Rat meat is now disguised as lamb meat in China. Demand for cheap meat soars.


Because rat meat is delicious after all or is it? In an effort to take advantage of China’s soaring demand for animal meats some corrupt animal food vendors have resorted to disguising various meats in order to meet demand. Health officials have gone on to disclose that to date there have been as many 900 […]

Egyptian women are just sex objects. Assaults skyrocket.


  A new video courtesy of cbs paints a disparaging image of Egyptian women being sexually molested and assaulted with little consideration for potential legal ramifications. In many ways the assault on women says a lot about the customs and dispositions towards women in that part of the world which chooses to eschew them from […]

Swedish homeless hotel will now let you experience homelessness.

Swedish homeless hotel

For the mere price of $10 a night one Swedish Homeless Hotel has come up with the novel idea of how you too can experience the indelible feeling of being homeless. The initiative started with the aim of raising fund for actual homeless people allows visitors of the option of booking a space in one of […]

Are you ready to live in a Japanese $600 apartment coffin too?

Japanese $600 apartment coffin

An apartment you can literally die for. In an effort to manage with Tokyo’s dense population, exorbitant real estate prices and lack of real estate, some ingenuous landlords are now offering renters a new novel choice. Coffin apartments otherwise known as ‘geki-sema’ or share houses. Costing close to $600 a month (55 000 yen), the apartments […]

Wow! Sydney Australia is first major world capital to welcome New year 2013.

Sydney Australia new year's day

With a 16 hour forward time difference between here in NYC and Sydney, Australia, Sydneysiders were the first major world capital to bring in New Year’s revelry. And what revelry it is proving to be! With the new year just passing on one hour ago (it is just 9.25am local NYC and 1.25am Sydney, Australia […]

Why cocaine costs up to seven times more in Australia than the US.

Australia cocaine cash.

In the mood to get over to Australia for some fun, drugs, sex and rock n’ roll? Then you better come with a fat wallet…. As Australia has seen its economy relatively untouched from the financial hubris affecting the US and the rest of the world demand for certain illicits it seems has remained rather […]

Michael Wolf’s Tokyo Compression shows subway commuters squeezed to the brim.

Michael Wolf: 'Tokyo Compression,'

Are you of the opinion that your commute on the subway is an overbearing and ardent one? Perhaps you may one to think that over as you lay your eyes on the photos below courtesy of German born photographer Michael Wolf who has released a book titled ‘Tokyo Compression,’ (as released by Peperoni Books and Asia One […]

Amsterdam’s Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is the ‘world’s worst hotel’ but still very popular.

Amsterdam's Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

It may have the reputation of being one of the worst hotels anywhere in the world, but Amsterdam’s Hans Brinker Budget Hotel it seems is proving itself to be quite popular nonetheless. From questions of hotel hygiene, bed bugs, graffiti ‘witticisms’ on sexual preferences and ‘concrete courtyard’ that may have never quite possibly seen the […]

Love Joule, Japanese bar devoted to female masturbation.

Love Joule Bar, Japan.

For those of you inclined to share frank sex stories and what gets you off or to be precise how to get off, Japanese proprietor Megumi Nakagawa may have the right place for you, assuming next time you’re passing by Tokyo, Japan. huffpo: Love Joule, a colorful new bar in the Shibuya district Tokyo, is […]

A gay guide on how to pick up and lay an Australian man…

At one recent Australian gay lesbian mardi gras party...

Heaux Confessionals: Traispsing the Heaux-rient Bangkok’ed, Deutschmarked, and Blacked Out Heaux Confessionals; “Have you ever been with a black man before?” Gay themes. What type of puppy is the best dick magnet for springtime? The International Heaux-Off: America vs. Australia “Did you smash the box in?”, Simon asked me for the umpteenth time when I […]

Pictorial: Olympic Soccer final … Brazil 1 Mexico 2…Wembley Stadium

Photography via Dan Stern of streetfashionmonitor.com

The scene before during & after the game was a massive Latino carnival in NW London … there were Mariachi bands and Samba bands … The Brazilians and Mexicans were in the mood to party and the Brits and other nationals from all over the world lucky enough to have tickets were also joining in […]