viscecchio, Long Island chef fired for refusing to cut his hair.


Richard Viscecchio a Long Island chef who came to be fired from posh Long Island eatery at the Allegria Hotel is embroiled in a lawsuit after new management insisted he cut his hair or risked being fired. In his federal lawsuit the 44 year old chef who professes a love of the rocker wild mane […]

Jon Gosselin evicted. Bounced checks sucked as a waiter


It seems life continues to go from bad to worse for our former collective reality hero, Jon Gosselin after new reports that the once much ballyhooed reality star just can’t get his shit together. The latest episode in the dizzy episode called, Jon Gosselin ‘free fall or free to protest,’ involves an inconvenient episode of […]

Ft Greene yuppies will no longer tolerate homeless people sneering at their dogs


A case of class warfare or a tinge of resentment that some Ft Greene, Brooklyn yuppies are now being forced to contend with the underbelly of their crossing the river and now taking up an existence in a terrain once reserved for the not so well off and abundantly downtrodden. A personal rebuttal to Spike […]

Thiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha, Brazilian serial killer confesses to 39 murders


Thiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha a 26 year old security guard has confessed to the murder of 39 individuals, making the Brazilian serial killer one of the most youngest and prolific in history. The man’s arrest tells the UK’s dailymail comes after being previously detained by authorities this past January when cops discovered he was […]

Pictures: Wannabe Playboy model Krista Boseley arrested with 50K ecstasy pills


Krista Boseley an aspiring Playboy model has been arrested after she was found to have on her person 50 000 ecstasy pills along with $7500 cash on a private jet she was using. Also arrested was the pilot, Gilles Lapointe, 60 who told cops the $13K on him was simply the result of gambling winnings […]

Female Passenger wears hazmut suit at Washington Dulles airport

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.40.37 PM

In a sign of the state of national paranoia and the media’s uncanny ability to rapidly sway public sentiment (this time in relation to the Ebola crises) a female passenger yesterday was photographed donning a Hazmut suit at Washington’s Dulles airport. The image which has since gone viral on social media depicts of an unidentified […]