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It’s time to meet Calvin Klein’s new boy toy- Nick Gruber.

Salivate all you want, but don't touch...

It hurts so much when I look in the mirror.

How many times can you say ‘goo goo ga ga’ without choking on your tongue?

Behind a great designer is a great model. First it was Kate Moss and that other hunk Mark Wahlberg (Monkey Mark to his slaves) and now straight from the delirious rollicking landscape of San Francisco where beautiful young boys are carefully nurtured comes Nick Gruber. You may begin the frothing immediately…

Gawker: Klein, 67, was first photographed with the blond boytoy as early as May and the pair have since been seen at a number of movie premieres and charity events in Manhattan and the Hamptons. Last week, Page Six ran a picture in the paper’s print edition of the two men walking in Manhattan and described Gruber as Klein’s “partner.” Looks like they know something about their relationship that we don’t.

Isn’t it sweet delicious everythings when an older man shacks with a young hot thang? Nothing like grand father and hot son trolling Chelsea on a hot summer afternoon…

Based on his Facebook page, Nick is from Crystal River, Florida, graduated high school last year, and is currently enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College north of San Francisco. He’s friends with the general assortment of young ladies and hot gay guys one would expect of a handsome young dude. But he’s also friends with a gay pornographer named Blue Blake.

High school. Isn’t that so sweet. Who can bear to wait for hot young boys to make it to college anymore…? We suggest this fall you don’t walk out the front door without your own sweet 20 year old prepubescent boy either…

Salivate all you want, but don't touch...
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  • tiny little ones

    wait……..wait………… i just realized something…… calvin klein is gay?? when did that happen?

  • rose hartman

    If money doesn’t buy happiness, it certainly doesn’t hurt!


  • tiny little ones

    i am sure it is true love……… it always is