Oh really? Tennessee father forced 15 year old son to play drinking game until he passed out


Mark A Hughes, a  35 year old Tennessee father has been charged with aggravated child abuse, neglect and contributing to a minor’s delinquency after forcing his 15 year old son to drink alcohol until he passed out during a ‘drinking game.’ WBIR-TV reports cops were called to the teen’s home Saturday night by witnesses who […]

Becoming Belle Knox: I want to be on the cover of Vogue.


Belle Knox is back in the news, this time as Conde Nast is set to tell her story , Becoming Belle Knox, a story the outlet tells it couldn’t decline examining given the public’s insatiable appetite with the adult actress who caused consternation when it was revealed earlier this year the Duke College ivy leave […]

Chinese woman’s virginity violated by married man leads to $5000 compensation


A married Chinese man has been ordered to pay 3000 pounds ($4880 USD) compensation to a woman for ‘violating her right to virginity‘ because he pretended to be single when they slept together. During sentencing at Pudong New Area People’s court in Shanghai, the man, only identified by his surname Li was mandated to write […]

Queens man posts porn in his windows to intimidate new Indian neighbors


A Queens man has taken to posting pornographic photos in his windows because he is  upset that an immigrant, Indian family moved in next door to him. The man, ‘Jimmy,’ admitted to WABC that he posted the pictures, but said, ‘I’m drying them out, they got damp last night.’ Told Jimmy’s neighbor, Sanjeev Aggurawal, who has […]

John Cantone, 60 sues hospital after nurse, 33 forced him to have sex with her whilst waiting for heart transplant.

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John Cantone, a 60 year old Illinois man is suing a hospital for $200 000 claiming that that a 33 year old nurse forced him to have sex with her whilst he lay in a hospital bed awaiting a heart transplant. In a Cook County Circuit Court complaint, John Cantone said that at 9 p.m. […]

NY Fashionista arrested after starving and battering puppy. Thrown away in plastic bag


Alsu Ivanchenko, a self appropriated NY Fashionista was yesterday arrested on charges of animal cruelty after her white Maltese Shih Tzu puppy, Snowflake was found starving and unresponsive in a shopping bag on Staten Island. The 3 month old dog was found by good Samaritans last Friday, discarded in a shopping bag with a small […]

Dan Maurer has 100 pound scrotum removed. Looking forward to sex again


Dan Maurer a 39 year old Michigan man successfully removed a 100 pound scrotum growth during a 14 hour surgery last month and in a new feature he has told he is once again looking forward to having sex again after a 7 year absence… Maurer suffers from a condition known as scrotal lymphedema. When […]

#Passengershaming has arrived at last to shame your unruly traveling companions…


Traveling to be blunt is painful. From the money one needs to cough up to arrive at their specified destination. From the energy and time committed to making one’s physical way to a new destination and from the pain and humiliation and yes degradation one is often forced to suffer through whilst arriving at one’s […]

Brian Lederman hedge fund manager: ‘I always grab ass’


Brian Lederman a NY hedge fund manager who is keen to let you know he knows everyone in NYC and will have you never work again in the town if you piss him off has been accused by Laura Ramadei, a Lucky Strike waitress and indie theater producer/actress of grabbing her ass during one outing […]

Bridgett Szychulski, married pregnant teacher accused of having sex with 14 year old student


Bridgett Szychulski, 31, a former middle school band teacher has been suspended after accusations of sexual relations with a 14 year old student. At the time of the purported 2012 sexual liaisons, the married teacher, now pregnant had been a band teacher at Lenape Middle School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. During Tuesday afternoon’s  arraignment the former […]