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A candid look at the next generation of the ‘new socialites’- the Neolites.

Charlotte Bocly. Scandal is her middle name.

Final media whore we should be grateful to know: Charlotte Bocly. Kids, this girl is a live one..

Her outstanding resume as follows kids:

GoG: Charlotte Bocly is stunningly beautiful and stunningly privileged. She grew up on Park Avenue and took a chauffeured car to nursery school. Her Grandmother has given over $5 million dollars to the Met. She went to school with Osama Bin Laden’s nieces. But Charlotte is also wild and rebellious, a partier; definitely not your grandmother’s socialite (or hers, for that matter.)

Chauffeured car to nursery school. How quaint. Kids you should be trembling by now. Charlotte sounds like the real deal. Her grandmother gave $5 million to the met (bless her soul) and Charlotte by proxy is also a terrorist because she went to school with Osama Bin Laden’s nieces. Which reminds me, why did President W Bush fly the whole Bin Laden family out of America after 9-11? Is that how you catch terrorists by flying their immediate family out? Charlotte, have you been flown out of the country recently? After all, that would really impress me. Personally I’m waiting for the day I get deported for offending a socialite.

The breakdown;


What Makes Her A Socialite

  • She went to Choate.
  • Member of the Eagle Club in Gstaad.
  • Says her dad gave her money “like it was Kleenex
  • Number of photos on PMC: 29
  • This sentence:

“You know, my two maids, Rube and Maria, are like my best friends.”

What Makes Her A Neolite

  • She went to Rehab. (But describes rehab as “a spa”–mark of a socialite)
  • Has a pierced tongue.
  • Was high at her high school graduation.
  • Took hip-hop classes in Harlem.
  • The following paragraph:

?It was just a crazy, crazy time,? she said. ?Somehow, everyone ended up at my house, and everyone?s in my pool, everyone?s naked, Paul is naked?this is at 5 in the morning, by the way?then Alexandra drove up. Out of nowhere, there are like 20 cars. Alexandra disappeared with a house guest, and I disappeared with this boy I thought was cute?it?s been a year, it?s not my style?a good-looking boy who I found out was in high school the next morning, but looked much older. And then Emily goes off with Paul?Paul!?and I?m in my underwear and a bra and I?m chasing after this guy, and I?m on the lawn?this is a little scandalous. My father comes out in his underwear?you don?t wake up my dad?and he was yelling in French and everyone was out of there. The world was shaking. Then I passed out in bed. That was a great night, for the Hamptons.?




  1. Scallywag you’re hysterical.

    Just wondering do you think you’ll make Guest of a Guest’s next batch of Neolites?- I don’t think you have a chance in hell.

  2. ‘..we’ll take Emilie’s word — for now — but may I remind you, Emilie, that my dog ‘Charisma’ is also well bred. I even have the receipts to prove it.’


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