Shayna Hubers guilty: Shot dead boyfriend after dumped her for Miss Ohio 2012


A jury has determined Shayna Hubers guilty of first degree murder after she shot her on and off former boyfriend, Ryan Poston, having previously claimed self defense. In coming to their decision, the Cincinnati Inquirer reports the jury reasoned that the jilted woman had sought to punish her then lawyer boyfriend who broke up with her after he […]

Did Leonard Taylor, nightclub bodyguard buy coke for celebrities?


Leonard Taylor a former bodyguard for a cache of celebrities has filed a $1 million lawsuit against his former employer, NYC nightclub owner Barry Mullineaux on the grounds he suffered emotional abuse after being forced to buy cocaine for celebrity guests. In his suit according to a report via pagesix, the down and out Taylor […]

Amber Anderson, Christian teacher apologizes for taking 15 year old boy’s innocence.


Amber Anderson a 27 year old Christian high school teacher has apologized for taking a 15 year old student’s innocence after tacitly admitting she had a sexual relationship with the minor two years ago. Relieved of her duties at Christian Life Academy in Baton Rouge the woman now faces being charged with felony carnal knowledge […]

Marissa Holcomb fired from Popeyes after armed robber steals $400 during her shift.


Marissa Holcomb a pregnant mother of three has been fired from fast food vendor Popeyes a day after an armed robber stole $400 during her shift. The firing of the employee came after the woman who is five months pregnant with her fourth child declined to personally pay back the money that was stolen at the Channelview, […]

Will you be sending your nanny and maid to the Jill Wilpon’s Chorz boot camp?


Who knew being an adept and adroit high caliber nanny or maid in the gilded world of Park avenue required a certain level of panache and acquired knowledge? Savoire fare that fortunately NYC’s Jill Wilpon’s Chorz boot camp promises to deliver to your nanny and maid in need. Explains pagesix: A Park Avenue member of New York’s […]

Spanish schoolboy crossbow attack. Had planned to kill 25.


A 13 year old Spanish teenage school boy from Barcelona has been detained after acting out a hit list of those he sought to kill, including several school teachers and fellow students, one of whom, a male school teacher was fatally killed when he was shot in the face with a bow and arrow. The […]

Did Marisa Curlen, college sophomore die from alcohol poisoning? Culture of drinking.


Authorities are probing the possibility that Marisa Curlen, a 20 year old college sophomore student at James Madison University in Virginia died of alcohol poisoning. The star athlete and sorority member of Alpha Phi and Rye, NY native was found unresponsive in her dormitory room Friday. To date authorities have said they do not suspect any […]

Memphis child on social media flashes guns, drugs: ’S*ck my d#ck!’


A Memphis child has sparked disconcert after amassing thousands of followers on twitter in which the pre teen youth is seen boldly celebrating ‘gang life.’ The teen from Memphis, Tennessee is seen posing with guns, cash and bags of what appears to be marijuana. How the items were necessarily accrued is not necessarily understood. In […]

Jay Hart sex tape: Soccer player sacked for having sex in uniform


Jay Hart a semi professional soccer player has been sacked after a sex video tape (see below) of the Clitheroe FC football player made the viral rounds. The firing told club officials came after the 24 year old was ‘observed’ having sex with an unknown woman in the manager’s dugout whilst wearing the official club […]

Duli Hembrom: 13 year old Indian child bride begs teacher to stop wedding


Duli Hembrom a 13 year old Indian child faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage and becoming another child bride statistic shocked school teachers when she recently wrote a letter pleading for school administrators to stop the wedding. Writing to the principal of Milan Mithi Uchha Vidyalaya after failing to convince her parents to stop […]

Richard Ilczyszyn: Did Southwest crew leave sick ‘unruly’ husband to die in bathroom?


The widow of Richard Ilczyszyn has claimed that Southwest Airlines left her husband to die in the bathroom after suffering a heart attack because he was an ‘unruly’ passenger. According to a report via cbs the wife, Kelly Ilczyszyn asserts that her 46 year old husband, a leading financial broker was left to fend for […]