Baltimore riots: ‘We will get you if you are not African American’


Hostility has erupted in the streets of Baltimore as protesters have reacted with venom after attending the funeral of Freddie Gray the African American 25 year old who came to die in police custody. How did Freddie Gray die? Had spine broken in two places Along with the looting of  pharmacies, convenience stores, random cars […]

Eva Mozes Kor: ‘Oskar Groening should not be prosecuted.’


Eva Mozes Kor a co plaintiff in the case against the Auschwitz bookkeeper of death has told that Oskar Groening should not be prosecuted for his participation in the holocaust deaths of 300 000 Jews at the concentration camp. The call to exonerate the 93 year old former guard who was mandated to collect personal […]

Texas Law professor fails entire class cause they were rude: ‘I’m not a fxckxng moron’


Texas A & M, Galveston university Law professor Irwin Horwitz has caused disconcert after failing his entire class after claiming students had cheated and were rude and disruptive. In a letter addressed to his strategic management students, the law professor wrote that the students had been seen cheating, had spread false rumors about himself whilst […]

Drexel Law professor reckons we should forgive her anal bead faux pas


Drexel Law professor Lisa McElroy over the weekend penned an open letter, “After a public shaming, reclaiming my dignity” for the Washington Post in which she sought to address and defend herself after a copy and paste gaffe last month saw her erroneously send an anal bead link to her unsuspecting students. A link which […]

My two week notice: Reddit user pens amazing fxck you resignation letter

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.33.48 PM

Going viral this afternoon is a ‘sarcastic’ resignation letter courtesy of an unnamed employee and reddit user gahdzuks who in the end had a gut full of the way her/his employer was handling personal turmoil in the employee’s life which caused them to perform less than satisfactory at their place of work. Believed to be […]

Megan Sheehan model face destroyed. Did cops go too far?


Megan Sheehan a Californian model and bartender has launched a lawsuit against police claiming that cops went too far during a 2014 St Patricks Day takedown that left the woman with four broken cheek bones, broken teeth and lost consciousness. In their defense cops told that Sheehan was ‘guided’ to the ground by Bay Area […]

Aarika Wolf pictures: Did Taylor Swift steal Calvin Harris from his model girlfriend?


Questions are being asked as to how Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris got together as it is now being revealed the international dj was in the throes of a love relationship with model Aarika Wolf before Taylor came along…. According to a report via confidential, Harris ‘confessed’ (define confess) that he cheated on his model […]

Shayna Hubers guilty: Shot dead boyfriend after dumped her for Miss Ohio 2012


A jury has determined Shayna Hubers guilty of first degree murder after she shot her on and off former boyfriend, Ryan Poston, having previously claimed self defense. In coming to their decision, the Cincinnati Inquirer reports the jury reasoned that the jilted woman had sought to punish her then lawyer boyfriend who broke up with her after he […]

Did Leonard Taylor, nightclub bodyguard buy coke for celebrities?


Leonard Taylor a former bodyguard for a cache of celebrities has filed a $1 million lawsuit against his former employer, NYC nightclub owner Barry Mullineaux on the grounds he suffered emotional abuse after being forced to buy cocaine for celebrity guests. In his suit according to a report via pagesix, the down and out Taylor […]

Amber Anderson, Christian teacher apologizes for taking 15 year old boy’s innocence.


Amber Anderson a 27 year old Christian high school teacher has apologized for taking a 15 year old student’s innocence after tacitly admitting she had a sexual relationship with the minor two years ago. Relieved of her duties at Christian Life Academy in Baton Rouge the woman now faces being charged with felony carnal knowledge […]

Marissa Holcomb fired from Popeyes after armed robber steals $400 during her shift.


Marissa Holcomb a pregnant mother of three has been fired from fast food vendor Popeyes a day after an armed robber stole $400 during her shift. The firing of the employee came after the woman who is five months pregnant with her fourth child declined to personally pay back the money that was stolen at the Channelview, […]

Will you be sending your nanny and maid to the Jill Wilpon’s Chorz boot camp?


Who knew being an adept and adroit high caliber nanny or maid in the gilded world of Park avenue required a certain level of panache and acquired knowledge? Savoire fare that fortunately NYC’s Jill Wilpon’s Chorz boot camp promises to deliver to your nanny and maid in need. Explains pagesix: A Park Avenue member of New York’s […]