Why? Found in Vester Lee Flanagan car: 6 magazines of ammo, wig and to do list


The getaway to do list discovered in Vester Lee Flanagan car: 6 Glock magazines of ammo, a wig and 17 stamped letters. But why? The tragic story of failed reporter Vester Lee Flanagan continues to become more lurid and surreal a day after the sacked reporter opened fire on his former colleagues, killing both Alison […]

Vester Lee Flanagan road rage video: ‘He was driving like a maniac’


Throwing further weight behind the assertion that former WDBJ reporter, Vester Lee Flanagan was struggling to adjust to society and dealing with those around him, a youtube video (see below) has emerged showing the embittered man provoking a roadside confrontation. Involved in the incident was local Virginia man, Brandon Foster who told how Flanagan followed […]

How did he die? Missing Tobias Strebel Justin Bieber $100K look alike dead in motel room


Authorities are trying to determine how missing 35 year reality star, Tobias Strebel, infamous for having spend upwards of $100 000 in plastic surgery to look like his alter hero, Justin Bieber came to mysteriously die in a motel room. Strebel would cause commotion after he was reported missing a week ago, with many speculating that […]

Revenge? Adam Ward filmed Vester Lee Flanagan being fired


Was this payback for WDBJ camera man Adam Ward filming Vester Lee Flanagan’s downfall and humiliation? It has been revealed that the reason Vester Lee Flanagan targeted former WDBJ colleague, camera man, Adam Ward was because the TV station employee filmed him being fired and escorted off the Roanoke, Virginia premises. The disclosure comes a day […]

Danica Dillon photos: Josh Dugar and I had rough sex


The delicious sordid tale of Danica Dillon Josh Dugar escapade revealed. Adult actress Danica Dillon, has told she was Josh Dugar’s mistress, having consensual sex with the 19 Kids and Counting star whilst Dugar’s wife, Anna was pregnant. In an exclusive with InTouch the entertainer, real name Ashley Lewis conceded accepting payment from Dugar, whilst calling […]

Vester Lee Flanagan failed reporter: A poor human tape recorder


Internal reports from Vester Lee Flanagan’s former employer, WDBJ deemed the reporter to be inept at doing his job and often relying on parroting interviews as opposed to doing his own journalism. In an exclusive via the dailymail, the tabloid tells how exasperated bosses remonstrated the journalist for his ‘stiff and nervous ability to use […]

WBDJ reporter Alison Parker father: ‘Am I going to wake up?’


In the aftermath of WBDJ reporter, Alison Parker’s death at the hands of Vester Lee Flanagan, the fallen reporter’s father, Andy Parker this afternoon told of his complete devastation at the news of his daughter’s death. Told the grief stricken father via the Washington Post: ‘My grief is unbearable,’ Adding: ‘Is this real? Am I going […]

Vester Lee Flanagan fax to ABC: Dylann Storm Roof shooting was the last straw


In a 23-page fax sent to ABC, Vester Lee Flanagan indicated that the recent Dylann Storm Roof shootings which targeted black parishioners at South Carolina Church, were the events that brought him to the edge leading him to seek revenge race hate crime. Revenge? Adam Ward filmed Vester Lee Flanagan being fired Vester Lee Flanagan failed reporter: […]

Did Vester Lee Flanagan target Alison Parker cause she got him fired?

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.30.53 PM

In the days leading to the Roanoke, Virginia shooting Wednesday morning,  Vester Lee Flanagan II (also known as Bryce Williams) had posted clippings of a former racial discrimination lawsuit the shooter had been involved in. Screenshots captured before the suspension of the former WBDJ-TV reporter’s twitter account (@bryce_williams7) after sharing heinous video of this morning’s shooting (see […]

Vester Lee Flanagan failed suicide: I’m not a monkey!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.30.53 PM

Former WDBJ general reporter Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, is still alive despite reports the man had killed himself after attempting to kill himself in a failed suicide after killing former fellow colleague, reporter, Alison Parker, 24 and camera man, Adam Ward, 27 live on air, Wednesday morning. Revenge? Adam Ward filmed Vester Lee Flanagan being […]

Watch: Vester Lee Flanagan shoot WDBJ-TV reporter dead live


Vester Lee Flanagan also known as Bryce Williams has been identified by the Augusta County Sheriff’s office as the culprit who early Wednesday morning callously shot dead WDBJ-TV news reporter, Alison Parker, 24 and cameraman, Adam Ward, 27, live on air whilst interviewing Vicki Gardner of Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Whilst critically injured, […]