Terry Richardson poignant photos of his dying mother. R.I.P. Annie Lomax, My Mom 1938-2012

Annie Lomax as shot by her son, photographer Terry Richardson

For all his contentious reputation as a photographer, Terry Richardson has a very keen insight into the human condition and to boot a sensitive side to his soul. Case in point the photos below in testament to the photographer’s mother, Annie Lomax who died yesterday.

Have a look and ask yourself if you had to remember and capture your own mother on her last legs of life how would you do it? Mr Richardson for one has done it with aplomb and humble brilliance. My condolences Terry- best Scallywag.

Go here to see more images on Terry Richardson’s tumblr page.

The last picture I took of my Mom.- by Terry Richardson.


  • yodaddy

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  • jonny

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  • Marthamoo

    The two people who left these comments I would call douche bags but that would imply they can get close to a vagina. RIP Annie, thank you for being real and fun and not giving a crap what others thought because you were going to have fun no matter what!!! One day ALL womyn will be free to be thank you for paving the way!