Home Scandal and Gossip Lindsay Lohan is a delicious drunken mess in Brazil.

Lindsay Lohan is a delicious drunken mess in Brazil.



Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is just too happy in Sao Paulo

Lindsay Lohan does not have a problem in the world except for herself…

Kids guess who’s playing peekaboo under the table? C’mon I dare you. I’ll give you a few clues.


1/ Licks the white fluff off toilet seats when there’s none left in her purse.

2/ Drinks the white fluff off the wax floor when there’s none left in her booze cup.

3/ Is a daily reassuring enigma in your daily existence that helps to bring out a rueful smile.

4/ Once made a pledge to Lucifer the devil to swallow the shards of all discontent in the world

5/ Was once confused for a great talent before something landed in her drinking water.


Yes kids you guessed it- it’s Lilo being Lilo.

According to tmz, Lilo who is getting  paid the big bucks to be her wonderful self (six figures of which Lucifer confirmed Lilo has already spent a third off on the good shit at some Sao Paulo white alley) found herself in a spot of bother as she took to making out with the footprints of beguiled passer bys.

Because if life doesn’t make sense in a Hollywood make believe set why should it make any more sense in a Cachaça floor stained nightclub….?

image via twitter  @orgastic-desire


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