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Robin Williams tortured photo at AA meetings prior to suicide surfaces

Robin Williams AA meetings
The above image has turned up of the actor having attended an AA meeting earlier this year in San Francisco.

An image depicting Robin Williams visibly tortured whilst attending his recent Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings at Minnesota‘s  Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center has surfaced.

The photo first published on radar online shows the actor’s grim determination to meet his struggles head on.

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Tells radar: After a lifetime of addiction, actor Robin Williams was valiantly battling his demons even in the months before his death. RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that before entering rehab this summer, the actor was spotted at a San Francisco AA meeting earlier this year.

Williams was photographed looking grim and focused at a San Francisco AA meeting earlier this year:

Told the actor regarding his experiences in Alcoholics Anonymous during a 2013 interview:

‘I felt so good about the first AA meeting that I attended that I went out and drank the next day,” he said. “And then I felt so bad that I came to the [next] meeting and said, ‘I screwed up. I can’t come back.’ A friend said, ‘Why not?’ I went, ‘I drank after the meeting.’ And he said, ‘Hey, we don’t shoot our wounded. Come back.’

CBS SanFrancisco would also report that a team photographer, Dean Kendrick had been attending AA meetings at the same time as Robin Williams recently.

Told the photographer of Robin Williams: ‘He was very slow in his movements and his demeanor was also very low,’

‘He really, really needed support at that time.’

CBS would also report that Kendrick came to be impressed at the entertainer’s willingness to reach out to others for help.

‘He was one of the very first to raise his hand and open his self to vulnerability to anyone about his own personal situation.’

Williams went sober cold turkey in the 80s after battling alcohol and cocaine abuse. After roughly twenty years sober, he relapsed and entered rehab in 2006. Most recently, he entered rehab again this summer  but reps said at the time it was only to ‘fine-tune‘ his ongoing ‘commitment’ to his sobriety. Nevertheless questions have since been raised if the actor got to finish the program he had enrolled in and whether in fact judging by the very latest images since posted on social media just before the actor went on a self imposed exile if he had fallen off the wagon and had taken to drinking with abandon again?

The below photos also document the actors increasingly harried and haggard appearances, perhaps as a result of having capitulated to his vices in recent times…?

Told 15 year old Dairy Queen employee, Abby Albers (seen pictured with Williams below) when the actor came to visit her store after having started rehab at a local Minnesota private clinic late June: ‘Williams seemed to be struggling during his visit to the store,’

Albers would  tell that actor was subdued and unrecognizable during the visit in late June.

Adding: ‘I didn’t think it was actually him (at first),

And then there was this sobering telling from one of Robin Williams neighbors who had managed to see the actor days before his death: ‘He was very drawn and thin, he did not look like the Robin who first moved into this community many years ago.

‘He was a shell of himself, exhausted and not in the best spirits, but still the nice guy I had always known. There seemed to be something on his mind.

‘He was not at all like his stage persona, that was not the Robin I knew. He was more quiet and down-to-earth, not over-the-top like he was in the movies. He listened well.

‘He was often quiet and very private.

‘The last time I saw him he seemed to be in a bad place emotionally.’

Robin Williams AA meetings

Image taken last week of July during in house rehab

Robin Williams AA meetings
Image taken last month shows the actor looking particularly flush and worse for wear….


  1. i hope dean kendrick has been thrown out of AA. its most precious tenet is ANONYMITY. this guy spoke to the media, including on camera, about robin williams and what he said at meeting. disgraceful. so upset for the family.

  2. So much for the 12th tradition! The media itself is the problem…it has caused all of this misery. NOTHING is sacred anymore and CBS, Yahoo, NBC…all of them need to be chased by us villagers with torches up to an old wooden windmill and then set it ablaze like the MONSTER it has become. America = will be destroyed by the media.

  3. Isn’t AA supposed to be ANONYMOUS?? Kudos to the douche who took that picture. You’re one heck of a human being.

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