Walter Palmer extradition: Will he be charged with poaching?


Whilst a landowner and a hunting accomplice have come to be sequestrated to appear in court tomorrow in Zimbabwe to face charges of poaching, it remains questionable whether Minnesota dentist, Dr Walter Palmer will be extradited to also face charges. Expected to appear before a Zimbabwe court tomorrow are Zimbabwean hunter Theo Bronkhorst and Honest […]

Walter Palmer sexual harassment suit: ‘I paid $127K fine’


In new incriminating evidence against Dr Walter James Palmer, 55 who this afternoon has become the bane of the internet after hunting down Zimbabwe Cecil the lion, 2009 documents reveal that the River Bluff Dental practitioner settled a sexual harassment suit against him from a former employee. According to the complaint, the female employee who was also a […]

Walter Palmer dentist: ‘I regret killing Cecil but it’s not my fault’

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Dr Walter Palmer the Minnesota dentist who killed famous African lion in Zimbabwe, Cecil, has Tuesday afternoon issued a statement claiming that he regrets having killed Cecil the lion whilst adamantly denying that the lion’s death was his fault. Instead the River Bluff Dental practitioner has blamed guides for ‘misleading him.’ Walter Palmer extradition: Will he […]

Walter Palmer Cecil lion hunter on the run. Closes dentist as internet explodes


Walter James Palmer has found himself on the run after being outed as the Minnesota dentist who callously hunted down iconic Zimbabwe Cecil the lion. Since been outed the man’s presence has yet to be revealed, presumably as the well to do dentist mulls his options as the internet has taken umbrage with the North […]

NSFW: Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting photos.


Calls to bring Minnesota, American hunter, Walter Palmer, a wealthy dentist to account after hunting down iconic lion Zimbabwe lion, Cecil, have reached a crescendo this early afternoon as the man’s identity came to be outed. Walter Palmer extradition: Will he face poaching charges? Walter Palmer sexual harassment suit: ‘I paid $127K fine’ Walter Palmer […]

James Quigley beat wife to death with hammer drives head on into M1 traffic


James Quigley a Co Louth, UK father of four is thought to have killed his wife, Marie in their upstairs bedroom before driving head on into M1 traffic the wrong way and killing himself after ploughing into two other vehicles. The Louth murder suicide has since rocked the normally sleepy town, with family and friends […]

Madyson Middleton 8 year old girl dead: Why did a 15 year old boy kill and dumped her body in dumpster


The body of missing eight year old girl Madyson ‘Maddy’ Middleton has been discovered in a dumpster close to her home. The grim discovery at a local arts complex has since led to the arrest of a 15 year old boy, thought to be the girl’s neighbor at the center, which comprises housing and studio […]

Walter Palmer, dentist bribed gamekeepers to kill Cecil iconic lion


The hunter who killed and skinned Zimbabwe iconic lion, Cecil has been identified as Walter James Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota.  The outing of the man’s identity comes as the hunter now faces the prospect of criminal charges after bribing gamekeepers $55 000 to hunt the 13 year old iconic lion. Walter Palmer extradition: Will he […]

Rob Rowen: Starbucks tried banning me for life cause I called out handicap parking abuses


Rob Rowen, 62 a Bay area Tampa, Florida man was facing the prospect of being banned for life from Starbucks after confronting patrons who the man said violated handicap parking practices. Told the long standing customer via mynews13: ‘I saw someone park, and it was obvious they weren’t handicapped,’ ‘There was no handicapped parking sticker. […]