Charles Mann high on miaow miaow stabbed mother before cutting off penis


Charles Mann, a 21 year old UK man has been sentenced to 16 months jail on charges of grievous bodily harm after stabbing his mother eleven times whilst high on class b drug, miaow miaow before then cutting off his own penis. Oh really? Teen stabs mother then cuts off penis after taking meow meow. According […]

Mommy blogger Lacey Spears guilty: ‘I did it to get attention from readers’


Mommy blogger Lacey Spears was today found guilty of second degree murder of her 5 year old son, Garnett- Paul Spears. The cause of death? The mommy blogger had been force feeding her son heavy concentrations of sodium through his stomach tube whilst simultaneously blogging about her ‘son’s constant health struggles….’ Garnett’s many ailments included […]

Why did Jillian Jacobson, photography teacher hang herself in school classroom?


Students at Placentia, South California’s El Dorado High School made a horrific discovery Monday morning when they came across the hanging body of school teacher, Jillian Jacobson. According to Captain Steve Concialdi of the Orange County Fire Authority, students found the 31 year old woman hanging from the ceiling where they cut her down and […]

Codrick Beal, 4 year old boy shoots self dead. Who’s at fault?


Codrick Beal a four year old Harris County, Texas toddler has shot himself dead after finding a gun at his babysitter’s house. Prior to the shooting, the boy had been staying overnight at a friend of his mother’s when he inadvertently shot himself dead just before noon on Sunday. At present it is not clear […]

Were LAPD officers right to shoot homeless man dead?


Pundits have raged in a debate as to whether LAPD officers caught on video shooting dead a homeless man at Los Angeles’ skid row district were justified? At the time of the shooting, police were responding to a call regarding an altercation between two people on Sunday morning. As several of the officers wrestled the […]

Anna Duritskaya in hiding: What does she know?


Anna Duritskaya, the 23 year old girlfriend of gunned down Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, 55, is in hiding after authorities secured the model’s new secret location under armed guard. Is Anna Duritskaya, Boris Nemtsov’s lover a suspect? Had an abortion. Pictures: Who is Anna Duritskaya, Boris Nemtsov’s model girlfriend? The only witness to the […]

100% duped. Divorced woman sends man she never met $1.4 million cause she’s a sucker for love.


Twice divorced Sarah has confessed on the Dr Phil show having sent a man who goes by the name of Chris Olsen close to $1.4 million during their 18 month love affair. A love affair which it seems might be strictly one sided, never mind that the pair have never met nor has Sarah’s presumed […]

April Emery, Florida mother arrested after kids found selling toys door to door to help save mommy


April Emery a 27 year old Osceola County, Florida mother has been arrested after authorities discovered her 7 year old and 9 year old daughters going barefoot door to door with a stroller full of toys that they hoped to sell. Told the girls when authorities were called after one shocked local opened the front door: […]

Slovakian Batman, crusader against evil, arrested for molesting young girl


Zoltan Kohari an unemployed Slovakian man who dresses as Batman in a bid to fight crime has been arrested after accusations he molested a young girl. Along with charges of molestation the caped crusader also faces a separate charge of loan fraud. The charges come despite the purported efforts of Kohari to rid his hometown of […]

Nigerian teenage girl beaten to death, set on fire after accused of being a suicide bomber


A Nigerian teenage girl has been beaten to death and set on fire after being accused of being a suicide bomber. A second teen girl was also accused of being a suicide bomber after the teens were believed to be strapped with inflammable bottles on their bodies, leading to their arrest, at the Muda Lawal market, […]

Oh really? Serbian woman gets cellphone stuck in vagina after using it as a sex toy.


Be careful what you wish for might be the moral of the following story which saw one 27 year old Belgrade, Serbian woman get a cellphone stuck in her vagina (why decline?) after using it as a sex toy. The inconvenience would lead to the unnamed woman needing emergency gynecological assistance after realizing that the yummy […]

Is Anna Duritskaya, Boris Nemtsov’s lover a suspect? Had an abortion.


In the wake of the brazen gunning down of Russian political leader, Boris Nemtsov, sordid revelations have begun making their way as to the degree of hazy relationships the politician had with a string of beauties, including 23 year old Ukrainian model and aspiring actress, Anna Duritskaya. Anna Duritskaya in hiding: What does she know? Pictures: […]