Why did NYC Investment banker jump to his death? Tourists rush to take pictures of his scattered brains


An investment banker who leapt to his death from a luxury lower Manhattan, NYC apartment, Ocean 1 West has become the focus of macabre intrigue after coming to be decapitated after crashing into a railing. According to a report via the nydailynews the unidentified man from West st jumped at about 11 am. At the […]

Justin Way: Girlfriend calls cops on suicidal boyfriend, cops kill him anyway


Concerned about the well being of her newly unemployed and inebriated boyfriend who was lying in bed with a large knife and threatening to kill himself, Justin Way’s live in girlfriend, Kaitlyn Christine Lyons decided to call for help. When cops finally arrived, they shot him dead anyway. Explains the dailybeast: Minutes later, two St. […]

Nancy Kay Knoble terrorizes Muslim couple with gun cause they weren’t white like her


Nancy Kay Knoble, 48 a Maple Grove, Minnesota woman is facing felony charges of terrorism threats after accosting a Muslim couple, Majida and Adly Abumayaleh because they dared to drive by her neck in the woods. At the time, the couple who had come to pick up their son who was staying at a friend’s […]

Melissa Berkelhammer socialite shoplifter caught with $4k Bergdorf goodies


It continues to go from bad to worse to degenerate for aspiring NYC socialite Melissa Berkelhammer who has now been arrested after caught shoplifting $4000 worth of items at Fifth Avenue’s Bergdorf Goodman. Melissa Berkelhammer, suicidal socialite suffered two broken legs after car strikes her The continued myth of Melissa Berkelhammer and the media. The […]

Gilles Crepin 56 shots: French bartender guilty of customer drinking himself to death

Shots drinks in cocktail nightclub

Gilles Crepin a 47 year old French bartender has been found guilty of manslaughter after urging a customer to beat a 56 shot bar record. During testimony, a French court heard how Crepin, the resident barman at Le Starter, a bar in the central French town of Clermont-Ferrand led a drinking contest in which customer […]

Dana Housley, star teen softball player dies after brain aneurysm during game: ‘I’m dizzy’


Dana Housley a 15 year old California softball player has died four days after suffering a brain aneurysm and collapsing during a game. According to a report via KTLA the Etiwanda high school teen was setting up to bat at an elite travel tournament in Fontana on Saturday when she complained of feeling dizzy. Rushed to hospital and […]

Upali Pelige, husband stabs wife cause she refused to have morning sex


Upali Pelige, 40 of Staten Island is facing attempted murder and assault charges after attacking his wife, Danisha Rogers, 27 after she refused to have sex with her husband. According to a report via silive Tuesday morning’s attack happened at the woman’s East NY, Brooklyn home. Despite being married for eight months, sources told that the couple […]

Sabrina A Davis bbq lover stabs woman in eye over last rib.


Some bbq lovers take their ribs very very seriously. Case in point, Sabrina A. Davis, a 45 year old Muncie, Indiana woman who has since been hauled to jail after stabbing a woman at a Memorial Day cook out after a dispute erupted over the last rib. Yes the world can never get enough of baked, […]

Chinese woman swallows kitchen spatula after trying to clear throat, doctors forced to cut part of oesophagus away


Guan Hsuing a 31 year old Chinese woman startled doctors after she appeared with a long kitchen spatula wedged down her throat. According to medical reports the woman had cooked up a new recipe involving exotic herbs and spices which in turn led to the woman’s throat starting to swell in an allergic reaction. Parched […]

Louise Aspinall, teaching assistant had sex with 13 year old student after confiding in martial problems


Louise Aspinall a 35 year old teacher’s assistant and mother of two has appeared in court after allegedly having sex with a 13 year old student after confiding to the boy of her marital problems. During the weeks leading up to the eventual physical consummation, the Swinton High School teacher’s assistant, who first kissed the […]