Chinese teacher executed for raping 26 female students in 12 months. Weibo applauds


Chinese primary school teacher Li Jishun, a notorious pedophile has been executed by the Chinese High court for sexually abusing 26 young girls over the course of 12 months. The teacher from a small village in Gansu Province, northwest China, was found guilty of raping or molesting 26 girls between the age of four and […]

NYC Banker who jumped to his death sniffed pounds of coke before leaping


It has been disclosed late Friday that Thomas Hughes, the 29 year old NYC investment banker who had jumped to his death Thursday morning  had been on an epic cocaine fueled binge leading up to his suicide. A search of the Moelis & Company employee’s 24th floor apartment at 1 west st, Ocean Luxury Residences would disclose a […]

School shames 10 year old school girl cause her cafeteria account was negative. Dumps her hot lunch out


Parents at Bedford elementary school, Kentucky have come to express outrage after it was disclosed that a 10 year old school girl had her hot lunch seized by a teacher and dumped out in front of fellow classmates because her cafeteria account was negative. Told Leslie Chilton, an aunt of the ten year old girl whose name has […]

Andrea Donio, English teacher suspended after having lesbian affair with student

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Andrea Donio a 44 year old English teacher has been suspended for allegedly having a same sex liaison with a female student along with exchanging lewd and inappropriate photos and texts. The Steinert High school teacher in Hamilton Township, NJ came to be suspended on Wednesday with pay pending the outcome of an investigation. According […]

Debate as Elissa Alvarez, woman who had sex on beach must register as sex offender


Elissa Alvarez the 20 year old woman who came to have sex on a public Florida beach with her 40 year old boyfriend Jose Caballero has been mandated to register as a life time sex offender. Found guilty on May 4 of lewd and lascivious exhibition for having sex in public, including a three year old […]

Thomas J Hughes, investment banker who jumped to his death: Drugs made him suicidal


The father of the NYC investment banker, Thomas J Hughes, 29 who yesterday committed suicide by jumping out of a high rise luxury tower, Ocean Luxury Residences at 1 West st has spoken about the troubles and afflictions/addictions that in the end ultimately took a hold over his son. Investment banker who jumped to his death sniffed […]

Yasmin Gasimova: ‘I haven’t shaved in 8 years but I still meet hot guys’


Yasmin Gasimova a 19 year old Reading, UK student has embraced her body hair in a personal essay, extolling that her disregard for her appearances has demonstrated her ability to retain her femininity. In a revealing behind the scenes look the computer science and philosophy student has shared pictures of her legs, chin and stomach, […]

Natalie Hawes denies snorting her landlady’s dead mothers ashes.


Dundee, UK woman, Natalie Hawes has been accused of snorting her landlady, Jacqui Tierney’s dead mother’s ashes during a house party. A suggestion that the 20 year old woman has vehemently denied. At the time of the party, Tierney claims that friends observed Hawes scooping her dead mother’s ashes out of an urn, cutting them on […]

Why did NYC Investment banker jump to his death? Tourists rush to take pictures of his scattered brains


An investment banker who leapt to his death from a luxury lower Manhattan, NYC apartment, Ocean 1 West has become the focus of macabre intrigue after coming to be decapitated after crashing into a railing. According to a report via the nydailynews the unidentified man from West st jumped at about 11 am. Investment banker […]

Justin Way: Girlfriend calls cops on suicidal boyfriend, cops kill him anyway


Concerned about the well being of her newly unemployed and inebriated boyfriend who was lying in bed with a large knife and threatening to kill himself, Justin Way’s live in girlfriend, Kaitlyn Christine Lyons decided to call for help. When cops finally arrived, they shot him dead anyway. Explains the dailybeast: Minutes later, two St. […]

Nancy Kay Knoble terrorizes Muslim couple with gun cause they weren’t white like her


Nancy Kay Knoble, 48 a Maple Grove, Minnesota woman is facing felony charges of terrorism threats after accosting a Muslim couple, Majida and Adly Abumayaleh because they dared to drive by her neck in the woods. At the time, the couple who had come to pick up their son who was staying at a friend’s […]

Melissa Berkelhammer socialite shoplifter caught with $4k Bergdorf goodies


It continues to go from bad to worse to degenerate for aspiring NYC socialite Melissa Berkelhammer who has now been arrested after caught shoplifting $4000 worth of items at Fifth Avenue’s Bergdorf Goodman. Melissa Berkelhammer, suicidal socialite suffered two broken legs after car strikes her The continued myth of Melissa Berkelhammer and the media. The […]