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A candid look at the next generation of the ‘new socialites’- the Neolites.

Kick Kennedy.

Next nominee to impending media whoredom: Kick Kennedy (is that really a name kids, never mind it kind of rhymes…)

GoG; Kick Kennedy obviously comes from quite the pedigree, but she’s not one to rest on her family’s laurels. For instance, this past winter she climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about the water crises in Africa. For Kick, this isn’t just a cause celeb: she’s a dedicated environmentalist, working with foundations such as Waterkeeper and Riverkeeper.

Mt.Kilimanjaro? Kick is that anywhere near India? I’m just checking. And a dedicated environmentalist? That makes me wonder is Paul Johnson Calderon a dedicated environmentalist? After all he is the preferred yard stick. What about Patrick McMullan? I’m sure Rachelle is…I know I’m being belligerent again. Blah@!! The love letters will be rolling in today…

GoG: What makes her a socialite:

  • She’s a Kennedy. Come on.
  • She has causes!
  • Holds the random title of “Fashionably Conscious Editor” at the impossibly named “What2wearwhere.com“.
  • Interned at Rolling Stone.
  • Lists Fitzgerald as one of her favorite writers.
  • 55 pictures on Patrick McMullan

What makes her a neolite:

A Kennedy? Really. Now that’s impressive. Is there an adoption center where mere mortals like us can pledge our case why we too need to be adopted by the Kennedy clan? Interned at Rolling Stone? Now that’s daring. Aren’t they into the habit of publishing revealing articles on the behind coming and goings of illicit behavior over there in Afghanistan where a gritty war is being waged. Promise me Kick, you will never move to Afghanistan. Now Paul, you on the other hand should try it. And 55 pictures with PMC? Wow. I bet Paul has 16 000. Never mind KK your surname still has more cache than Paul’s. Right Paul? Paul if you need to send hate mail send them to Devorah first. I’m afraid my constitution wouldn’t be able to bear them. Devorah on the other hand… God, I’m asking for trouble today aren’t I? (please smile Dev darling…)Don’t worry there’s always Richard Lawson of Gawker. Right Richard? I know you’re secretly offended you were left off GoG’s list. Even if you are technically a boy.



  1. Scallywag you’re hysterical.

    Just wondering do you think you’ll make Guest of a Guest’s next batch of Neolites?- I don’t think you have a chance in hell.

  2. ‘..we’ll take Emilie’s word — for now — but may I remind you, Emilie, that my dog ‘Charisma’ is also well bred. I even have the receipts to prove it.’


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