Patricia Ward, College professor beheaded by her son. Kicked her head 20ft down the road


Authorities have released the name of the Farmingdale, Long Island woman who came to be brutally murdered last night, her body gruesomely decapitated as Patricia Ward, a 66 year old local languages college professor. Why did a Long Island man behead his mother and then jump in front of train? According to witnesses the woman’s […]

Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co banker forced wife into coke and sex with top prospective clients


The investment world has been rocked with allegations that Christine Kelly, 39 the estranged wife of Sage Kelly, 42 a top investment banker at Jefferies & Co forced her into having sex with top prospective clients in the hopes of landing substantial business. The allegations reports DealBreaker come as a result of a bitter divorce in which […]

Why did a Long Island man behead his mother and then jump in front of train?


Long Island authorities are trying to make sense of a grizzly murder suicide which Tuesday night saw the disposal of a 60 year old plus woman’s beheaded body on the street in altered detached states before the perpetrator believed to be the woman’s son jumping in front of an oncoming train. Patricia Ward, College professor […]

Michelle Smith White, teacher caught having sex with 16 year old female student after tattooing her name


Michelle Smith White a North Carolina high school teacher has been charged with having sex with a 16 year old female student after she was found out with a tattoo of the teenager’s name on her body. Court documents would tell the 27 year old teacher came to be outed after tattooing the girl’s name […]

Why did Jaylen Fryberg send gun selfie to girlfriend Shilene George minutes before shooting?


It has been revealed that Marysville-Pilchuck High school shooter Jaylen Fryberg sent a selfie of himself holding a gun moments before Friday’s school shooting to his estranged girlfriend Shilene George. According to radaronline the girl who attends another high school in the area was shocked upon receiving the selfie and would in the days after the […]

Shanesha Taylor too broke to put $60 000 into a child’s trust fund after receiving $114K donations.


It might well turn out that Shanesha Taylor is in the mess that she’s in not because she’s necessarily a single mother contending with trying to raise two infants without a fixed home, a job or a partner but because she’s simply irresponsible. See what you think… Shanesha Taylor, mom who left children in car was […]

(NSFW) The fappening: Nicola Peltz, Krysten Ritter, Angie Miller, Aubrey Cleland, Tobie Percival naked.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.46.05 AM

It seems the latest installment of the fappening may have reignited with the release of 5 new victims over the weekend. According to theepochtimes a site dedicated to the leaks released images of five female entertainers on its site. Told a pastebin posting: New Leak starting today. A lot of new photos and videos with […]

Necrosis: Venezuelan girl’s leg turns black after snake bite. May die now


An unidentified 13 year old Venezuelan girl faces the grim prospect of having her left leg amputated after an unintended recent spider bite led to cells in the girl’s leg atrophying and dying in a condition known as necrosis. According to a report via the UK’s dailymail the snake’s venom caused severe necrosis, the premature […]

Pictures: Ju Peng, Chinese student places ad offering sex to finance backpack travel.


Ju Peng a 19 year old Chinese student (or is she?) from Shanghai has stoked outrage after she placed an ad offering sex to ‘temporary boyfriends’ in each city she traveled in exchange for funding of her traveling expenses. That said the student’s advertisement came with some rigorous specifications, including that her temporary boyfriends be […]

Oh really? Alice Woodruff, CT woman discovers naked neighbor having sex with her pit bull


Alice Woodruff a Waterbury, Connecticut homeowner is still attempting to come to terms with the recent discovery of her naked neighbor who this Thursday past was in the throes of attempting to have sex with her 12 year old female pit bull in the backyard. Alarmed and insisting that the man decease she was instead […]

Nate Hatch forgives Jayvelin Fryberg but should he?


Perhaps in a testament for his fondness and willingness to defy disbelief that his cousin Jaylen Fryberg could have possibly conspired to take him and their close knit community out, Nate Hatch has today tweeted that he loves and forgives his cousin, Jaylen. Wrote the 14 year old student Nate Hatch, ‘I love you and I forgive […]

Jaylen Fryberg invited his victims to lunch by text before shooting them


Disturbing revelations this afternoon have confirmed that Jaylen Fryberg the homecoming prince and football/wrestling star who sparked last Friday’s shooting rampage at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Marysville, Washington had purposefully set up his victims by texting them each individually to come and meet him in the school cafeteria at lunchtime. The texting has now confirmed […]