Junkie? Katie Rees, former Miss Nevada USA arrested again for meth

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The downward spiral of former Miss Nevada USA Kathren Nicole Rees, 31  continues unabated as the deposed beauty pageant winner is expected to be charged for drug possession for the second time in less than three months. Rees who was stripped of her title in 2006 after incriminating photos went viral (see here) was arrested […]

DWI Barbie Jeep Girl, Tara Monroe: ‘Screw you world’


It seems DWI Barbie Jeep girl, aka Texas State University, industrial engineering student, Tara Monroe is in fact way smarter and wilder than the law could have ever imagined after the sanctioned 20 year old woman found an alternative way to get round after a recent DWI arrest. Stripped of her driving license after refusing […]

Right decision? Kentucky clerk Kim Davis jailed for refusing to give gay marriage licenses


Discord has come to the fore with a federal judge in Kentucky today ordering a defiant Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis to be jailed after the woman repeatedly refused to issue marriage certificates to gay couples. The jailing comes after US District Judge David Bunning told Davis she faced incarceration until she complied with an […]

Photos: Arielle Engert offers 3 cops blow jobs to avoid traffic charges

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Why decline indeed? Pinellas County, Florida motorist, Arielle Samantha Engert, 24 has found herself coming under national spotlight after she allegedly offered three cops sexual favors in a bid to avoid a series of traffic offenses. According to a report via the Smoking Gun, upon being pulled over after being spotted weaving in the road […]

Photos: Should Lila Perry, transgender student be allowed to use female bathroom?

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Up to 200 high school students have walked out of classes to protest one transgender student, 17 year old senior, Lila Perry being allowed to use the girl’s bathroom. Protesters at Hillsboro High School, Missouri, mostly females vented that the student should not be allowed to use female facilities especially as the student had yet […]

Jaylen Fryberg Marysville shooting report: No motive determined


A 1400 police report has ruled that Marysville, Washington State high school shooter Jaylen Fryberg had no clear motive when the 15 year old Marysville-Pilchuck High School student fatally gunned down his cousin and three other people before turning the gun on himself during an October 24, 2014 shooting rampage. The report noted Fryberg texting […]

Video: Actress flees rapist after trying to sell her virginity for $15K


Video showing a young woman desperately trying to flee her would be rapist have gone viral after an actress from Azerbaijan attempted to sell her virginity for $15 000 (£10,000). The dramatic images show a woman, who only gave her first name, Kristina, climbing out of a third floor window with the aid of tied […]

Photos: Zaneta Hucikova, Czech model unruly cat behavior leads to F-16 fighter jet escort

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An international flight carrying Czech model Zaneta Hucikova had led to two US F-16 fighter jets escorting a Condor Airlines Boeing 767 flight in making a forced landing at Denver International airport. Friday’s emergency landing came after the airliner, en route from Las Vegas to Frankfurt was forced to divert after the model had a […]

Why? Two Indian sisters to be raped as punishment after brother runs off with married woman

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A local unelected all male village council has ordered the raping of 23 year old Meenakshi Kumari and her 15 year old sister after their brother ran off with a married woman. The punishment also demands that the sisters be paraded naked with blackened faces before their violation is consummated. The order was revealed by […]

Video: Crocodile rips off fellow croc’s leg and eats it during feeding time


Going viral is the gruesome video (see below) of one crocodile ripping off a fellow croc’s leg and eating it during feeding time at an Australian wildlife reserve. Video footage caught by a visitor shows the moment a crocodile’s limb is twisted until it is broken off and devoured by another fellow ‘playmate’ croc as […]

Video: Vester Lee Flanagan bleak apartment: Modeling pics on the fridge


Vester Lee Flanagan apartment, the bleak existence of a man desperately holding on to former glory. NBC News this evening has released an exclusive video (see below) showcasing the bleak and meager existence of WDBJ gunman, Vester Lee Flanagan in which the failed reporter lived in a $600 a month run down bachelor apartment. Situated […]