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Shame, Shame, *Shame*


Words cannot capture my disgust.

For too long, former president George W. Bush has done an appalling job of representing our country. It is, in essence, the only job he has left: demonstrate the ability to carry one’s self in a manner befitting one’s nation… especially, since by some miracle, he was voted into said nation’s highest office twice.

Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, co -founders of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, were filmed in Haiti, shaking hands with citizens, as a sign of good faith.  Fourteen seconds into the footage, President Bush wipes his hand off, immediately following a handshake.  He wipes it off on President Clinton’s shirt.

Bush has one job.  Represent his country.  He can’t shake hands without making a complete ASS of himself and making a mockery of the country he once led.

It should go without saying that when the public eye is on you, you should behave yourself. You don’t pick your nose, you don’t gaze at a woman’s chest, you avoid rude gestures.  You do not show utter and complete disrespect to the people you are there to help, and you do not compound the injury by showing complete disrespect for your colleagues and predecessors by using them as a towel.

Mr. Bush, you are being watched. Sadly, you are always being watched. You have failed to live up to the expectations of your former office. This is hardly your first infraction. It is doubtless not your last. I can scarcely understand my own surprise.

Still.  Wonders never cease.