Tammie Veach: Stolen selfie placed in sex ad leads to mom getting hundreds of raunchy calls


Tammie Veach a married mother of two received more than 100 voicemails requesting sex from her after an innocent selfie she posted on Facebook was stolen in lieu of a hoax sex ad. According to a report via usatoday the woman was offered as much as $1000 by several men in exchange for meeting her […]

Idiot Russian woman taking selfie with gun accidentally shoots self in head.

Helen Flanagan

It seems the ever elusive pursuit of the most perfect selfie is increasingly coming with dear risk to life and limb. Case in point, the latest casualty in the rein of the perfect selfie, an unnamed Russian woman who accidentally shot herself in the head after taking a selfie with a gun to her head. […]

The Lima Dolphin incident. Petition to prosecute couple straddling beached dolphin mounts


Judith Maribel Uriol Silva and Jonathan Ramos Torres both from Lima, Peru have been identified in unconfirmed reports as the two teens straddling a beached dolphin since come to be known as the Lima dolphin incident that took place in March of last year. According to local reports, the pair said to be from Lima came […]

Should Claudia Tillery, teacher acquitted of raping student be allowed to return to teaching?


Claudia Tillery a 45 year old NY teacher who was charged with raping a male middle school student and plying him with drugs in 2011 has launched a lawsuit demanding that the city give her back her teaching job after being acquitted. This despite the fact that DNA, videotape, text and financial records linked the woman to […]

Darcell Copes: ‘You Don’t Belong here.’ Black Long Island family asked to move out


Darcell Copes the matriarch of an African American Long Island family based in Lindenhurst, Suffolk County, NY has received an anonymous letter demanding that her and her grown three children and five young grandchildren move out of the community because ’you don’t belong here!!!’ Reads the letter which arrived at the family home on Tuesday in […]

Should Michael Brelo, Cleveland cop be acquitted of manslaughter? Fired 49 rounds at unarmed passengers.

The car driven by Timothy Russell is shown Friday, April 10, 2015, in Cleveland. Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo, 31, is being tried on two counts of voluntary manslaughter in the November 2012 deaths of Russell, 43, and Malissa Williams, 30, after a high-speed chase. The defense attorney's , prosecuting attorney and the judge visited the warehouse where the car and two police cruisers involved in the chase are stored. (AP Photo/Aaron Josefczyk, Pool)

Michael Brelo, a Cleveland, Ohio cop has today been acquitted of the November 2012 manslaughter death of Timothy Russell, 43 and his passenger, Malissa Williams, 30, both black and unarmed when Brelo and fellow police officers fired 137 rounds at the pair during a high speed car chase. At the time of the shooting death […]

Did Alesia Riabenkova, supermodel claim false rape charges against photographer?


Alesia Rianenkova, a 22 year old Latvian cover model based in NYC has seen her claim of rape against a fashion photographer dropped because DNA from the man was not found on her person. The model who once dated actor Gerard Butler as well as appearing on the covers of Glamour and Elle magazines had […]

Aminah Jennifa Ahmed: UTA student suffers aneurysm on night after graduating, dies after nap.


Aminah Jennifa Ahmed a 22 year old University of Texas graduate from Arlington has died of a suspected brain aneurysm after complaining of a headache just moments after graduating Friday week ago. At the time the student decided to take a nap but would never wake up after passing away in hospital this past Wednesday. […]

Video: Guatemalan girl beaten and burned alive by mob after murdering taxi driver

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.42.30 AM

A 16 year old Guatemalan girl has been filmed being beaten and burned alive by a mob of 25 after allegedly being involved in the murder of a 68 year old taxi driver. The graphic video, said to run four minutes and 38 seconds shows the teen with blood streaming down her face being punched […]

Did Ami Forte Morgan Stanley adviser bilk her $185m lover?


Ami Forte, 57 a Morgan Stanley adviser could cost her employer up to $400 million after accusations that the woman took advantage of her client/lover to churn trades that she was never authorized to do and by doing so netting her millions of dollars in commissions. The suit agains the woman and her employer reports […]

Timothy Sykes; The Wolf Instagram. Is he a bogus wall street trader?


As a former (derivatives) trader myself, coming across Timothy Sykes instagram page aka The Wolf of Instagram, I couldn’t help but on one part be amused that a business venture such as trading had now been reduced to high jinks and replayed photos of one’s wealth and status and on the other hand completely distressed that […]