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James Holmes Adult Friend Finder sex profile believed to be authentic. Will you visit me in prison?

James Holmes on adultfriendfinder
James Holmes on adultfriendfinder with what appears to be poster in the background.

James Holmes said to have sent notebook to psychiatrist with plans before massacre. It sat unopened.

James Holmes snapped after failing key university exam. Couldn’t live up to his brilliant father.

James Holmes may have intended NYC premiere as his initial target. Wanted to kill Dark Knight stars?

James Holmes is just a Joker and he’s deemed mentally insane. But what if he were Black or a Muslim?

James Holmes Conspiracy: Does he have an accomplice? Can an unemployed and broke man afford guns and ammunition ?

James Holmes reached out to multitude of women on adult friend finder. Was rejected.

Dark Knight Rider pulls in $160.8 million weekend. But will sales stay buoyant?

James Holmes’ mother now insists that reports that she knew her son was troubled were wrong says lawyer

James Holmes mugshot has finally arrived for your viewing pleasure.

British model Keeley Hazell shocked that James Holmes had a crush on her. Used her image on Adult Friend Finder.

Frazzled James Holmes make his first court appearance. Could face death penalty, may plead insanity defense.

James Holmes was facing eviction prior to the Batman shooting. Days from being kicked out.

James Holmes to make his first court appearance today. Could be facing death penalty.

James Holmes lived in gangster rife apartment complex. Littered with crack dens.

James Holmes aka the Joker had a getaway plan that included booby traps.

Did a break up with a girlfriend from match.com send James Holmes over the edge? Left message: See you in prison.

James Holmes rejected from gun club cause his answering machine was too freaky.

James Holmes said to have lost touch with reality after becoming obsessed with video games. Wanted to be one of the characters.

First video of James Holmes surfaces. Wished to become a researcher and to make scientific discoveries.

Officials confirm James Holmes Adult friend finder sex profile is real. Open to swinging both ways.

James Holmes aka the Joker thinks he is in a movie. Spitting at prison guards.

James Holmes was high on prescription drugs hours before shooting.

A sophisticated rouse or the real deal?

Authorities are currently in the midst of verifying whether a sex site profile, Adult Friend Finder belongs to mass murderer James Holmes this evening.

The tip off came after reddit userscame up with what looks like to be a profile of a man claiming to be James Holmes created days before the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ massacre.

The profile includes a picture of a man bearing a close likeliness to that of James Holmes albeit with red hair as he was described at the time of today’s arrest. Even ominous was a cryptic message on the top of the profile which reads, ‘will you visit me in prison?’

Holmes profile says he is 6’0 and single with an athletic body. Yet FBI reports at present have Holmes at 6’3. What is also off about the profile is the registered birthday: Dec 10 1987 despite official reports that Holmes’ birthday is December 13 1987.

Other corroborating features also include the following:

The username “ClassicJimbo” includes Jim, which is a common short-hand for James. The user lives in Aurora, Colorado. The user is a “Gold” member, which seems to mean he could not have signed up just today (if this were a Reddit hoax).

Notes Holmes’ profile:

That he’s circumcised.

“Holmes” described himself as a straight man … and said he was seeking a sexual relationship with “Women, Couples (man and woman), Groups or Couples (2 women).”

“Holmes” also notes that he’s interested in “Erotic Chat or Email, Discreet Relationship, 1-on-1 sex or Group sex (3 or more!)”

In the section marked, “Introduction” … “Holmes” said, “Looking for a fling or casual sex gal. Am a nice guy. Well, as nice enough of a guy who does these sort of shenanigans.”

Holmes has a ‘short/average’ sized penis.

According to the website, “Holmes” last logged in to the site sometime in the past 3 days.

“Holmes” posted 2 different photos of himself — including one shot in which he is posed in front of an image of a woman while wearing headphones.

Time will tell if the above account actually belongs to James Holmes or whether it’s some astute photo shopping on account of some talented reddit users.


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Purported profile of James Holmes
Reddit users finesse lines and angles of James Holmes face. 'Almost him,' says one user.
James Holmes via adultfriendfinder. Image via imgur


  1. Um, what the hell does it matter if it’s him or not? What difference does it make? Is he more or less of a scumbag because he has an account on AFF? No. Either way he’s still a mass murderer.

  2. Um, what the hell does it matter if it’s him or not? What difference does it make? Is he more or less of a scumbag because he has an account on AFF? No. Either way he’s still a mass murderer.

  3. it could be him. who posts their real birthdates on sites? I don’t. who posts their real name? I don’t either. I am 25 and I don’t even have facebook. you don’t leave online info about yourself. i learned this early since i was 11. i know at least 5 other people my age who hate facebook with a passion. it really could be him, honestly.

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