Pictures: Kaci Fennell, Miss Jamaica. Should she have won Miss Universe?


Although in the end Paulina Vega, Miss Columbia, 22 won the Miss Universe title in Miami last night many believe who should have really won the title was Kaci Fennell, Miss Jamaica. In fact as soon as Vega was announced as the winner, instead of applause many in the audience actually booed as favorite to win, […]

Chinese mother sells newborn baby boy for $7000. Colluded with obstetrician.


A woman in central China has been prosecuted for selling her newborn baby for $7,000, the latest of a string of instances in the country’s trade in children. The 30-year-old woman, surnamed Huang, allegedly colluded with an obstetrician, Yang, in Xinxiang county, Henan province, to sell the baby boy, according to the Procuratorial Daily. In turn, […]

Cynthia V. Anderson drowns 2 week old puppy at airport


Cynthia V. Anderson a 56 year old Edgewater, Florida woman has been arrested after drowning a two week old puppy when she not allowed to board a flight with the dog. According to a report via the The Grand Island Independent,  Anderson had first tried to board a flight at Central Nebraska Regional Airport on Thursday with three puppies […]

Alexis Tsipras Syriza party wins. Can he beat the banker hegemony club?


Greeks have sent Europe and the the financial markets a clear message today as exit polls show Alexis Tsipras Syriza party with a decisive win over its rivals and the conservative vanguard who had sought to keep the nation adhering to unfavorable austerity measures in the hopes of securing the financial market’s curry. Forced to […]

Actress Dianne Wiest forced out of her Manhattan apartment. I can’t afford the rent


Making headlines is the disclosure that twice winning Oscar actress, Dianne Wiest is being forced out of her gilded Upper West side 79th st, NYC apartment. Forced out because she can no longer pay the rent cause according to the actress she’s struggling to get enough roles… The revelation comes via an interview with the […]

Pictures: Who did Cristiano Ronaldo cheat with against Irina Shayk?


A report has told that Russian supermodel Irina Shayk called time out on her five year relationship with Real Madrid soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo on new years eve because she could no longer dismiss ever pressing rumors that Cristiano had cheated behind her back. The report via pagesix alleges that the Sports Illustrated model could no […]

Meet Yossi Rosenberg, NYC’s most desperate single man.


Being single in NYC is never fun, not for most men or women, especially for awkwardly reticent men like Yossi Rosenberg who find the idea of dating cumbersome, terrifying and unwieldy. Never mind finding a brave soul to take on a quirky business developer vegetarian who at the age of 34 has yet to have ever […]

Why did Maris Gonzalez, Texas teacher sexually abuse a 15yr old student?

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 8.36.11 PM

School teacher Maris Gonzalez, 23 of San Antonia, Texas has been forced to resign from her position at Madison High school following inappropriate texts between her and a 15 year old student December of last year. Yet it wouldn’t be until last week that felony charges against the teacher would be brought after she admitted to […]

Idiot woman has arm mauled by 400 pound Florida black bear at sanctuary


Virginia Riggs has been mauled by a caged  400 pound Florida black bear bear at a wildlife center after inexplicably sticking her arms through the bars in the hopes of petting it. At the time the 50 year old woman was touring Wildlife Haven Rehab in Dade City, Florida, in the hope of adopting two birds. But […]

Janelle Jones finds $2.6K cash in Burger King bag, returns it: ‘But I considered keeping it.’


Janelle Jones a New Hampshire woman has returned a bag containing $2631 after she came to discover on the way home from a Rochester, Burger King drive through that her order did not include her sweet tea and juicy spicy chicken sandwich but instead a bundle of cash. Rather than keeping the cash — totaling […]

Malak Kazan, Muslim woman files suit after forced to remove hijab during car ticket


Malak Kazan, a 27 year old Muslim woman has filed a federal lawsuit against Dearborn Heights, Michigan police department after being forced to remove her hijab during a recent arrest. At the time the woman had been booked for driving with an expired drivers license during a routine November 2014 traffic stop where she was […]