NY Fashionista arrested after starving and battering puppy. Thrown away in plastic bag


Alsu Ivanchenko, a self appropriated NY Fashionista was yesterday arrested on charges of animal cruelty after her white Maltese Shih Tzu puppy, Snowflake was found starving and unresponsive in a shopping bag on Staten Island. The 3 month old dog was found by good Samaritans last Friday, discarded in a shopping bag with a small […]

Dan Maurer has 100 pound scrotum removed. Looking forward to sex again


Dan Maurer a 39 year old Michigan man successfully removed a 100 pound scrotum growth during a 14 hour surgery last month and in a new feature he has told he is once again looking forward to having sex again after a 7 year absence… Maurer suffers from a condition known as scrotal lymphedema. When […]

#Passengershaming has arrived at last to shame your unruly traveling companions…


Traveling to be blunt is painful. From the money one needs to cough up to arrive at their specified destination. From the energy and time committed to making one’s physical way to a new destination and from the pain and humiliation and yes degradation one is often forced to suffer through whilst arriving at one’s […]

Brian Lederman hedge fund manager: ‘I always grab ass’


Brian Lederman a NY hedge fund manager who is keen to let you know he knows everyone in NYC and will have you never work again in the town if you piss him off has been accused by Laura Ramadei, a Lucky Strike waitress and indie theater producer/actress of grabbing her ass during one outing […]

Bridgett Szychulski, married pregnant teacher accused of having sex with 14 year old student


Bridgett Szychulski, 31, a former middle school band teacher has been suspended after accusations of sexual relations with a 14 year old student. At the time of the purported 2012 sexual liaisons, the married teacher, now pregnant had been a band teacher at Lenape Middle School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. During Tuesday afternoon’s  arraignment the former […]

Austrian teenage jihadists pregnant not dead. Or are they?


Despite reports yesterday that one of the Austrian teenage jihadists was dead, new reports today tell instead that the teens are in fact both alive and well and very pregnant thank you very much. Austrian teenage poster girl Jihadist killed. Will more teens flee to fight? Claims that both Samra Kesinovic, 16, and her friend […]

Oh really? Orchard Park Country Club wedding ends up in savage brawl involving 100 guests


Buffalo, NY‘s Orchard Park Country Club may promise genteel sumptuous rendezvous but that was hardly the promised affectation when a recent fracas broke out at the venue involving up to a 100 guests who found themselves ensconced in a savage brawl… Explains the UK’s dailymail: A celebration that started with wedding bells ended with police […]

Oh really? Victoria Wild, model shells out $49K plastic surgery to look like a blow up sex doll


Victoria Wild, a Cannes, French model has shelled out 30 000 pounds ($49 000 USD) on plastic surgery to realize her goal of looking like a blow up sex doll. Little expense was spared as the models took to having rhinoplasty, permanent lip implants, Botox and three breast enhancements to get her up to a […]

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone breast cleavage shot turmoil

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.04.31 AM

Controversy has ensued as Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has responded to one leading Indian newspaper’s decision to lambast her after a picture of her with breasts and cleavage showing became the focal point of the Times of India‘s attempts to ridicule the actress. Told the Times of India underneath a picture of the Bollywood actress […]

Oh really? Charlie Fisher cheating boyfriend confronted at airport by 3 girlfriends


It seems the UK‘s Charlie Fisher, a cheating boyfriend has finally met his match(es) after finding himself cornered by three women who had taken to waiting for him at Luton airport after returning from a getaway. Charlie, 20, had very little to say when he received the shock of his life when the three women he was […]

Sally Brouwer posts post pregnancy six pack ab picture: If you’re fat you’re lazy.

Sally Brouwer

Australia’s Sally Brouwer has caused a social media storm after the expectant mother posted a before and after picture of her after having recently given birth. Told the mother via Facebook: ‘If you’re fat you’re lazy.’ Needless to say the post didn’t go down too well with a lot of women who took aim at […]