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Reddit’s Violentacrez fired, now accepting paypal donations thanks.

Reddit's violentacrez aka Michael Brutsch in real life. Image via gawker.


Reddit's violentacrez aka Michael Brutsch in real life. Image via gawker.

Reddit’s Violentacrez goes on CNN to defend why he acted like a troll.

Violentacrez and Reddit’s argument that it’s all about free speech. Really?

Why did Reddit turn a blind eye to Violentacrez’s troll behavior?

Gawker exposes pervert and troll Violentacrez of Reddit. Reddit now bans Gawker.

How delicious is the irony?

Violentacrez has finally received his comeuppance when word got round today that the internet troll received his marching orders over the weekend courtesy of his mortified employer Arlington,Texas’ ‘First Cash Financial Services,’  who probably wanted to immediately wash their hands of Michael Brutsch after it was publicly disclosed he was singularly responsible for some of the nastiest, offensive and sexually denigrating forums to hit the web in recent years.

But in case you think Michael Brutsch is going to be hitting skid row (his got a wife, son and a mortgage on his hands) as a result of his questionable behavior (I know we can only dream right?) Mr Brutsch is now appealing for paypal donations so you and I can keep him afloat since we (c’mon admit it) all spend mounds of times ogling at all those underage girls in tight shorts that he feverishly kept posting for his our benefit.

Despite having taken down his violentacrez account in lieu of gawker’s article which spilt the beans on the internet troll it wasn’t long before violentcrez was plugging back at his love nest (yes once you go reddit you can never go whatever rhymes with reddit….blah) with a new account (mbrutsch). And for good reason.

Wrote mbrutsch over the weekend:

Well, I had already told my boss about the impending article last week. He thought I was exaggerating the potential fallout. So when he called Saturday morning, I just said, “Told you so”. He said not to come in Monday, and that he’d call when he knew more. All my remote access has been disabled, my health insurance and FSA were cancelled immediately (so they had to drag someone in over the weekend to do that). At this point, if any of the dozens of death threats I’ve gotten were to make good on their promises, at least my wife would have the insurance.

But Michael Brutsch isn’t a dumb cookie cause his precious ass knows that all his devout reddit followers would open their heart for him the minute they realized his sorry ass would soon be hitting the pavement pretty hard as it understandably has. And presto, now Michael Brutsch like the talented internet wiz that he is has now been able to extract the sympathies of the community he adored and vice versa with a Paypal donation which you can race right now to send Michael Brutsch urgent beer spending money.

Meanwhile gawker’s Adrien Chen notes that reddit has gone on the increased hostile route with more subreddits now banning the media outlet across the board which leads to him making this astute observation:

In fact, for a website that made its name crusading against the stifling anti-piracy SOPA bill, Reddit users’ and administrators have proved surprisingly adept at censorship when it comes to this article. When the story was first published Friday afternoon, Reddit’s administrators censored the URL site-wide for about a day. (They did the same thing with Jezebel’s story on creepshots last week.) This was supposedly done because our story violated a Reddit rule against posting identifying information of Redditors (“doxing,” in Reddit terminology), not because its contents were embarrassing to them. But on Saturday Reddit administrator Erik Martin admitted to Buzzfeed the was a mistake and lifted the ban. Since then, Reddit’s volunteer moderators, who are given full control over the subreddits they moderate, have been banning users simply for submitting links that mention the controversy.

Yes the irony is rueful.

And then there was this comment via one of gawker’s readers that caught my attention as well:

With that said he shouldn’t lose his job over his off the job internet activity, as revolting as it may be. As long as he didn’t create any of those pedophile subreddits at his employer’s premises and/or during work hours and/or using his employer’s computers his internet perversion is none of his boss’ business.

I do hope he faces some kind of civil liability for all of images that he sexualized and put on the internet without the consent of the women in the pics. I hope if he committed any crimes during the course of his years as “violent acres” that he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I do not support this pig losing his job and his health coverage because of his activity in his free time, however disgusting that activity may be.


Personally I’m wondering when it’s a matter of time when reddit hire Michael Brutsch as the two are a match made in misguided heaven….



  1. This is in response to scallywag (if that’s even your real name) on the PCMag article, where it seems to be literally impossible to post anonymously. With regards to creepshots: It wasn’t his board, he moderated it. It was his job to make sure that nothing illegal was posted there. He never even posted anything to it. In your perfect world, where what you do online has the same consequences as what you do on television, any time a person makes an angry post because they are taken in by other people’s lies, a magic hand should appear and deal 1d8 damage to their face.

  2. how about i send him monies to cover cost of a rope and a chair so he can kick off?….this fat ugly pos is the lowest of trailer trash, as are his followers wanting to defend him under the banner of (LMFAO) free speech!

  3. Yep, Reddit should hire him. But you know they won’t, when there are so many other fishies in that sea, all of them happily doing the job for free– the way he was doing.

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