Chelsea Clinton got $65 000 ten minute speaking fee after Hillary asked for $275K


It sure pays to be part of the political oligarchy, case in point, Chelsea Clinton who it has been revealed was able to snatch a cool $65 000 for a ten minute speech she gave at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Chelsea Clinton is so catty that Clinton Foundation workers resign by the […]

Why did Japanese bullet train passenger light himself on fire? 2 dead, 26 injured.


A 71 year old Japanese business man riding a high speed bullet train who deliberately set himself on fire in an act of deliberate self immolation has died along with a female by standing passenger. It is thought the woman died of smoke inhalation. Also injured in the ‘deliberate act’ were 26 passengers, three seriously, which reportedly […]

Jahlil Okafor leaked photos: Who is the woman trashing him?


It seems basket ball player Jahlil Okator is not having much fun of it after the 6’11 newly Philadelphia 76er drafted college player has come to face an onslaught of criticism over the weekend courtesy of a woman going by the name of Chanel under the he twitter hash tag: @Chanelthequeen_ with 18k followers. In revealing […]

Chrissy Teigen topless on instagram: ‘I dare you to take me down this time’


Supermodel Chrissy Teigen has dared instagram to take down a topless image she posted of herself on instagram from a recent W magazine photo shoot after having been previously been banned by the social media outlet. Wrote the model next to her topless image: ‘Honored to be in the company of such gorgeous women.’ Today’s posting […]

Mitchelle Blair pleads guilty: ‘They were demons who deserved it’


Mitchelle Blair the 36 year old Detroit mother accused of killing two of her children has told a Wayne County courtroom that not only is she guilty of her children’s murder, but they deserved it.  Appearing in court, the woman, pled guilty to killing her 13-year-old daughter Stoni Blair and 9-year-old son Stephen Berry. Mitchelle […]

Benjamin Wey sexual harassment suit: ‘My ego cost me $18m’


It seems Benjamin Wey the 43 year old ultimate ‘NY Global Group,’ Wall st financier who ‘always got his way,’ this time managed not to get his way, and how, after a Manhattan Federal Court today awarded sexual harassment plaintiff, Hanna Bouveng, 25, a cool $2 million for being a sexually ‘harassed intern/make shift marketing […]

Amber Pangborn, Californian woman runs out of gas, gives birth, stranded in woods three days


Amber Pangborn, a 35 year old, Oroville, Californian woman has given birth in the woods after finding herself stranded for three days after driving along back roads and running out of gas. According to a report via kcra, upon going into labor, Pangborn decided to drive to her parent’s home for help, but on the […]

Frankenstein meat video: What caused a slab of raw beef to pulsate?


Appetites have been thrown into question since the release of a Frankenstein meat video (see below) showing a slab of ‘beef’ appearing to pulsate. The twitching of the raw meat came after a Chinese woman, Ms Chen came to notice a slab of meat she had bought ‘pulsating’ an hour after purchasing the meat. According to […]

Kristopher McNeil, convicted murderer captured after escaping with prison female lover aid.


Convicted murderer Kristopher McNeil, 29 who escaped from a Winston-Salem, North Carolina prison this weekend has been captured after a kitchen worker aided the man in his break out. Arrested and since charged with harboring, aiding and abetting a fugitive along with providing an inmate with a cellphone was Kendra Lynette Miller, 33, a corrections officer placed […]

Should she be charged? Detroit EMT fired after refusing to help baby that died


Ann Marie Thomas a Detroit EMT paramedic has been fired after refusing to help a premature baby with a dire medical emergency need who later died. Things first came to a head when Thomas received a call on May 30 advising that a girl had stopped breathing. After arriving near the scene the woman refused to […]

Vicky Xipolitakis photos: How she got Argentinian pilots sacked


Bombshell Vicky Xipolitakis has managed to get two idiot Argentinian pilots fired after they allowed the busty femme fatale to take a selfie in the cockpit along with ‘helping’ fly the aircraft during take off. According to the UK’s mirror, the model was filmed helping fly the plane on a domestic flight as it left […]

Why did Nilda Sheffield kill daughter, grandchildren in murder suicide?


Police are still trying to unearth a motive as to why Florida grandmother, Nilda Sheffield, 53 over the weekend killed her daughter and two grandchildren before taking her own life. Shot dead was Elizabeth Flores, 30, and her children Xavier Neff, 7, and Sofia Chido, 2, at the family’s house in Greenacres, in the 4600 block […]