Home Foreign Accents BEATRICE DUPONT- A French Fashion Knight.

BEATRICE DUPONT- A French Fashion Knight.

Photography by Gordon Ho. BEATRICE DUPONT

Do you have a medal? BEATRICE DUPONT does. A French Fashion Knight In the city.

Poor, lost and guilt-ridden souls of the twenty-first century that we are… Don’t we all want a gold star at the end of the day? Well, not so far away, not so long a go, a little Emperor who knew a thing or two about bruised egos created a most delicious item of recognition. His name, you will have guessed, was Napoleon Bonaparte and the distinction is the highest award bestowed by the French Government:  admittance in the “National Order of the Legion of Honor”.

Dr. and Mrs. Cedric Dupont (son / daughter -in-law); Béatrice Dupont, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Neely (daughter/son-in-law)
Alfred d’Hallewin ( future husband of Béatrice Dupont), Béatrice Dupont , Francine Bonnifay