100% duped. Divorced woman sends man she never met $1.4 million cause she’s a sucker for love.


Twice divorced Sarah has confessed on the Dr Phil show having sent a man who goes by the name of Chris Olsen close to $1.4 million during their 18 month love affair. A love affair which it seems might be strictly one sided, never mind that the pair have never met nor has Sarah’s presumed […]

April Emery, Florida mother arrested after kids found selling toys door to door to help save mommy


April Emery a 27 year old Osceola County, Florida mother has been arrested after authorities discovered her 7 year old and 9 year old daughters going barefoot door to door with a stroller full of toys that they hoped to sell. Told the girls when authorities were called after one shocked local opened the front door: […]

Slovakian Batman, crusader against evil, arrested for molesting young girl


Zoltan Kohari an unemployed Slovakian man who dresses as Batman in a bid to fight crime has been arrested after accusations he molested a young girl. Along with charges of molestation the caped crusader also faces a separate charge of loan fraud. The charges come despite the purported efforts of Kohari to rid his hometown of […]

Nigerian teenage girl beaten to death, set on fire after accused of being a suicide bomber


A Nigerian teenage girl has been beaten to death and set on fire after being accused of being a suicide bomber. A second teen girl was also accused of being a suicide bomber after the teens were believed to be strapped with inflammable bottles on their bodies, leading to their arrest, at the Muda Lawal market, […]

Oh really? Serbian woman gets cellphone stuck in vagina after using it as a sex toy.


Be careful what you wish for might be the moral of the following story which saw one 27 year old Belgrade, Serbian woman get a cellphone stuck in her vagina (why decline?) after using it as a sex toy. The inconvenience would lead to the unnamed woman needing emergency gynecological assistance after realizing that the yummy […]

Is Anna Duritskaya, Boris Nemtsov’s lover a suspect? Had an abortion.


In the wake of the brazen gunning down of Russian political leader, Boris Nemtsov, sordid revelations have begun making their way as to the degree of hazy relationships the politician had with a string of beauties, including 23 year old Ukrainian model and aspiring actress, Anna Duritskaya. Pictures: Who is Anna Duritskaya, Boris Nemtsov’s model girlfriend? […]

Pictures: Who is Anna Duritskaya, Boris Nemtsov’s model girlfriend?


Anna Duritskaya: did she play a part in the murder of her boyfriend, Russia’s opposition leader Boris Netsov? In the wake of the callous murder of Boris Nemtsov, 55, the leader of Russia’s opposition movement literally in front of the Kremlin walls by a drive by shooter(s), questions are now asked of the 23 year […]

ISIS throw off another gay man from top of building. Crowds cheer.


Militant Islamic group ISIS has once again come under fire with reports that followers have this week thrown off another gay man from the top of a building before jeering crowds pelted the man’s body on the ground with rocks. The incident which would be photographed and then widely shared on social media by the […]

Have you tried the Wankband yet? Charges phone while you masturbate.


Here’s some technological offering that some of you might want to take advantage of courtesy of adult entertainment website, pornhub, who is now offering users the ability to charge their phones and other mobile devices whilst masturbating. Reports huffpo: Dubbed the “Wankband,” the new, wearable device generates electricity via a valve that generates and stores […]

Woman stabs man she met on tinder. Claims self defense.


Alana Jones a 24 year old Brisbane, Australia woman has told a court that she stabbed a man she went on a first date in self defense. Having met the man on dating app, tinder, Jones agreed to meet the 30 year old victim at her Bowen unit where they proceeded to have sex where […]

Why was Dr Avijit Roy, atheist blogger slaughtered?


Prominent American atheist blogger Dr Avijit Roy has been slaughtered by Islamic extremists wielding machetes during a trip to his native Bangladesh. Critically injured alongside him was the man’s wife, Rafia Ahmed, 45 who incurred deep cuts to her head and a severed finger. The blogger’s death would come at the hands of obscure militant […]

Brady Brunch star Barry Williams abandons three year old daughter, girlfriend to be homeless and destitute


It seems Brady Brunch star Barry Williams aka Greg Brady has a knack for getting more attention off set than he does getting on air attention, never mind dwindling career prospects after accusations that he dumped his girlfriend of seven years and their three year old child to leave them ‘homeless and destitute.’ According to […]