Laurence Fishburne mother facing eviction. Why won’t $20m star help her?


Something seems to be incredibly amiss in the Laurence Fishburne family. Case in point reports that the 80 year old mother of the $20 million gold plated actor, Hattie Crawford Fishbone is facing imminent eviction and her son who the mother emptied her retirement savings account to fund his acting aspirations is nowhere to be […]

Kevin Huang, Rutgers student took LSD, got naked, stabbed classmate


Kevin Huang, a 22 year old Rutgers student has been arrested after allegedly removing his clothes and stabbing a classmate in the neck purportedly under the influence of LSD. Upon being summonsed, authorities would find Huang ‘naked and pacing’ when they arrived at the apartment where the stabbing took place early Saturday morning. According to […]

Martina Olsson, Swedish model: ‘I had sex with Zayn Malik.’


Zayn Malik is back in tabloid headlines a few days after announcing he was leaving boy band One Direction, this time with allegations courtesy of Swedish model, Martina Olsson, 24 who has claimed that the singer seduced her while on tour. Why did Zayn Malik really leave One Direction? Was he Fired? In a tell all […]

Patrick Lumumba: Amanda Knox was acquitted because she’s American and rich.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.03.54 PM

Patrick Lumumba the 42 year old Congolese bar owner falsely accused of killing Meredith Kercher has told the decision to acquit Amanda Knox is a triumph of being ‘American and rich’ rather than justice. In an interview with the UK’s guardian, Lumumba who now lives in Poland with his wife after losing his bar and struggling to find a […]

Pictures: Pietro Boselli is the world’s hottest ‘model’ math teacher.


Making students, fellow teachers, parents and general passerby’s giddy is the aura and visage of former lecturer Pietro Bosseli, 26, from Negar, Italy who has suddenly found himself deemed as the hottest math teacher and male specimen to be currently grazing the planet. The flooding of the man’s social media accounts by followers (which by […]

Video: Mystery Frat student bites head off hamster at Spring Break party


A college fraternity student has been filmed biting the head off of a live hamster during a spring break party. The video which has since gone viral shows the visage of a drunk student pull the hamster out of a backpack whilst being jeered by onlookers. From there a voice in the background states: ‘Oh my […]

Kathrin Goldbach: ‘Im pregnant with Andreas Lubitz child’


Had the potential threat of an abortion sent Andreas Guenther Lubitz over the edge? Startling revelations have led to the disclosure that Andreas Lubitz fiance, and long term girlfriend of 7 years, Kathrin Goldback is pregnant with the disgraced co pilot’s child after cheating on her and taking up a 5 month fling with a Germanwings […]

Germanwings black box: Andreas Lubitz insisted pilot take toilet break


Black box recordings from the downed Germanwings  flight 4U 9525 have revealed co pilot Andreas Lubitz repeatedly imploring the flight’s captain, Patrick Sondheimer to take a toilet break. Bolstering the idea that Lubitz had chosen that day to enact his dastardly plan of brining down the Lufthansa owned budget airline and his desire to forever cement […]

Jacqueline Lasdon, pharmaceutical trust funder sued because she’s too rich to care


Jacqueline Lasdon, the trust funder granddaughter of a pharmaceutical magnate has been sued by the residents of her upscale NYC condominium because they are fed up with her visiting transient friends, the ever persisting wafting of marijuana and cigarette smoke and because she’s probably too rich to give a damn. According to a report via […]

Alisen Nicole Mooney, teacher arrested drug dealing in parking lot


Alisen Nicole Mooney, a North Forsyth Middle school teacher from Gainesville, Georgia has resigned after being discovered getting high in a parking lot with a cache of drugs and with intent to drug deal. According to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, the 27-year-old chorus teacher faces several drugs charges, including possession of amphetamine with intent […]

Alejandra Omana Ruiz: Columbian journalist loses bet, agrees to pose naked


Alejandra Omana Ruiz may not be a world staple name (just yet) outside of her native Columbia but that may all change after the journalist agreed to honor a bet she made which promised posing in the buff if her team Deportivo Cucuta got promoted to the top division. Notes the UK’s Metro: Despite being […]

Pictures: Diosa Canales, Playboy model’s breast implant burst open during pole dance


Venezuela’s Diosa Canales, a former Playboy model has ended up in hospital after one of her recent breast implants burst open after falling during a recent pole dance. At the time the 28 year old ‘top heavy’ woman lost her grip whilst performing, landing on her chest which served to cushion her fall but which […]