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Alec Baldwin running for mayor of New York City? Yes, please.


In an interview with the New York Times this week, Alec Baldwin confessed to his New York political ambitions, although he will not be running in 2013, which is when the mayor’s office goes up for re election, a post he has been keeping his eye on.  After finishing his commitment to 30 Rock, he plans on getting his Masters in politics and government (did Arnold do that?) before entering the arena: “What’s the reality of the city unions, of contracts, agreements, teachers, infrastructure, decentralizing, everything? And utilities, Con Ed, the M.T.A. — how does it all work?”  At least he’s not just planning on watching The Wire.

A resident of the Upper West Side—“not a little kind of jewel-box, privileged pocket of the city like some neighborhoods are”—Baldwin intends to take up permanent residence in the city before running, despite offers from fundraisers asking him to run for office in Connecticut or California.  He’s a New York kind of guy, and he claims his wealth will not deter him from connecting with the everyman.

Alec Baldwin could very soon dominate the world.  He’d make a perfect host for an award show; everyone already forgot he called his daughter a fat pig a couple years ago (whoops, I guess I reminded you); he appeals to almost everyone, and seems quite smart and credible.  People are often critical of public figures crossing over into different careers—Gwenyth Paltrow is releasing an album?—but Alec seems strangely suitable for politics.  He could charm the pants off the blue collar, the white collar, even my collar (I would say ‘charm the collar off’, but that’s just senseless).

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  • henryjose

    “I am someone who is fully prepared for the fact that I could go into this and do it and completely have my ass kicked,” he said. “I could throw a party and no one could come. And it would be this staggering lesson for me.” http://bit.ly/nNMOuk