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James Holmes spitting at guards. Forced to wear face mask. Is he literally going crazy?

James Holmes. How crazy is he really?
James Holmes. How crazy is he really?

James Holmes is being evicted. Explosives and murders violated lease.

James Holmes trial. Lawyers say he is mentally ill. Will he avoid the death penalty?

James Holmes said to have sent notebook to psychiatrist with plans before massacre. It sat unopened.

James Holmes snapped after failing key university exam. Couldn’t live up to his brilliant father.

James Holmes may have intended NYC premiere as his initial target. Wanted to kill Dark Knight stars?

James Holmes said to have had dalliances with prostitutes.

Women are now going to twitter and saying how sexy James Holmes really is.

James Holmes aka Joker villain had no social media presence. Said to be a loner.

Experts: James Holmes apartment was a waiting house bomb rigged with booby traps rarely seen out of war zones.

In a sign that is all is not well for James Holmes, prison authorities have had to issue him at one point a face mask because he was incessantly spitting at them. Something that suggests that he is either convinced that he is still in some kind of role play as he literally takes on the recalcitrant villain character of the Joker to the hilt or that he is psychologically imbalanced something that could have been brought about via trauma of some kind.

Not helping matters for James Holmes was his loopy court appearance which had commentators if he was on drugs, in some kind of shock or simply putting on some elaborate ruse?

In another sign of the degree of discord of Holmes behavior, Holmes told police when he was first arrested that he was the fictitious Batman villain, the Joker, when cops put evidence bags over his hands to preserve traces of gunpowder residue. At the moment the bags were placed over his hands Holmes pretended the bags were puppets.

Offers Marissa Randazzo, former chief research psychologist for the US Secret Service and an expert in mass shootings:

“I think there are two possibilities going on here. One is that he is in the middle of a psychotic episode which is quite possible. We see him distracted at multiple points, an almost sort of ‘coming to’ and trying to figure out where he is and process what’s going on. The other thing that we’re seeing — and we’ve seen some of this behavior in the past couple months — might suggest mania. Meaning hyperactivity, hyper energy, been possibly up and not sleeping for days. What we might be seeing here is the post effects.”

That said Marissa Randazzo does offer for the time being the possibility that James Holmes is just faking his behavior.

Then there’s this point of view via the dailybeast that shed’s some light of the duplicity of pop culture/fantasy and how that may have played into a wavering mind that suddenly adopted it as reality:

A sick person’s inchoate feelings of resentment and persecution and alienation get some kind of coherence when they fit into a ready-made storyline—like the violent story of heroes and antiheroes told in the Batman movies. It would hardly be surprising for an underdog whose mind was already in some kind of chaotic state to have a fascination with the Joker, “a cultural antihero who brings chaos,” 

Then discussing the idea that violence in film and wider culture feeding citizen’s reflex to resort to violence:

…..it’s easy to feel torn between the notion that violent movies breed actual violence, and the idea that James Holmes, the 24-year-old man police have accused of the crime, is just a madman whose actions speak only for themselves. But there’s a more credible position that includes both views: that Holmes went mad, and that the art and culture around him shaped the kind of lunatic he turned out to be. (Forget legal or medical definitions of insanity: anyone who does horrible damage to dozens of strangers, for no credible reason, is, in common parlance, nuts.) Movies don’t make us go insanely violent, but if you’re going to lose control anyway, they provide a model for how to go about it—a model for just how bad and mad today’s crazy person is supposed to be.

Time will tell how crazy James Holmes really is or if in some level how crazy our society has become which might in part be what the anti hero was trying to expose with his violent series of behavior….

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James Holmes is just a Joker and he’s deemed mentally insane. But what if he were Black or a Muslim?

James Holmes Conspiracy: Does he have an accomplice? Can an unemployed and broke man afford guns and ammunition ?

James Holmes reached out to multitude of women on adult friend finder. Was rejected.

Dark Knight Rider pulls in $160.8 million weekend. But will sales stay buoyant?

James Holmes’ mother now insists that reports that she knew her son was troubled were wrong says lawyer

James Holmes mugshot has finally arrived for your viewing pleasure.

British model Keeley Hazell shocked that James Holmes had a crush on her. Used her image on Adult Friend Finder.

Frazzled James Holmes make his first court appearance. Could face death penalty, may plead insanity defense.

James Holmes was facing eviction prior to the Batman shooting. Days from being kicked out.

James Holmes to make his first court appearance today. Could be facing death penalty.

James Holmes lived in gangster rife apartment complex. Littered with crack dens.

Did a break up with a girlfriend from match.com send James Holmes over the edge? Left message: See you in prison.

James Holmes rejected from gun club cause his answering machine was too freaky.

James Holmes said to have lost touch with reality after becoming obsessed with video games. Wanted to be one of the characters.

First video of James Holmes surfaces. Wished to become a researcher and to make scientific discoveries.

Officials confirm James Holmes Adult friend finder sex profile is real. Open to swinging both ways.

James Holmes aka the Joker thinks he is in a movie. Spitting at prison guards.

James Holmes was high on prescription drugs hours before shooting.

James Holmes the Joker killer was a loner and recluse. Left for death scene with techno song playing over and over.

James Holmes said he was the Joker. Fake reality vs real reality

Ann Curry returns to The Today show after Batman Dark Knight shooting.

James Holmes mother was not surprised her son was the shooter. Had a hunch!

Batman Dark Knight shooter James Holmes was a PHd drop out. Described as quiet and easy going.

Dark Knight massacre as 12 dead, 50 injured as maniac opens point blank fire at Batman movie premiere





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