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Trayvoning, posing like Trayvon Martin’s dead body for laughs



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Trayvon Martin’s dead body sends the media world into a tizzy.

A new trend catching wind on social media simply titled, trayvoning, involves one lying dead like Trayvon Martin‘s dead body as recently displayed on media sites.

Emulated largely be teens, most of whom happen to be white, trayvoning involves people lying motionless on the ground with Skittles and an iced tea, often while wearing a hoodie.

The fascination comes after MSNBC and HLN mistakenly went on to show split second images of Trayvon Martin’s dead body which then went on to be replicated by gawker and other websites.

The reaction to the new trend to date has been a mixed bag. With some finding it humorless, whilst others considering it in poor taste. Not that it wont stop more white kids playing dead. Just for a moment anyway…






  1. hahahahaha lmfao….that’s the funniest shit I seen in a while…..the first pic they show is a African doing it….so don’t bitch its not just the good white man making fun

  2. This is no worse than all of the racist black politicians or actors who have been wearing hoodies to support Trayvon.

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