Lesbian couple find out adopted baby they had to give back dies in the care of neglectful father.


Rachel and Heidi McFarland, an Iowa lesbian couple have learned after watching the news that an adopted baby they had to give back died in the care of it’s teenage neglectful father. The revelation came a month after the couple were forced to give back the four month old child after its baby mother, 16 […]

Kong Huang, injured Chinese truck driver calls his wife before agreeing to have his leg amputated.


Kong Huang, a seriously injured 35 year old Chinese truck driver refused to recently be assisted by firefighters until he called his wife to confirm that she would still love him if ‘he were left one leg,‘ as firefighters told him they needed to saw his leg off in order to save him. At the […]

#TransformationTuesday. Have you tried dumping on instagram yet?


It seems dumping a current boyfriend, girlfriend just got easier and very public. Gone are the days of discretion and 4 am drunken texts between you and your forlorn love, now you can get straight to the gist via  #TransformationTuesday, instagram’s new forum for breaking up in public. Perhaps you’ve already tried it? gawker: In a move […]

Cassi Van Den Dungen, anorexic model hits back at ‘overweight hypocrites.’


Fashion model, Cassi Van Den Dungen has hit back at her critics after a slew of commentators judged her for being anorexic, too thin and perpetuating unhealthy eating habits after her recent appearance during the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Australia. At the time the Australian Next Top Model runner up’s appearance had many contemplating whether […]

NYC Premiere of FARMLAND the movie.


Farmland the movie a new documentary by James Moll, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this past Thursday. Chronicling the lives of farmers and ranchers in their 20’s—cultivating land and crops in California, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Texas—the film will be available May 1st to over 60 markets worldwide. Addressing their passions, hardships and opinions—as […]

Who is Britain’s Got talent violinist Lettice Rowbotham?


To be sure Britain’s Got Talent violinist Lettice Rowbotham is a rare gem talent indeed. That much was obvious in a spritely interview she gave leading up to her performance on the show this past April 19th which was only vividly confirmed when she took to playing her electric violin in sync to pop music. […]

NJ Cardiologist refuses to pay NYC strip club $135 000 bill cause he was ‘drugged up.’


Dr. Zyad Kivarkis Younan insists he is not the wild animal you have come to think he is… A NJ Cardiologist is refusing to pay an outstanding credit card bill of $135 000 that he purportedly incurred on four separate occasions at NYC strip club, Scores. His defense? He must have been drugged up by […]

Dallas Archer caught smuggling loaded gun in her genitals during prison pat down.


Dallas Archer, 19 from Tennessee has been arrested after attempting to smuggle a loaded hand guninto prison. The gun came to be found in her genitals whilst she was undergoing a prison pat down. At the time the teenager had come to be initially arrested for driving with a suspended license this past Monday, where upon […]

Sorority ‘dick sucking Queen’ explains the principles of sorority dating.


Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of sorority sisters when it comes to dating? One self described sorority dick sucking Queen has decided to forever put you all in the know, penning an anonymous ‘Real Senior Sendoff Letter’ to Total Sorority Move which since making the rounds has led to most of […]

This is how Anna Gensler got her revenge on Tinder sexual harassment.


When artist Anna Gensler first got on dating app tinder six months ago she probably anticipated a sly of romance, but that it seems is the furthest thing she got as she came to find herself over the coming months being sexually harassed by mobile suitors who were looking for some hot ‘fucking’ action then […]

Camilla Parker Bowles brother, Mark Shand dies after lighting a cigarette. Was he drunk?


Tragedy has struck the royal family as it is now being reported that Camilla Parker Bowles brother, Mark Shand died this early afternoon after slipping and striking his head after taking to lighting a cigarette. The incident came to happen after attending a fundraiser at Sotheby’s. Sources tell the 62 year old consummate travel writer […]