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A candid look at the next generation of the ‘new socialites’- the Neolites.


Now back to KK.

A history major at Stanford. Of course you all know ivy league kids all behave with the highest integrity. If you doubt me you can read my troubling expose on Jennifer Wilde Anderson. She happened to make it on the New York Times. I on the other hand only made it to the London Times.(just type in cranky writer in the search bar and you will find me). But you know what Andy Warhol once said- ‘Every one gets their 15 minutes of fame.’

Now back to KK. Sorry KK for deviating. I nearly forgot this is about you. Of course there’s also Caroline Guiliani too. She goes to Harvard. You know she’s a petty thief KK. Terrible isn’t? Paul wasn’t there a story about you once stealing a handbag? You’re not a petty thief KK? I assume you are not (for now).

An environmentalist. That catch phrase again kids. Remember everyone to recycle your Dom Perignon bottles when you’re through with them. Right KK? Don’t worry Paul, we know you’re still nursing yours…

She tweets. Now that’s an accomplishment and a half. I’m trying to teach my dog Charisma to tweet too. You know she’s well bred. Of course you do, I mentioned that earlier.

KK wants to be a journalist? Mercy us. What a noble cause. Everyone should be a journalist. The world can never get tired of heart wrenching stories. What type of journalist KK? A tabloid trash writer like me I hope. There’s sure to be a lot of heart wrenching gutter material to write about. You should ask Nick Denton, Richard Lawson’s boss over at Stalker Gawker if he’s hiring. Or even Richard Johnson of the NY Gutter Post. Could you imagine a neolite reporting on page 6? I’ll be sure to send Richard a hearty recommendation. You are a Kennedy after all. Mmh- let me do it now:

Richard J please hire KK immediately!! xx Love Scallywag.

There you should be receiving a phone call in 18 minutes. ( I know Richard J I’m horrible…blah@@!)

Just a word of advice KK, if you want to be an journalist sometimes you have to write things that actually make people think and challenge their perceptions. That’s something you can do right? If not maybe writing for Rachelle might be a good start.



  1. Scallywag you’re hysterical.

    Just wondering do you think you’ll make Guest of a Guest’s next batch of Neolites?- I don’t think you have a chance in hell.

  2. ‘..we’ll take Emilie’s word — for now — but may I remind you, Emilie, that my dog ‘Charisma’ is also well bred. I even have the receipts to prove it.’


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