Chalena Moody guilty of incest after bearing two kids with dad.


Chalena Moody a 25 year old Springfield, Oregon woman has pled guilty to incest after maintaining an ‘illegal relationship’ with her biological father whom she never knew growing up. According to authorities the woman and her biological father, Eric Lee Gates, 49 have two children under two years of age and had started living as […]

Suicidal? Luke Goodman eats four marijuana candies, shoots self dead.


Luke Goodman a popular 23 year old college graduate has died after consuming $78 worth of marijuana candies and then shooting himself in the head. Causing debate is whether the consumption of the thc laced candies inspired the Tulsa, Oklahoma man to shoot himself or whether in fact he had been harboring thoughts of suicide […]

Suzanne Duarte Happy go lucky mugshot: I wish I burned down the whole yoga studio


Nancy Duarte has something very cheery to smile about, if one is to go by happy go lucky mugshot pics that is. All smiles because she finally went and did what she told the world she would do: ‘Burn down that damn local yoga studio in Dallas.’ Nancy Duarte’s journey (she also goes by Suzanne […]

Lindsey Ann Radomski, yoga teacher exposes breasts implants at bar mitzvah, performs oral sex


Lindsey Ann Radomski a 32 year old Scottsdale, Arizona yoga teacher has found herself in trouble after flashing her new breast implants and then allowing the underage boys to fondle them before performing a sex act on a 15 year old boy. Pursuant to the woman’s arrest, Lindsey Radomski told she was too drunk to […]

Andreas Lubitz depression: Did it drive him to suicide?


In light of revelations that Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz may have been exhibiting signs of re emerging depression, questions have been raised whether new bouts of depression may have triggered a desire to kill himself? Why did Andreas Gunter Lubitz Germanwings pilot murder 144 passengers? Germanwings plane 4U 9525 grounded over faults 24 hours earlier Germanwings Flight […]

Why did Andreas Gunter Lubitz Germanwings pilot murder 144 passengers?


Why? That is what the family and friends of the 149 passengers and fellow air crew of Germanwings plane flight U4 5925 want to know with the revelation that Germanwings 28 year old co pilot Andreas Gunter Lubitz purposefully set out to murder not only himself but everyone with him on March 24, 2015. The allegation […]

Mitchelle Blair confesses to murdering kids: ‘They molested relative’


Mitchelle Blair a Detroit mother has confessed to killing two of her four children and stuffing their bodies in a freezer because she claims they were molesting a young relative. The woman’s confession would lead to the woman being arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree child abuse, a 15-year felony; and one count of […]

Why did Zayn Malik really leave One Direction? Was he Fired?


One Direction band member Zayn Malik has today announced that he has quit the group, leading to pundits to wonder what may have really inspired the 22 year old to leave the world’s biggest boyband and money generator in history. In a press release on their band’s facebook page which has since gone viral, Malik […]

Geraldine Alcorn, teacher falls in love with 11 year old student. 2400 texts in 2 weeks.


Geraldine Alcorn a 28 year old Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania school teacher awaits arraignment today on charges of child luring, corruption of minors and attempting to interfere with the custody of a child after devising a plan to lure an eleven year old female student whom the teacher had fallen in love with. According to authorities the Beechwood PreK-5 elementary […]

Pictures: Erica Lynn Mesa, teacher has sex with four teens.


Erica Lynn Mesa, 28 a former math teacher and volleyball coach at Virginia’s Colonial Forge High School has pleaded guilty to having sex with four teenage students. In jail since her arrest Sept. 29, Mesa admitted to Stafford Country Sheriff deputies that she  had sex with the boys, one of whom was underage at the time, […]

Video: Screaming Argentinian woman exorcised: ‘Leave her now.’


A video has emerged (see below) showing the exorcism of a screaming 22 year old Argentinian woman at the hands of Bishop Manuel Acuna, 52 of the Lutheran Charismatic Church. The video depicts the woman, identified only by her first name Laura as she is pinned down by the bishop as he seeks to drive […]