Home Scandal and Gossip My hero Anderson Cooper opens up about coming out as gay.

My hero Anderson Cooper opens up about coming out as gay.

Anderson Cooper is the quintessential hawt bixch.
Anderson Cooper is the quintessential hawt bixch.

Just in case you weren’t sure Anderson Cooper was gay.

CNN anchorman and general all round hawt bixch (you know you are Anderson) Anderson Cooper has once again come out about coming out. In short Anderson is gay and he is thrilled he is who he is (so are we) but just in case you missed it, he also wanted to remind us ‘it’s really no big deal…or really any of your business.’

On the inaugural episode of his newly re christened Anderson Live, Anderson had this to say to guest co host Kristen Chenoweth:

“I’ve always been out to my coworkers and stuff. It’s just not something I talked about publicly because as a reporter I didn’t think it was appropriate. It didn’t seem part of my job.”

And to be fair to Anderson, he is absolutely correct, but there’s a catch in all of this good feel talk. Anderson my dear you’re not just a reporter, you’re also a hawt bixch. You are by proxy and by association to your vocation a celebrity, a star (don’t deny it) and that for better or worse means you are public fodder, as is every celebrity and public figure.

As for what eventually inspired him to officially come out, Cooper reflected on the importance of “visibility,” saying he thought “the tide of history only moves forward when everyone is fully visible.”

He added: “I didn’t want to send a message that there was anything I was ashamed about or unhappy about or not comfortable with.”

There Anderson finally relieved the monkey off his back. Can we all please now go back to Anderson being an action hero and saving some destitute child in a war torn nation or at the very least putting on a captain Anderson uniform and fight all the daily injustices in the world that we know is his calling….