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Society and the False Ivy League network. Dating money bags.

Source: NYT's.

Last year the New York Times published an article about a group called ‘Ivy Plus Society,’ essentially an Ivy league network for Ivy league graduates to get together and share like minded interests. What the Times of course didn’t disclose is the private emails in this journal’s possession about the ulterior reasons as to why the highly acclaimed ‘club’ was begun to begin with.

If one thing can be discerned from the private emails between the anonymous party and the author of this post (displayed below) is the fact that the founder of the organization, a Ms Jennifer Wilde Anderson according to the inside source was to simply and shamelessly meet Ivy league men and the trust fund men worth seven figures and plus. This it seems is the real reason why the club came about and that everything else was smoke screens. Which begs the question what does attending Ivy League really mean and why are we still creating illusions of all inclusiveness when in fact many examples point to the calculated behavior of many individuals who are simply interested in the select benefits of the Ivy league mantra and the wealth that comes with. A hustler’s game one wonders…

Evidence 1:

How unfortunate for the anthroplogy student that Ms Anderson’s affections weren’t aimed at his mind or choice of vocation or interests but rather at his purported grand wealth. As for Susan McShane being concerned with her alias, one begs the question why would she want to remain friendly with this group, for even she understands the callous and primal needs of Ms Anderson, the instigating individual? Why? But before we answer that question, we ought to tell you what in fact ended up happening to Ms Anderson…

ps- this is the blog Susan McShane is referring to- to be candid it elicited a lot of nasty reactions.

It’s confirmed. You are only desirable as long as you are a pedigree plus.



  1. Yes – I am the Susan from the article. You took a couple of emails totally out of context, omitted your own emails egging me on for dirt and then printed a few choice items out of context.

    Yes I graduated from an ivy league school. No I am not a member of the ivy plus society. I don’t even get their emails anymore. I have been to one ivy plus event, and I was dragged to it by another friend.

    Yes – I’ve hung out with Jennifer Wilde Anderson, mostly parties and dinners, but we are not friends. My connection to her is through other friend/s. A couple of close friends happen to be friends with her which is how I know of these stories.

    And despite your distorted use of my email, my friends and I are not anti-semitic. in fact, my really good friend who told me most of these stories about Jennifer Wilde Anderson is Jewish. Which is why we joke about Jennifer Wilde Anderson’s WASPY aspirations.

  2. Christopher: You raise some interesting issues. In a piece entitled Transactional Romance: Matchmakers vs. Madams: Is there Really a Difference? which I wrote back in 2003 (see: http://christopherlondonblog.com/2003/02/08/88764590) I raised questions about whether the ethics of the more legal enterprise (matchmakers) are in fact worse than the ethics of the oldest profession. You see in the oldest profession, assuming that the woman is participating of her own free will and volition and is not the victim of human trafficking, and if she is say represented by a Madam who is not taking an egregious but rather fair cut for arranging the trysts than it is an above board fair market transaction. The problem with “ALL” matchmaking enterprises is that their marketing never matches their offerings. Far too many of even the well regarded matchmakers have a database of ringers (young female models) who will go on dates with rich old guys but they make their fees off of professional women in their 30’s and 40’s and the matchmakers often do not have a quality data base of age appropriate men to meet the demands of people who are paying them. I know because a rather prominent matchmaker in this town used me and gave me several “free dates” with her Jewish female clients who were looking for a guy not named CHRISTopher but you see she had no dudes in her database and she took $10,000 checks from the woman’s family. This story of creating an enterprise to in effect SELF DEAL makes the woman who ran IVY PLUS SOCIETY in effect the BERNIE MADOFF of matchmaking.

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