Was she intoxicated? Alicia Cipicchio, artist killed at Burning Man after run over by bus.


Alicia Louise Cipicchio a 29 year old artist from Jackson, Wyoming has died at Burning Man after a bus carrying partygoers struck her just before midnight, Thursday morning. In response to the accident, Burning Man co-founder Marian Goodell told: ‘This is a terrible accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and campmates. […]

Krista Hodges racist teacher who tweets about killing her nigga students keeps job


Krista Hodges for the time being has managed to hold on to her teaching post at Newark Memorial High School in California but that too might be short lived after a variety of tweets she has been sending out since the beginning of the year have begun making the rounds. What type of tweets you […]

Chelsie Berry and Jared Prier high on meth charged with posing for selfie with corpse of friend

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.16.51 PM

Chelsie Berry, 24 and Jared Prier, 26, two southwest Missouri residents have been charged with voluntary manslaughter and abandonment of a corpse after a picture of them posing with the corpse of their friend, Dennis Meyer, 30 was posted on Facebook. At the time the pair would tell that they were high on meth. Things […]

Oh really? Christopher Buckner and her half brother have sex in parking lot


Christopher Buckner, 20, and her half-brother, Timothy Savoy, 25, have been arrested after admitting they had sex three times in a tractor trailer parked outside of a church. Brother and sister apparently told Effingham County, Ga. police that they decided to have sex after watching The Notebook. Explains the Savannah Morning News: The spokesman said deputies answered a call […]

Maria Fernandes dies napping whilst working four part-time jobs


Maria Fernandes, a 32-year-old NJ woman has been found dead inside her SUV at a convenience store parking lot, napping, trying to get some extra sleep between shifts at her four part-time jobs. Police say the woman who worked at two local Dunkin Donut locations, left her car running while she napped Monday morning, dying after inhaling carbon […]

Austin Ragans found naked throwing chair, beer bottles off 16th floor balcony with bag of blow

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Texan man, Austin Ragans has had his ass hauled in after the medical device business man was seen throwing a chair and beer bottles from his 16th story hotel room balcony at the W hotel in Ft Lauderdale on Tuesday. When cops responded to the fracas, they found our collective hero naked, with a bag […]

Jane Pesch, 73 year old widow has £10K plastic surgery and now wants toy boy


The UK‘s Jane Pesch may be a 73 year old widow, but that has hardly dampened the spirit of the Swadlincote, Derbys, pensioner who after having invested £10K ($16K USD) in recent plastic surgery enhancements is now on the hunt for a toy boy. While Pesch’s friends are collecting  pensions, the widowed mother-of-three and great-great […]

Notting Hill Carnival woman, Mary Brandon posts punched face picture after being groped


Mary Brandon a 22 year old UK woman has posted a picture on Facebook depicting the after effects of being punched in the face by a male groper after she told him to stop. At the time, Mary Brandon was attending London’s Notting Hill Carnival when a man took to repeatedly groping her bottom. Asking the […]

Video: Dutch student runs around naked in Amsterdam to earn free school for a year


Whether sexist or just sensationalist jingo antics, one Dutch student, Sabine took up Dutch SLAM FM radio’s challenge to run around naked in the busy center of Amsterdam’s Dam square with the aim of scoring herself a free year of schooling. A video of the stunt has been posted to YouTube  of the woman stripping […]

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Feminist activist defecates and bleeds on black ISIS flag


Egyptian feminist and blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, 23 has taken to social media to protest the strict nature of Islam and, according to her, a ‘society which promotes violence, racism, sexism, harassment and hypocrisy.’ In a galvanizing photo, the veiled woman is seen pooping and bleeding on a black ISIS flag. Although Elmahdy did not explain why she took […]

Swiss drive thru brothels hailed a success by all except prostitutes


Zurich, Swiss drive thru brothels have been claimed a success by Swiss social services, a year after they have been opened. The experiment in Switzerland’s largest city began last August when the authorities opened Europe’s first municipal drive-in brothel in an old industrial area. At the time when the drive thru brothels were opened the […]

Erica Swallow, venture capital intern claims sexism gets booed.


Erica Swallow a 28 year old MBA student at MIT’s Sloan School of Business has claimed that she has been reprimanded after blogging about her internship at  venture capital outlet, General Catalyst where she claims she and other females were treated with sexist overtones. Wrote the chagrined Erica Swallow: ‘I was consistently reminded of my place as […]