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Violentacrez of Reddit goes on CNN to defend why he acted like a troll.

Michael Brutsch aka Violentacrez of reddit on CNN's Anderson Cooper show.



Michael Brutsch aka Violentacrez of reddit on CNN's Anderson Cooper show.

Violentacrez and Reddit’s argument that it’s all about free speech. Really?

Reddit’s Violentacrez fired, now accepting paypal donations thanks.

Why did Reddit turn a blind eye to Violentacrez’s troll behavior?

Gawker exposes pervert and troll Violentacrez of Reddit. Reddit now bans Gawker.

What can one get away with on the internet?  Violentacrez still doesn’t understand what he did wrong…

CNN reporter Drew Griffin had the misfortune of squaring off with Reddit’s Violentacrez last night on the Anderson Coopershow and true to form the virulent demeanor that makes up the distasteful aura of Violentacrez (aka Michael Brutsch) was larger than life just like it has always been (then again can an individual just turn around and redeem himself over a week?).

Offered Violentacrez who still can’t find it in his heart to offer an apology to the world (that shit would disappoint all his loyal reddit admirers who have come to worship the troll):

“I am to some degree apologizing for what I did. I was playing to an audience of college kids. Two years ago when all of this was at its height, the audience was appreciative and supportive of the sort of gallows humor that I put out there. Honestly the biggest thrill I got were those meaningless internet points.”

Gallow humor huh? And of course there was all that ‘meaningless’ thrill of getting all those ‘meaningful’ upvotes and internet presence, not to mention the ‘meaningful’ feeling in ones otherwise meaningless inconsequential life outside of his metaphorical erection called reddit.

Then this master revelation where Michael Brutsch reflects he just collected and shared images (of underage minors of course) which he hoped would lead to enraging other users. Not provoking them, enlightening them or imploring them but enraging them and of course maybe exciting their little peckers.

But just in case you think Michael Brutsch has a sliver of a conscience about his behavior he pins all that bad shit on the reddit community and its staff. Which may actually be right on the money as they tacitly allowed the troll to go about his business knowing full well he wasn’t getting paid (free labor is yummy, please Erik Martin hire Michael Brutsch he needs you more than ever now) and at the same time inciting followers and bringing truckloads of ad dollars to the site with his bruising truck driver tactics on a foggy speedy highway.

“Reddit encouraged and enabled this sort of behavior and I shouldn’t have been apart of that.”

Lamented Brutsch finally: “I anticipate it will get much worse. I can’t see it getting much better. I’ve lost my job, I’m going to lose my home, my health insurance is gone my wife is disabled.”

Poor Michael Brutsch, please reddit can’t you at least dig into your deep pockets and have Mr Brutsch be your lackey and watchdog one more time. Don’t forget the pension and healthcare.



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