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Gold digger? Were Robin Williams and wife Susan Schneider having marital problems?

Robin Williams Susan Schneider
How happy were Robin Williams and Susan Schneider really?

Since the death of Robin Williams questions have been asked as to the nature of the actors relationship and marriage to his wife, Susan Schneider and whether the pair were necessarily getting on?

Perhaps most puzzling is the question of why had the pair slept in separate bedrooms on the evening of the actor’s suicide? Was this simply a one off event, an arrangement which suited the actor who could withdraw to his vices and detach or the sign that the pair may not have been necessarily receiving the love and support that they sought in their marriage?

Reflects celebdirtylaundry: Robin was last seen alive at about 10:30 pm on Sunday, which is when his wife Susan Schneider decided to go to bed. Apparently Susan and Robin slept apart because she had no idea what time her husband decided to retire for the evening. Interestingly enough, Susan left the family home at 10:30 am Monday morning and didn’t even bother to check in on Robin – kind of strange considering that, according to well-placed sources – his depression was super serious and glaringly apparent to everyone close to him.

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Admittedly the fact that Robin Williams wife failed to check on her husband raises questions as to the nature of the pairs relationship, whether they had been fighting, going through a difficult time or could it simply have been a situation that Susan Schneider by now had become acclimated to her husband’s schedule, his penchant for sleeping in (a source has since said the actor was sleeping 18 hour days) and was nonplussed by the actor’s lack of presence?

And yet one can’t help but wonder if there was more going on than has yet to be revealed? Were the couple going through a personal crises? Had the actor become so private and glum and begun hitting the bottle that Susan Schneider felt she had no recourse but to stay out of the actor’s way? Had she intervened or attempted to intervene, get the actor to go back to rehab, therapy, consult other family members or close friends?

And what of the evening of the actor’s death, could it be when the actor retired to his room, to shut the doors behind him that he had snapped after a possible altercation with his wife, deciding then and there to take his life?

Contemplates celebdirtylaundry: Were Robin and Susan having problems and did he fear that another divorce would completely ruin him financially? Robin had spoken in recent months of how costly his first two divorces were. Was this a man fearing a third go-round that turned to his old ways of coping – through self-medication? At the very least it sounds like Robin wasn’t exactly in sync with his wife when she didn’t even bother to check in on him before leaving yesterday morning. Do you think there is more to this story that is going to come tumbling out? If you knew that your loved one was severely depressed would you leave them to their own devices for 14 hours?

Commentators on the web have since been quick to judge Robin Williams wife who one can only imagine is going through degrees of insurmountable grief, with some calling Susan Schneider’s on the surface lack of attention to her husband as uncaring, devoid of empathy with some even wondering if Susan Schneider had married the actor cause she was a gold digger?

In the end it’s a private matter and as tempting as it is for the media to speculate as to what may actually have preceded the actor’s taking his own life and what part his personal life may have led to his demise we ought to take solace in the fact that for the longest time we were blessed to be entertained by Robin Williams and to remember whilst he and other celebrities invoke wonder and curiosity in their stage and film roles they too also lead private roles that only they could play and lead. A realization that may have weighed very heavily on Robin Williams as he grappled with the great divide of his public image and his private self capitulation….



  1. Apparently the full autopsy/toxicology results are due on November 3rd.

    Until then we can merely just make assumptions, but a lot of things…seem weird, to say the least.

    1) Why did they sleep in different bedrooms?
    2) Why did his wife – knowing about his severe depression – not check in on him in over 15 hours? (Trust me, if you know someone with depression, you’ll usually want to make SURE they are OK 24/7)
    3) Why was he cremated 1 day after his death?
    4) Did he really have Parkinson’s? (Seeing as a lot of Anti-Depressants can cause similar side effects)

    A wise man (14th Dalai Lama) once said: “We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”

    5) Was loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted and uncared for the “trigger” for his suicide?
    6) Was it even suicide?

    Damnit, where are the people from Wikileaks when you need ’em!?

    On a side note, eventhough I have never personally met or known him, I MISS Robin Williams. He has been ever present with his movies, comedy and TV series for all my 30 years on this planet. I used to think people like him would always be there. Now he’s gone. 🙁

    I don’t know about others, but if I had known about his depression, I would have atleast tried to send him a letter or a twitter message or something to cheer him up, to show him that life is still worth living and that people he didn’t even know loved him for who he is.

  2. Dear LL,

    I agree and I think a lot of people are wondering the same thing. Journalists, do not let this go. I’m smh – it just doesn’t add up. And aside from his wife – who knows what was going on there – but Robin ADORED his children. I just can’t imagine that he would have left them like this. I know it happens, but it just doesn’t add up.

  3. The media has now moved on from Robin Williams’ death — he had his 10 minutes, and I am so very sad. There was a rush to judgement that it was a suicide, and celebrities and media everywhere latched onto it, there’s been no true investigative journalism. The wife is very suspicious with her quickly issued statement on the day of his death; it was horrifying. Someone in profound grief would have nothing to say to the media so soon after a shocking death. the Parkinson’s bombshell (never substantiated medically) and the “she wanted children with Robin” bit of leaked info all STINKS to high heaven. The Police dept in Marin has either been bought off or was cowed by the public perception of Williams’ depression not to investigate this matter further.
    I don’t think this was intentional suicide.
    PLEASE media—- and this website’s journalists — do a little more digging.

  4. I am in total agreement with what everyone is saying here. It smells to high heaven. I was so shocked when I heard that first they slept in different rooms, she retires as 10:30pm. gets up in the morning, showers, has breakfast gets dressed and goes out at 10;30am without going to her husbands room to say good morning honey I am going out, not a care in the world for a man who is suffering from severe depression. How cold a witch is that? The assistant finds him dead at noon since he didn’t answer the door. WTF is wrong with this picture? Robin and his wife must have been having marital issues but even if they fought the night he committed suicide, for God’s sake woman you go in the room to see if he is ok. It breaks my heart to think of his finale hours, how he must have been in agony, crying not wanting to live anymore, feeling abandoned and unloved, depressed out of his mind. He did not deserve that. He was such a compassionate, caring man with everyone. I hope we find out more about this because this woman smells rotten to me. RIP Robin, we love and miss you and pray you are at peace now.

  5. I totaly agree. This does not make since. I feel she knew he was dead, she wanted the assistant to be the one to find him, to make herself look innocent. I believe they had an argument about her not really caring for him like she should, probally found out she had an affair, he didn’t want another divorce to pay all that money to her. If he did kill himself she led him to it. She made up the same times @ 10:30 at night she went to bed and 10:30 in the morning she left to run errands, I feel like the time is stage. She could’ve hired a hit person to stage his suicide. And do we really know if he has Parkinson’s Disease, I need to hear from his Dr. first. I so strongly believe if he would’ve really killed himself he would’ve left a note, and he would’ve left his children and the many movies projects that was coming up for him. That’s just my theory, but something about all of this don’t seem right. His death was shock ing to the whole world and we didn’t see this coming. And if everyone is wondering the same thing Why? Then this is definitely something to look in to.

  6. The assistant was worried about him, not the wife. The assistant knew where he’d be sleeping. If I have a big enough fight with my partner that we ‘re sleeping apart I usually will have cooled off by the am . If I’d found out he was sleeping around I’d probably be too pissed to say hello in the morning. I ‘m sure I’d threaten to leave, which would I ‘m sure bring up all kinds of drama. Sleeping apart on a daily basis is totally a red flag. We all had friends growing up whose parents were like that and they all broke up after years of misery. He seemed isolated to me if his assistant was that close to him. Whom do I know who sleeps separately? My friends who are divorcing, and my friends who fight all the time.

  7. It shows me she had no empathy or just plain did not care at all..it is INSANE to not at least checked in on him especially knowing his dire depression.

  8. I have suspected there is something that does NOT pass the smell test from the minute I heard she had not even checked in on him…then to find she has only been in ‘the picture for about 4-5 years….I can not help but think she smelled MONEY and latched onto him.This poor man was so ill and to not even peek in is wrong….I certainly do smell a rat…another gold digger,I sure hope he had a pre nup this time around.

  9. The wife knows very well of robin’s health situation so for her not to even peek to see if he’s ok before her so called “going out to run errands” the following morning is just odd., totally odd. I won’t be surprised if she’s the reason behind Robin’s suicide. I sure hope he left a suicide note.

  10. I agree Jake. I mean, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors between 2 people, but right after he died and then the statement from her came out pretty quickly, it just made me feel weird. And yeah, it seems like people around him knew how much he was suffering, poor man, I don’t understand leaving the house and at least not peeking in the room to check on someone who is seriously depressed. I don’t want to judge, but I don’t get it.

  11. I hope the detectives are doing all they can to reveal and confirm the whole story. This whole thing is not only tragic, but yes does paint a very strange image of a wife who would not even bother to look in for a moment, especially if he were struggling so deeply each day, let alone if they indeed had a serious argument the night before…one still would look in at least, otherwise it’s cold, cold and very suspicious. The quick public statement seemlingly with no time to even grieve what had happened also smells bad. I don’t believe anyone saw her publicly to see her demeanor, but it sure bothers me and I’m sure others who loved his work and him without even knowing him personally. God rest his soul and help the whole story to be revealed soon for Robin’s sake and everyone that loved, especially his family and wife…

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