Gavriel Ortiz Fisher: Mother charged with murder, blames the devil


Latisha Fisher has been charged with second degree murder in the death of her 20 month old son Gavriel Ortiz- Fisher after purportedly smothering the boy in the bathroom stall of NYC midtown fast food outlet 5 Boro Burger. Why did Latisha Fisher kill her baby son at midtown restaurant bathroom? The child’s death was discovered […]

Why did Latisha Fisher kill her baby son at midtown restaurant bathroom?


Latisha Fisher a 35 year old woman has been arrested after allegedly killing her 20 month old baby son in the bathroom stall of a NYC midtown restaurant 5 Boro Burger Monday afternoon. Gavriel Ortiz Fisher: Mother charged with murder, blames the devil. According to an eyewitness the mother locked herself and her son Gabriel Ortiz inside […]

Jennifer Houle fell into the river. Was it suicide?


Jennifer Houle a missing 22 year old University of Minnesota student who has been missing for three days is thought to have drowned after video showed the woman falling into the Mississippi River. The latest revelation comes after authorities told new video evidence showed the Pi Beta Phi sorority sister entering the river from the […]

Pictures: ISIS stones to death couple accused of fornication before marriage.


New images have been released purportedly showing ISIS militants stoning to death a blindfolded couple to death in Iraq after the man and woman were accused to have fornicated before marriage. Said to be taken in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul in Nineveh province, images show a large crowd gathering to watch the militant Islamic […]

Five year old Vietnamese girl finds her missing dog sold at a ready cooked stall


A five year old Vietnamese girl has experienced the excruciating dilemma of discovering her missing pet dog ending up at a local roast store being slow cooked for human consumption. The picture of the crying girl at the moment of discovery according to  People’s Daily Online has since gone viral. Pictures: Thousands of cats crushed […]

Laurence Fishburne mother facing eviction. Why won’t $20m star help her?


Something seems to be incredibly amiss in the Laurence Fishburne family. Case in point reports that the 80 year old mother of the $20 million gold plated actor, Hattie Crawford Fishburne is facing imminent eviction and her son who the mother emptied her retirement savings account to fund his acting aspirations is nowhere to be […]

Kevin Huang, Rutgers student took LSD, got naked, stabbed classmate


Kevin Huang, a 22 year old Rutgers student has been arrested after allegedly removing his clothes and stabbing a classmate in the neck purportedly under the influence of LSD. Upon being summonsed, authorities would find Huang ‘naked and pacing’ when they arrived at the apartment where the stabbing took place early Saturday morning. According to […]

Martina Olsson, Swedish model: ‘I had sex with Zayn Malik.’


Zayn Malik is back in tabloid headlines a few days after announcing he was leaving boy band One Direction, this time with allegations courtesy of Swedish model, Martina Olsson, 24 who has claimed that the singer seduced her while on tour. Why did Zayn Malik really leave One Direction? Was he Fired? In a tell all […]

Patrick Lumumba: Amanda Knox was acquitted because she’s American and rich.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.03.54 PM

Patrick Lumumba the 42 year old Congolese bar owner falsely accused of killing Meredith Kercher has told the decision to acquit Amanda Knox is a triumph of being ‘American and rich’ rather than justice. In an interview with the UK’s guardian, Lumumba who now lives in Poland with his wife after losing his bar and struggling to find a […]

Pictures: Pietro Boselli is the world’s hottest ‘model’ math teacher.


Making students, fellow teachers, parents and general passerby’s giddy is the aura and visage of former lecturer Pietro Bosseli, 26, from Negar, Italy who has suddenly found himself deemed as the hottest math teacher and male specimen to be currently grazing the planet. The flooding of the man’s social media accounts by followers (which by […]