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A candid look at the next generation of the ‘new socialites’- the Neolites.


Chloe Malle

Next neanderthal neolite: (please send all bomb threats to my junk mail)- Chloe Malle. Let’s see how Chloe cuts the grade.

GoG: It’s no wonder Chloe Malle is whip-smart and beautiful: she’s the daughter of Candice Bergen and Louis Malle. Born and raised in New York, Chloe escaped her Upper East Side background at 18 when she enrolled at Brown where she studied comparative literature. After that, it was off to Ethopia to work at the Mother Teresa mission. She’s back in New York now, where she’s earning a living as a freelance writer.

Chloe, I have to say I am awe bound. You are the perfect lucky human being- such talented parents and for escaping the Upper East Side the minute you turned 18. And a writer. Not a model like Anabelle? (not even on the weekends?)

Comparative literature. How wonderful. That must serve you well when you are writing tabloid gutter pieces. Please tell me you’re not that type of writer. At least be a fashion writer. They’re marginally more respectful you know.

When’s your book on Mother Teresa coming out? Will you send me a copy with your autograph? The interns here would appreciate it. I promise to let them read it after I have memorized it. And earning a living as a writer? That at least makes one of us.

I am awful aren’t I Chloe? You can blame Chiara for putting you on the list. I know she should have consulted with me first. Blah! In fact I’ll send her a note now.

‘Chiara, could you please be kind enough in the future to send me a list when you set about to write a who’s who in society. It would spare the noted subjects undue ridiculing at my behest. xx love Scallywag. p.s- Isn’t it time you and Rachelle put me back on your Facebook friend page? I promise to behave one day.’

Is that better Chloe? Moving along…


What Makes Her A Socialite

  • Grew up on Central Park South
  • Profiled in Vanity Fair for “Bright Young Things”
  • 39 pictures on Patrick McMullan
  • Front row fixture at Fashion Week
  • Attended Riverdale Country School

What Makes Her A Neolite



  1. Scallywag you’re hysterical.

    Just wondering do you think you’ll make Guest of a Guest’s next batch of Neolites?- I don’t think you have a chance in hell.

  2. ‘..we’ll take Emilie’s word — for now — but may I remind you, Emilie, that my dog ‘Charisma’ is also well bred. I even have the receipts to prove it.’


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