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Anderson Cooper to replace Matt Lauer? Matt is outraged.



Matt Lauer and Anderson Cooper
Matt Lauer and Anderson Cooper are definitely not dinner buddies…

Making the media rounds this morning is the assertion that CNN darling and ubiquitous hawt bixch, Anderson Cooper has been asked to take over from fallen idol, Matt Lauer once his contract with NBC for the ‘Today show’ expires. Except there’s one problem. Matt is outraged.

In fact so outraged, rumor has it that the owner of perfect chamomile tea manners erupted and explicitly went out of his way to say that he would not support a decision to have Anderson take over for him. Which of course posits the question, why should NBC care what Matt thinks anymore?

But it gets better. Lauer then reached out to Cooper ( I know the chutzpah) to tell Cooper that he was a no go. Which only confused Anderson who had assumed that NBC had already filled Matt in with their overtures to our collective darling. Also confused him because he probably could not understand how Matt wasn’t an devout fan of our collective action hero. Then again one has to appreciate that Matt’s world is busily collapsing around him these days so Cooper should not take any of this shit personally.

Also speculated to take over from Matt and his old pony days is Ryan Seacrest who continues to manage to make young boys and girls swoon every time he looks into the camera lens. Unlike Matt that is. Attitudes towards Matt Lauer continue to dive south as he goes from one humiliation and controversy to the next. Not that Ann Curry isn’t slowly crying a barrage of crimson smeared tears for her ex hero too….

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