Khloe Kardashian: I am planning on getting Rob Kardashian evicted.


It seems things continue to go from bad to worse in our telegenic reality saga otherwise known as the Rob Kardashian train wreck in surround stereo and media hype. The newest pegging of Rob sees him now being threatened with eviction from sister Khloe Kardashian who has all but have run out of patience for […]

Instagram purges spambots makes celebrities irrelevant again


It was inevitable and alas it’s here: the purging of fake instagram accounts courtesy of dummy accounts, spambots and fake likes and followers. Which of and within itself shouldn’t bother anyone except that is, those of us, like major celebrities who have now seen their social cache take a dive since the purge has led […]

Heather Cagle, Math teacher fired for taking dozen students on a snack run in her car


Heather Cagle an Oklahoma middle school math teacher has been fired for taking up to a dozen students on a snack run, with two of them locked in the trunk of her car. The veteran teacher and yearbook instructor (indeed) at Wells Middle School in Catoosa, was suspended in October after it was revealed that […]

Cairns stabbing. Eight children found dead. Who killed them?


Authorities are trying to find out who may be behind a mass stabbing which has claimed the lives of eight children and critically injured one 34 years old Cairns woman in Northern Australia. The victims ranging from the ages of 18 months to 15 years old, said to be siblings would be found at a […]

Correct sentence? Emma Czornobaj sentenced 90 days jail.

MFC14 0610 accident001A.JPG

A Montreal motorist Emma Czornobaj has been sentenced to 90 days jail after suddenly stopping her car in the left lane of a freeway to assist wayward ducks crossing and in the process unwittingly causing the death of two motorcyclists traveling behind her who slammed into her automobile.  Along with her jail sentence, a Quebec […]

Maria Alejandra Lafuente, psychologist decapitates husband before scattering his remains

Psychologist Decapitates Hubby And Spreads Remains Around City

Maria Alejandra Lafuente, 40, a Mexican psychologist has been accused of decapitating her husband and scattering his remains across Mexico City whilst pretending to be her husband sending texts to friends and family that he was still alive. In her defense the woman would claim that she had been repeatedly beaten by her husband Allan Carrera […]

Air China Brawl: Crying baby sparks mid flight brawl between 4 women


An Air China flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong was almost forced to turn back on Wednesday when a violent brawl involving four women from China’s mainland erupted in the cabin. The fracas, the latest in a string of including one earlier this week which saw a Thai AirAsia flight attendant scalded with hot water and […]

Marilyn Monroe’s Underwear Available to the Highest Bidder


Although she passed away more than 50 years ago, Marilyn Monroe is still as popular, and as profitable, as ever. According to ABC News, Monroe’s latest profit venture was an auction including some of her most personal possessions. Earlier this month, several high bidders walked out of Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills, Calif., with a […]

Russian student depressed over love life survives suicide bid dangling by his foot of tree branch after jumping out of balcony

VID: Student Gets Stuck In Tree After Attempting Suicide

Ilya Goncharov a 25 year old Russian student has survived a suicide attempt after the forlorn man threw himself out of a 5th balcony apartment only to have gotten his foot caught in a tree branch on his way down. Having landed in a tree and then turned upside down and dangling by his foot […]

Is an Argentinian zoo drugging lions so tourists can pose for photos?

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.36.56 AM

An Argentinian zoo is facing closure after assertions that it drugs its lions so tourists can pose next to them for photo ops. The accusations against Buenos Aires’ Lujan Zoo come after images of tourists gloating with the animals up close came to be shared on social media. The images would in turn inspire animal […]