NJ Cardiologist refuses to pay NYC strip club $135 000 bill cause he was ‘drugged up.’


Dr. Zyad Kivarkis Younan insists he is not the wild animal you have come to think he is… A NJ Cardiologist is refusing to pay an outstanding credit card bill of $135 000 that he purportedly incurred on four separate occasions at NYC strip club, Scores. His defense? He must have been drugged up by […]

Dallas Archer caught smuggling loaded gun in her genitals during prison pat down.


Dallas Archer, 19 from Tennessee has been arrested after attempting to smuggle a loaded hand guninto prison. The gun came to be found in her genitals whilst she was undergoing a prison pat down. At the time the teenager had come to be initially arrested for driving with a suspended license this past Monday, where upon […]

Sorority ‘dick sucking Queen’ explains the principles of sorority dating.


Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of sorority sisters when it comes to dating? One self described sorority dick sucking Queen has decided to forever put you all in the know, penning an anonymous ‘Real Senior Sendoff Letter’ to Total Sorority Move which since making the rounds has led to most of […]

This is how Anna Gensler got her revenge on Tinder sexual harassment.


When artist Anna Gensler first got on dating app tinder six months ago she probably anticipated a sly of romance, but that it seems is the furthest thing she got as she came to find herself over the coming months being sexually harassed by mobile suitors who were looking for some hot ‘fucking’ action then […]

Camilla Parker Bowles brother, Mark Shand dies after lighting a cigarette. Was he drunk?


Tragedy has struck the royal family as it is now being reported that Camilla Parker Bowles brother, Mark Shand died this early afternoon after slipping and striking his head after taking to lighting a cigarette. The incident came to happen after attending a fundraiser at Sotheby’s. Sources tell the 62 year old consummate travel writer […]

#MyNYPD hash tag fail is very brutal. #myLAPD follows.


It seems the NYPD‘s attempts to inspire positive public relations with the community has dizzily backfired and then some after the police department invited twitter followers to upload pictures on social media. Predictably the NYPD had anticipated an avalanche of positive social sharing, but the hashtag, #myNYPD was anything but happy go lucky. Called to […]

Sharon Ferguson, homeless mother dumps her newborn baby in a trashcan.


Sharon Ferguson, a 28 year old Greenville, South Carolina homeless mother has been arrested after stuffing her newly born baby in a plastic bag and dumping it in a trashcan on Monday. The woman came to be arrested after a passerby noticed a trail of blood leading up to the trash can, leading to the alerting […]

Explore+Discover, NYC private school charging $33 500 for 2 year old babies.


A new NYC private school, Explore+Discover, has caused a chaffing of the collar as its school fees have been revealed. A whopping  $33,492 per annum, which makes it one of the most costly education outlets in the nation irrespective of age. The fees tells the private arts orientated school for 2 year olds to 3 year […]

Belle Knox sexually assaulted. Miriam Weeks parents thought she was a virgin.


It seems there’s more to Belle Knox (aka Miriam Weeks in real life) than we all previously knew. In a new interview feature with Interview magazine, the Duke College freshman adult star has revealed a myriad of new detail, some of it disturbing that might go some way into describing the psyche behind the young woman who […]

Plastic surgery in South Korea that you need a new passport. Western eyes…


In an increasing bid to affect Western physical features an increasing number of South Koreans (as well their neighboring counterparts in China and Japan) are going under the knife and employing complete plastic surgery packages that are leaving official perplexed as to the real identity of travelers. Which is to say plastic surgeons have become […]

Shanesha Taylor, mom who left children in car was not homeless or jobless


Shanesha Taylor, an Arizona mom who is now facing a potential 7 years behind bars after being arrested for leaving her 2 year old and 6 month old children inside a car whilst attending a job interview has now been revealed not to have been homeless or jobless at the time of her arrest. Homeless […]