Home Scandal and Gossip Kate Moss is rumored to have cellulite.

Kate Moss is rumored to have cellulite.


The fashion world is now besides itself.

What to do when your icon breaks the spell and dares to appear less than her bethroned idyllic form?

nymag: Kate Moss’s buns and thighs appeared a little dimpled in the shots of her closing today’s Louis Vuitton show, so of course someone had to do the requisite “ZOMG SHE HAS CELLULITE” story. And it comes to us thanks not to the Daily Mail, actually, but AOL’s StyleList. “Kate Moss gets cellulite just like the rest of us. Even reed-thin supermodels can’t escape the ticking clock of time,” the story begins, concluding: “She gets away with it because, well, she’s Kate Moss.”

EXCUSE US! But we beg to differ- Kate Moss absolutely is not able to get away with cellulite or any other imperfection- that would be media heresy.

Anyway enjoy the gollowogs NY Mag is feeding you, because we still think Kate’s a hawt thing- never mind the reality of  her your situation….