Samantha X: The double life of Amanda Goff, journalist turned escort $5K a night


Controversy has come to the fore as a former Australian journalist Amanda Goff has taken to documenting her new life as a high class escort where the 40 year old mother of two gets to charge $5K a night for her ‘services.’ Set to appear on Australia’s Channel Seven‘s s Sunday Night the identity of […]

Did Thomas Guerra intentionally infect 24 men with HIV? Bragged about it


Thomas Guerra, 29 a Californian landscaper stands accused of having intentionally infected at least two dozen men with HIV. According to prosecutors, Guerra who also goes by the name Ashton Chavez on gay dating site grindr was on a mission to spread the potentially deadly virus to as many men as possible, arguing that the […]

Pictures: Meredith Powell math teacher sentenced (only) 6 months after sex with students


  Meredith Powell a former Tacoma, Washington High school math teacher was yesterday sentenced to 6 months jail after pleading guilty to two counts of third-degree child rape and one count of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, all felonies. Charges that would all stem from the former teacher maintaining sexual relations with up […]

Daniel Ashley Pierce ousted gay son is given $93K by pissed off community


Since coming out Daniel Ashley Pierce a gay son has come to find himself violently disowned and physically abused by his own family. Out in the cold and no where to go the Kennesaw, Georgia ousted son did what any ingenious son would do in similar circumstances- they turned to the internet to avail themselves, and how… […]

Double life: Danielle Cogswell Louisville cheerleader died of a heroin overdose.


A coroner has told that Danielle Cogswell, a Louisville cheerleader died of a heroin overdose in July. In her report, Jefferson County Coroner Barbara Weakley-Jones told the 22 year old beloved cheerleader had died of an overdose of heroin, amphetamines and Xanax. Danielle Cogswell Louisville cheerleader drug overdose? Was she living a double life? Danielle Cogswell Louisville cheerleader […]

Brandi Brandt, ex Playboy model gets 6 years for coke smuggling


Brandi Brandt, 46 a former Playboy model and the ex wife of Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, 55 has been sentenced to a 6 year prison sentence by an Australian court after pleading guilty to smuggling cocaine from the US to Australia. Prior to her sentencing the ex model had potentially faced a life sentence. […]

May Myat Noe, Myanmar beauty queen dethroned after refusing breast implant


May Myat Noe a Myanmar beauty queen has had her title revoked by Miss Asia Pacific world after telling that the 18 year old pageant winner was untrustworthy and ungracious, this after they paid for a $10K breast enlargement operation that Noe refuses to have done. Adding to the fracas, the Burmese beauty queen is […]

Bissell Canada: Man vacuums subway platform and then eats from it


In a bid to show how effective their product really is, Bissell Canada who are in the business of vacuum cleaners have released an advertisement showing a man vacuuming a Toronto subway platform and then eating from it. Perhaps unbeknownst to astonished passengers (who it actually turns out were hired actors) is that the man […]

Who’s to blame? Edmund Alexandre removed from plane after seat recline fight.


Edmund Alexandre a 61 year old American Airlines passenger has been charged with interfering with a flight crew after an altercation that ensued when a woman sitting in front of him on a Paris bound flight reclined her seat. Knee Defender etiquette. United Flight diverted after altercation ensues The fracas marks the second violent outburst […]

Chelsea Clinton quits $600K job at NBC. But who ever knew she even worked?


NBC has told announced that former presidential daughter, Chelsea Clinton, whose father Bill Clinton served as president of the United States twice and whose mother, Hillary Clinton served as the Secretary of State (and who maybe or maybe not aspires to also be president) today resigned from her cushy almost non existent job at NBC […]

Was she intoxicated? Alicia Cipicchio, artist killed at Burning Man after run over by bus.


Alicia Louise Cipicchio a 29 year old artist from Jackson, Wyoming has died at Burning Man after a bus carrying partygoers struck her just before midnight, Thursday morning. In response to the accident, Burning Man co-founder Marian Goodell told: ‘This is a terrible accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and campmates. […]

Krista Hodges racist teacher who tweets about killing her nigga students keeps job


Krista Hodges for the time being has managed to hold on to her teaching post at Newark Memorial High School in California but that too might be short lived after a variety of tweets she has been sending out since the beginning of the year have begun making the rounds. What type of tweets you […]