Kate Middleton baby girl. What will Kate name her? Alice 5:1 favorite

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 The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton this morning at 8.34 gave birth to a baby girl weighing 8lbs and 3 ounces (3.7kg), her second child who is now destined to the fourth in line to the crown. Of mystery is what will the royals now choose to call the nation’s new collective heart throb? According to […]

Here’s Miley Cyrus topless for V Magazine: Diary of a dirty Hippie

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Seems like there’s no resting for our collective media whore Miley Cyrus who has once again flashed her breasts the way one coughs after smoking half a pack of Marlboros. Appearing in V Magazine the chanteuse who has made a reputation tossing aside her Disney naive image and becoming a ball buster with a wink […]

Baltimore Police Union gofundme page for Freddie Gray cops shut down in 40 minutes


An effort to raise funds for the six indicted Baltimore cops in relation to the murder of Freddie Gray on behalf of the Baltimore Police Union has led to a gofundme page being shut down within 4o minutes. According to a tweet posted by the union the collective told; ‘Apparently our Gofundme account has been suspended with […]

Diane Manning’s dog savages husband during rough sex cause it thought he was assaulting her


Diane Manning a Jersey City, NJ woman has accused cops of shooting her dog by mistake after officers killed the animal after responding to a report of alleged rape. In actuality the couple’s sex had been consensual which the dog misconstrued when it savaged Manning’s husband, James. The purported rape had been called in by the […]

Did Angelika Graswald kill her fiance? He wanted threesomes.


Angelika Graswald, 35 has been charged with second degree murder in the death of her 46 year old fiance Vincent Viafore who went missing in mid April after his kayak capsized along NY’s Hudson River. According to cops Graswald had planned to kill her groom to be and had made his death look like a […]

Mila Dago killed her best friend drunk driving: I’ll be dead thanks to you


A Florida courtroom has heard how a then 22 year old woman, Mila Dago proceeded to text her boyfriend whilst loading up on alcohol during a bitter break up which would lead to the woman crashing and killing her best friend. Ironically moments before the Miami based woman crashed she had texted her boyfriend: ‘Driving […]

Detroit Prosecutor Teana Walsh: Just shoot anti cop protesters!


Teana Walsh an assistant prosecutor in Wayne County, Michigan has caused disconcert after writing on Facebook that cops should simply shoot all anti cop protesters. The Detroit prosecutor would also add she considered the protesters in Baltimore ‘disgusting.’ ##Update: Walsh has momentarily just resigned her post. Brief pause. Count slowly as your career implodes …. […]

Freddie Gray was murdered: All 6 cops indicted for homicide, Switch blade planted


The State’s Attorney has determined that Freddie Gray was murdered and has told it has now probable cause to indict all six involved police officers on homicide. The indictment has since led to the issuance of warrants  reports the baltimoresun against the six officers who ‘illegally’ detained the 25 year old man on April 12 for […]

Barbra Streisand’s dog bites flight attendant. Left with nasty wound.


Heard of the adage that dogs take after their owners? Keep that in mind as you bear witness to the interesting instance of Barbra Streisand’s dog, Samantha laying into a flight attendant on Tuesday. According to TMZ the 73 year old diva was heading from NYC to Washington DC on Ron Perelman’s private jet when a female […]

Tatiana Daniel used Facebook to hire underage girls for $800 sex parties


Tatiana Daniel a 21 year old Brooklyn woman has pleaded guilty to using Facebook to recruit underage girls to prostitute themselves at sex parties. According to a report via the nydailynews the woman conceded using Facebook to communicate with the victims who prosecutors said were offered the chance to earn up to $800 a night […]

Alexia Christian killed after opening gun fire on cops from back seat of police cruiser


Alexia Christian a 25 year old Atlanta woman has been shot and killed during a Thursday afternoon shoot out after she opened fire on cops from the backseat of a police cruiser. According to a report from the Atlanta Journal the shooting took place at 5pm, steps away from the Underground Atlanta police precinct and […]

Sexual predator gets 184 years for filming his underage girlfriend have sex with men


Mario Valdivienzo a  38 year old Borough Park, Brooklyn man has been sentenced to 184 years jail after forcing his underage girlfriend to sleep with multiple men whilst filming the trysts. Told presiding Judge Vincent Del Giudice: ‘You, sir, are a predator. You are a defiler of our young, you are a liar and a […]