Ricardo Javid Lugo posed as 12 year old at school to lure victims

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Ricardo Javid Lugo, a 17 year old Hurst, Texas man has been arrested after enrolling and posing as a 12 year old at Hurst Hills Elementary School. Also arrested was Lugo’s accomplice, Randy Ray Wesson, 28 who posed as Lugo’s father. The sexual predators it has been told had both planned to recruit potential victims […]

Taylor Lianne Chandler arrested for extorting $10k from business man.


In a damning expose this morning it has been revealed that there is more than meets the eye with respect to purported Michael Phelps girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler. An arrest and jail record for a $10 000, 1992 extortion plot of a businessman. Taylor Lianne Chandler: ‘I did not sell out Michael Phelps.’ How Taylor […]

Taylor Lianne Chandler: ‘I did not sell out Michael Phelps.’


In response to the media’s claims or suggestions (including our very own) that Taylor Lianne Chandler, the ‘purported girlfriend’ of famed swimmer Michael Phelps sold the swimmer out, the instant celebrity du jour has this morning responded to the over riding question: Why did she take her story to the tabloids when there was no […]

Why was Akai Gurley, unarmed man shot dead by rookie NYPD cop?


Why? That is the overriding question being asked this morning as one Brooklyn man, Akai Gurley came to be fatally shot last night by a NYPD rookie cop as the unarmed man took to the stairs of his home at Linden Boulevard housing project, the Pink Houses. At the time of the shooting, circa 11.15pm […]

Alternative Wedding Ideas for a Uniquely Memorable Wedding


The traditional wedding ceremony includes a sparkling white diamond engagement ring, and a matching white gown. The bridesmaids wear the same dress in the same color (oh and their hair is the same too). The groomsmen wear black tuxedos (cummerbund or no cummerbund? Like it matters, it’s still very boring). The wedding ceremony happens at […]

How Taylor Lianne Chandler, Michael Phelps girlfriend sold him out.

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In an expose which has since raised eyebrows, Taylor Lianne Chandler, Michael Phelps purported girlfriend recently took to Facebook where she launched a sprawling tirade about the merits of her relationship with the famed swimmer. Taylor Lianne Chandler arrested for extorting $10k from business man. Taylor Lianne Chandler: ‘I did not sell out Michael Phelps.’ It’s […]

Carolynn Wright, South Carolina stripper beats co worker with stiletto


Carolynn Wright, 22 a South Carolina stripper has been arrested after allegedly beating a female coworker with a stiletto at a gentlemen’s club, leaving her with stab wounds and swelling to the head. The fracas came to happen in the bathroom of Chez Joey strip joint in Myrtle Beach at 2am last Thursday when the stripper […]

Hate crime? Haim Ovanounou, Orthodox Jew attacked in Brooklyn.


Cops are seeking the identities of three youths who came to attack Orthodox Jewish man, Haim Ovanounou, 53 this Monday afternoon at Brooklyn’s Marcy avenue. Along with being attacked, the man was forced to endure anti semitic insults as he stood on the Williamsburg subway station platform. ###Update: According to JPUpdates a 15-year-old boy has confessed this afternoon […]

God Boy: Indian baby born with four arms and four legs. Parents overjoyed.


A baby born with four arms and four legs has caused disconcert because of the belief by locals in the village of Baruipur, east India that the child is a reincarnation of a god. Since named God Boy, the multiple limbed baby is synonymous as one of many Hindu deities with many now making the trek […]

Miss Honduras Maria Alvarado killed in jealous rage after sister danced with other man


It has since been disclosed that Miss Honduras Maria Alvarado, 19 along with her primary school sister, Sofia Trinidad, 23 came to be killed after her sister’s boyfriend flew off in a jealous rage after spotting his girlfriend dancing with another man. After shooting dead Miss Honduras Maria Alvarado’s sister, Plutarco Ruiz then turned and shot his […]