Is Jericho the lion dead? GPS tracking device still working….


Jericho the lion has this Saturday afternoon been allegedly shot dead after an illegal hunt told Zimbabwe authorities. The feline brother of recently hunted down iconic lion, Cecil the lion at the hands of Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, came to happen circa 4pm at Hwange National Park. According to Johnny Rodrigues, head of the Zimbabwe Conservation […]

James Andrew Bassos sues Eithad for sitting next to obese drooling man.


James Andrew Bassos has launched a $227 000 lawsuit against Etihad Airways claiming he has suffered health issues as a result of sitting next to a ‘sick, obese’ passenger on a 2010, fourteen hour flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, Australia. In the suit, first launched in 2012, Bassos claims he was subjected to ‘seat […]

Zimbabwe demands Walter Palmer’s extradition: Still in hiding

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Zimbabwe authorities have today called for the extradition of Walter Palmer the Minnesota dentist accused of illegally hunting down iconic Cecil the lion. In a statement, Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri said Walter Palmer should be handed over to Zimbabwean officials to face justice, adding that she understood prosecutors had started the legal process to make that happen. […]

Walter Palmer: I panicked when I discovered Cecil’s collar and hid it in a tree


Speaking for the first time since being charged with illegal hunting, professional hunter, hired gun of Walter Palmer, Theo Bronkhorst has insisted that the hunting party had never meant to take down a research animal, nor for that matter had they ever set about looking to hunt down Cecil the lion outside of park grounds. […]

7 Signs You Are an Intolerable Vaper


Let’s get this straight: I love vaping. Almost as soon as I heard about the vaping movement, I trashed my last few cigarettes, bought a customizable rig, and never looked back. I often write about the benefits of e-cigs, and I love talking about my new mods and flavors. Still, I simply can’t stand the […]

Gutless: Mia Farrow tweets Walter Palmer’s address

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Mia Farrow of all people, being in the public eye for many years should probably know better but judging from her conspicuous silence today, the actress is going to pretend tweeting the address of reviled Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer to her 656 000 followers yesterday is fair sport. Sorry Mia but vigilante justice should never […]

Walter Palmer hunter dilemma: Has the internet gone too far in punishing him?


Since the outing of Walter Palmer as the Minnesota dentist who hunted down Zimbabwe lion Cecil, the internet has in a massive avalanche come to judge the once obscure hunter as pariah status. Yet despite the vulgarity and duplicitous nature of the hunting industry, few questions have been raised as to whether Palmer necessarily deserves […]

Cecil the lion hunting dilemma: Is the Zimbabwe government to blame?


Whilst Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer has come to endure the wrath of Americans appalled at how one man set about gaming Zimbabwe wild cat Cecil the lion, little regard has been paid as to how hunting actually takes place in Africa and the degree of complicity local governments have in enabling ‘dubious’ practices to persist. […]

Chanel Madison Avenue store heist: Thieves steal $150 000 worth of handbags

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Who knew Chanel handbags could be so valuable and desirable? Desirable enough to brazenly walk in during the middle of a hot summer NYC day and dash off with not one but eleven wanton handbags worth $150K. Told a security guard via the nypost at the flagship Madison Avenue store: ‘They were gone, man. They […]

John Berring, HK Famous pop star: ‘Meet Me in Hell’

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Making their foray into the entertainment world is Texan import, John Berring, a musical theater major who since relocating to NYC’s Hell Kitchen has set his new neighborhood on fire with his latest gay anthem ‘Meet me in Hell.’ Keen to address his identity and mark his statement about what love and adventure really means, the […]