Ahmed Mohammed, $30 hot dog man fired for ripping off NYC tourists


NYC street cart vendor, Ahmed Mohammed who went about charging unsuspecting tourists outside the world trade center memorial up to $30 for hot dogs has been sacked. Told the man’s 22 year old employer, Abdelalim Abdelbaky whose father owns the food cart and vending license via the nypost: ‘I fired him over it yesterday after […]

Bonnie Treaster tries to cut off her 82 year old lover’s manhood with hack


Bonnie Treaster a 46 year old Centre Hall, Pennsylvania woman has been charged with aggravated assault after attacking her 82 year old lover with a hacksaw in a fit of jealousy. On Friday cops were called to the senior man’s bedside at Mount Nittany Medical Center where cops noticed he was bleeding from the groin. […]

Video: Adult film shot at Lions Head Mountain, South Africa National Park infuriates tourism bosses


South African tourism bosses are infuriated after it was revealed Lions Head Mountain located at Cape Town’s South Africa National Parks was the scene of a new adult film (see clip below) this weekend. The action packed movie surfaced online over the weekend after a still image of the action packed drama began to go […]

Manuel Abraham, 7 year old boy eaten alive by crocodile as dad looks on

Pic shows: The place where schoolboy Manuel Abraham was eaten by a crocodile while playing with a balloon with his dad.

A schoolboy has been eaten alive by a crocodile while playing with a balloon with his dad.

Manuel Abraham, 7, was playing by the Barra Santa Ana estuary in the city of Lazaro Cardenas in the west Mexican state of Michoacan when the balloon blew down to the river bank.

As the boy ran over to get it back, his horrified dad watched as the croc leapt out of the water and snapped its jaws around his son’s head before dragging him back under.

Passers by rushed to the water’s edge to try and save the boy but he had already disappeared.

The distraught father told local media: "We had come to visit relatives when we decided to go for a walk and play with the balloon.

"When it blew down to the shore I wasn't worried as no one had told me there were crocodiles around."

City officials immediately ordered the body be found and deployed soldiers, civil protection groups and members of the Fisheries Cooperatives to search the water.

But by nightfall they had failed to find even a trace.

Heberto Camacho, head of the city’s Civil Protection unit said that they had now received instructions from the Environment Ministry to capture all the crocodiles they could find and wash their insides out to see if they can find the remains of the boy.

He added that there were around 500 crocodiles in the Barra Santa Ana area.

There have been eight crocodile attacks in the last two years in the area.


Manuel Abraham a 7 year old boy has lost his life after being eaten alive by a crocodile whilst his father looked helplessly on. The incident came to happen whilst the boy was playing with a balloon in the Barra Santa Ana estuary, Mexico. As the boy’s balloon landed in the waters, the boy as […]

Anti gay Pastor Matthew Makela Church deactivates website. Warns followers to ignore fiasco.


It seems not all is good in the camp of Pastor Matthew Makela this afternoon as the church that the associate reverend worked for, St John’s Lutheran Church prior to be found out living a double life on dating site grindr has now taken to de activating their web page, the reverend’s Facebook page as well […]

Anti gay Reverend Matthew Makela resigns when Grindr profile leaks


Reverend Matthew Makela a staunch religious man and avid anti gay crusader with a wife and five children has resigned from the church after his profile on gay hook app Grindr was leaked. The associate pastor who worked at St John’s Lutheran Church (website has been taken down, can you guess why?) billed himself as […]

Whitney Gonzales hit and runs husband drunk driving. No charges made.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.36.58 PM

A man’s family is trying to make sense of a Sunday night incident which saw Pete Gonzales, 24, killed at the hands of his wife, Whitney Gonzales, 23, whilst she was allegedly drunk driving. According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol the husband and father of two was run over by his wife in Chickasha, after she […]

Josephine Bell kills grandchildren’s four kittens with hammer


Josephine Bell a 71 year old Godfrey, Illinois grandmother has been arrested after killing her grandchildren’s cat and four kittens cause they wouldn’t clean their rooms. At the time, the grandmother had threatened to take her grandchildren’s pets away as punishment if they didn’t tidy their rooms, adding that she didn’t think it was her […]

Witch hunt? Emma Sulkowicz, Columbia student carries mattress to graduation cause her rapist was there


Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz has caused disconcert after carrying a mattress along with her fellow classmates to a podium whilst accepting her graduating diploma. Met with fervent applause from fellow students, the German student who carries a mattress around campus in protest to a purported rape against her did so  because her alleged attacker […]

Alix Tichelman pleads guilty to Google executive overdose death: It was an accident


Alix Tichelman the high priced escort charged with killing Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes with an overdose of heroin aboard his yacht this afternoon pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs. As part of her reduced plea, which included reducing a manslaughter charge, the woman was sentenced to six years prison. Heroin escort, Alix […]

Mutlu Kaya, Turkish teen star shot in the head by spurned lover


Mutlu Kaya a 19 year Turkish singer is fighting for her life after being shot in the head after defying threats not to compete in a national televised talent show, Turkey’s Sesi Cok Guzel, the equivalent of America’s Got Talent. The show when translated literally means the ‘most beautiful voice’ or ‘sounds so good’ and is is […]

Chelsea Clinton is so catty that Clinton Foundation workers resign by the droves


A new report has told that the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton has caused a deluge of senior colleagues at her parents Clinton Foundation to leave because she is unpleasant to work with. Chelsea Clinton quits $600K job at NBC. But who ever knew she even worked? Chelsea Clinton: I’m just too […]