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James Holmes Conspiracy: Does he have an accomplice? Can an unemployed and broke man afford guns and ammunition ?

The above are the guns that James Holmes owned
The above are the guns that James Holmes owned


James Holmes is being evicted. Explosives and murders violated lease.


James Holmes trial. Lawyers say he is mentally ill. Will he avoid the death penalty?

James Holmes said to have sent notebook to psychiatrist with plans before massacre. It sat unopened.

James Holmes snapped after failing key university exam. Couldn’t live up to his brilliant father.

James Holmes may have intended NYC premiere as his initial target. Wanted to kill Dark Knight stars?

James Holmes said to have had dalliances with prostitutes.

Women are now going to twitter and saying how sexy James Holmes really is.

James Holmes spitting at guards. Forced to wear face mask. Is he literally going crazy?

James Holmes aka Joker villain had no social media presence. Said to be a loner.

Experts: James Holmes apartment was a waiting house bomb rigged with booby traps rarely seen out of war zones.

James Holmes is just a Joker and he’s deemed mentally insane. But what if he were Black or a Muslim?

James Holmes reached out to multitude of women on adult friend finder. Was rejected.

Dark Knight Rider pulls in $160.8 million weekend. But will sales stay buoyant?

Since the awful events of Aurora, Colorado have played out media commentators have insisted that the massacre was the act of a single man. Yet what doesn’t make sense is how does a broke unemployed student afford to spend up to $20 000 and beyond on guns and ammo and even more interestingly how did a neuroscience major learn to booby trap his apartment with an intricate web of high grade explosives that took trained SWAT officials more than a day to detonate? To be blunt is this really the work of a one man or is there something else more sinister going on?


NaturalNews.comHow does an unemployed medical student afford all the complex weapons gear, bomb-making gear, “flammable” booby trap devices, ammunition, multiple magazines, bullet-proof vest, groin protection, ballistic helmet, SWAT uniform and all the rest of it?

A decent AR-15 rifle costs $1,000 or more all by itself. The shotgun and handgun might run another $800 total. Spare mags, sights, slings, and so on will run you at least another $1,000 across three firearms. The bullet-proof vest is easily another $800, and the cost of the bomb-making gear is anybody’s guess. With all the specialty body gear, ammunition, booby-trap devices and more, I’m guessing this is at least $20,000 in weapons and tactical gear, much of which is very difficult for civilians to get in the first place.”

Contemplates the examiner:

The argument is that this is a government ploy to bolster support for the upcoming U.N. vote on the “global small arms treaty” which could extrapolate to American citizens losing their right to bear arms.

Adams goes on to question why a shooter hellbent on “killing everyone” would so casually surrender to police then warn them of his booby-trapped apartment. Such a question implies a level of sanity in an otherwise deranged mind.

It might seem out of hand and just wishful thinking but there are certainly matters which are not holding up. As the examiner posits once again:

While it is easy to dismiss such conspiracy talk as mush-brained craziness, the truth is that governments around the globe have always participated in such convoluted schemes, and sacrificed their own people for an agenda. It just doesn’t happen in America. Or does it? The Kennedy assassinations, Watergate, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the recent Fast and Furious fiasco are all examples of recent government culpability. There are still many highly intelligent men and women who believe the U.S. government was complicit in the 9/11 attack. Certainly the speed with which the Bush administration pushed the Patriot Act through is proof enough that there was at least some culpability that day.

I also came across this thread of commentary via globeandmail that attempts to examine those questions. See what you think….?


Someone SUPPORTED this guy.

Over $20,000 in weapons, ammo and other paraphernalia – unemployed ?? . 

Plus he ‘meekly’ surrendered to the cops behind the theater; plus he told the police his apartment was wired up. Someone out to kill as many as possible, doesn’t ‘surrender’.

Anyway, just some very ‘bizarre’ aspects. Studied ‘neuroscience’ – did he take some ‘drugs’ ? was he drugged by ??

There’s a conspiracy of sorts here, which of course MSM, won’t investigate.

Comments ??


So lemme get this right. The person is collecting unemployment. The person had zero military training. The person buys up all sorts of weapons and crafts all sorts of boooby traps that needed top notch experts to defuse. You don’t learn that on the internet and get it all right the first time.

Follow the money and demand security cameras or did the See Eye Ah already confiscate everything like they did at the hotels gas stations on the nine 11 attack at the Pent Agon? Mind control and hypnosis is what they do. Sirhan Sirhan remember him?

The timing is so perfect.

Gun-control advocates and the Obama administration are rushing to complete negotiations in New York on a proposed international agreement called the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The gun-control crowd’s strategy of trying to do through treaties what it cannot accomplish in America’s domestic political process.

It’s interesting to note that when Anders Breivik committed his senseless massacre I don’t recall people making sweeping condemnations about guns, Norwegian gun laws and gun access, or Norwegian people in general. Everyone, for the most part, correctly placed the blame and condemnation on Breivik.


But this most recent tragedy occurred in the US so naturally everyone needs to condemn inanimate objects (guns) and entities (the NRA, American gun laws and gun access, Republicans, American people in general) rather than the madman who committed this atrocity.


Another question that should be asked is how an unemployed student has the financial where-with-all to purchase $10-20k worth of weapon/bomb making material/and where did he learn to do all this? I don’t think a PHD student is sitting around playing Modern warfare.

Secondly, how did this kid no how to place highly sophisticated incendiary devices through out his apartment?

These need to be answered.

James Holmes’ mother now insists that reports that she knew her son was troubled were wrong says lawyer

James Holmes mugshot has finally arrived for your viewing pleasure.

British model Keeley Hazell shocked that James Holmes had a crush on her. Used her image on Adult Friend Finder.

Frazzled James Holmes make his first court appearance. Could face death penalty, may plead insanity defense.

James Holmes was facing eviction prior to the Batman shooting. Days from being kicked out.

James Holmes to make his first court appearance today. Could be facing death penalty.

James Holmes lived in gangster rife apartment complex. Littered with crack dens.

James Holmes aka the Joker had a getaway plan that included booby traps.

Did a break up with a girlfriend from match.com send James Holmes over the edge? Left message: See you in prison.

James Holmes rejected from gun club cause his answering machine was too freaky.

James Holmes said to have lost touch with reality after becoming obsessed with video games. Wanted to be one of the characters.

First video of James Holmes surfaces. Wished to become a researcher and to make scientific discoveries.

Officials confirm James Holmes Adult friend finder sex profile is real. Open to swinging both ways.

James Holmes aka the Joker thinks he is in a movie. Spitting at prison guards.

James Holmes was set to lecture on psychiatric and neuroscience disorders at University

James Holmes was high on prescription drugs hours before shooting.

James Holmes Adult Friend Finder sex profile believed to be authentic. Will you visit me in prison?

James Holmes the Joker killer was a loner and recluse. Left for death scene with techno song playing over and over.

James Holmes said he was the Joker. Fake reality vs real reality

Ann Curry returns to The Today show after Batman Dark Knight shooting.

James Holmes mother was not surprised her son was the shooter. Had a hunch!

Batman Dark Knight shooter James Holmes was a PHd drop out. Described as quiet and easy going.

Dark Knight massacre as 12 dead, 50 injured as maniac opens point blank fire at Batman movie premiere



  1. Network Psychology; My conclusions.

    He got the money from his rich parents and put the rest on credit.

    As a middle class grad student he is ‘news aware’ and culturally aware and believes in taking personal responsibility for his beliefs.

    He acted alone, after drawing conclusions about the need for gun-control in the US. His aim is to get automatic weapons banned.

  2. I don’t care how he got the money or the guns or the ammo or whether or not there were nefarious elements behind him doing this atrocity. What I do care about is the Fact that no matter what you do , no matter what you regulate. There is no way the government can prevent someone from doing something like this, and if we were free to protect ourselves like the 2 amendment guarantees, those folks in the theater could have been able to protect themselves better.

  3. I don’t think he was really broke, he had no job but he had a grant that paid his tuition and he got 26,000 a year from it. He didn’t just buy all the equipment at once either.

  4. well he told them about the bombs so they probably didn’t just walk in. A neighboor said she went to ask him to turn his music down and she noticed the door wasn’t closed all the way.

  5. How did said person open the door without setting the alarms off? If he had the key to open it, how did he get it? If he didnt have the key, then who opened the door? The more you think about these, the more it makes you think it is a cover up, only so the government can try to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights.

  6. As Blake said, stop being so damn stupid. I will never get back the time it took me to read your article. What a pile of garbage? Credit card – there’s your money answer. Internet – there’s your how to answer. Can’t emphasize it enough, stop being so damn stupid.

  7. All that equipment wouldnt cost anywhere near 20 grand. Also, his AR-15 jammed, anyone with so called “advanced Military training” could have easily cleared a jammed AR in less than 5 seconds. Ever heard of something called the internet? This guy is obviously smart, I mean the Taliban can create advanced IED’s. What makes you think this guy couldn’t do the same thing? Stop with all the stupid speculations and just realize this guy is a lunatic. Its pretty cut and dry. He got the shotgun for 300, the handgun for 300, the AR for 800, the sight for 300, all the rounds for about 800, the vest and protector for less than a 1000, the smoke grenades were probably about another 400. You can purchase all this through online dealers. Thats less than 5 grand. Also, he took out an extra student loan shortly before he planned on dropping out of the Neuroscience program. Stop being so damn stupid.

  8. America losing the right to bear arms? Yeah right. America is the most heavily armed nation on the planet Earth. We have upwards of 90 guns per 100 people in America. It is estimated that only 12% of those guns are registered with authorities. Crime ridden American inner cities have even more guns per capita than the country as a whole. It would take some serious tyranny to remove guns from America, genius. It actually isn’t possible. For example, weed is completely illegal in most places yet millions of Americans sell and smoke weed everyday. Do you really think any force could take over a crime-ridden gun infested American city like Oakland, Detroit or New Orleans?! Like Chris Rock said, “You couldn’t take over Baltimore in three weeks!”

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