(NSFW) Jennifer Lawrence naked pictures. 4chan hacker has 50 pictures and erotic video


A hacker has released purported images of actress Jennifer Lawrence naked on 4chan as well as up to 100 other celebrities. Media reports suggest that the photos were reportedly obtained through Apple’s iCloud service before they were published on 4chan, the image-sharing forum. Is Scarlett Johansson leaked photos sentence of ten years too harsh? Computer […]

#Justice for AvaLynn. Was Lacey Harris’ 5 year old daughter beaten up?

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 7.11.04 PM

Lacey Harris has launched a social media campaign, #Justice for AvaLynn with the hopes of finding who she claims is the perpetrator of her 5 year old daughter’s injuries. This despite a Mississippi school telling the mother that the daughter came to sustain horrific facial injuries simply from a fall. An assertion that Lacey Harris […]

Disneyland Paris charges 3 year old boy with cancer $50K for fridge in room


UK mother Justine Sharples has expressed mortification after she was told she would have to pay an additional $48K (30K pounds) for the use of a hotel fridge in her room as part of a package deal with Disneyland Paris. This despite the mother’s previous insistence she bring a portable one along for her year […]

Jack Jordan refused defibrillator cause of hairy chest, dies on Southwest flight


Jack Jordan‘s wife Caroline Jordan is accusing a Southwest Airlines flight attendant of causing her husband’s death after they refused to use a defibrillator on the man after suffering a heart attack mid flight on account of his hairy chest. The 62 year old husband would come to suffer a massive heart attack while flying from […]

Oh really? Todd English charged with drunk driving in the Hamptons


It seems acclaimed chef du jour Todd English, 54 may have had himself one too many and then some after coming to be arrested after driving drunk in the Hamptons. A drinking session(s) that would land him over the labor day weekend in the slammer. Todd English’s ex throws drink at him after catching him […]

Megan Mahoney, Catholic teacher had affairs with male students with school knowledge


Megan Mahoney (above), 25 a gym teacher at Staten Island’s exclusive Moore Catholic High school has been arrested after allegations that she had been having a months long affair with a 16 year old member of the basketball team with the full knowledge of school authorities. The accusations come after the school’s athletic director, Richard Postiglione purportedly knew of […]

Pictures: Carmela Panico of Java Juggs made $2m with bikini barista prostitution


Carmela Panico of  Java Juggs and Twin Peaks has been charged with laundering up to $2 million in just three years through her espresso stand outlets because her baristas were performing sex acts told prosecutors. Snohomish County, Washington prosecutors would also charge the ‘madam’ with prostitution charges arguing that the coffee stands were in essence drive […]

Samantha X: The double life of Amanda Goff, journalist turned escort $5K a night


Controversy has come to the fore as a former Australian journalist Amanda Goff has taken to documenting her new life as a high class escort where the 40 year old mother of two gets to charge $5K a night for her ‘services.’ Set to appear on Australia’s Channel Seven‘s s Sunday Night the identity of […]

Did Thomas Guerra intentionally infect 24 men with HIV? Bragged about it


Thomas Guerra, 29 a Californian landscaper stands accused of having intentionally infected at least two dozen men with HIV. According to prosecutors, Guerra who also goes by the name Ashton Chavez on gay dating site grindr was on a mission to spread the potentially deadly virus to as many men as possible, arguing that the […]

Pictures: Meredith Powell math teacher sentenced (only) 6 months after sex with students


  Meredith Powell a former Tacoma, Washington High school math teacher was yesterday sentenced to 6 months jail after pleading guilty to two counts of third-degree child rape and one count of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, all felonies. Charges that would all stem from the former teacher maintaining sexual relations with up […]

Daniel Ashley Pierce ousted gay son is given $93K by pissed off community


Since coming out Daniel Ashley Pierce a gay son has come to find himself violently disowned and physically abused by his own family. Out in the cold and no where to go the Kennesaw, Georgia ousted son did what any ingenious son would do in similar circumstances- they turned to the internet to avail themselves, and how… […]

Double life: Danielle Cogswell Louisville cheerleader died of a heroin overdose.


A coroner has told that Danielle Cogswell, a Louisville cheerleader died of a heroin overdose in July. In her report, Jefferson County Coroner Barbara Weakley-Jones told the 22 year old beloved cheerleader had died of an overdose of heroin, amphetamines and Xanax. Danielle Cogswell Louisville cheerleader drug overdose? Was she living a double life? Danielle Cogswell Louisville cheerleader […]