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Sandra Lee storms out of Bergdorf Goodman restaurant after overhearing Nick Gruber’s new boyfriend slam her.

Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee is also a preferred hawt bixch...
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee is also a preferred hawt bixch…

The wounded egos of television cooks…

Kids it’s time to take out your crayon and carefully write the following words over and over: ‘I’m sorry Sandra Lee for snickering at your royalty status.’

There. Now fold it over and over and hang it on the wall somewhere close to the pantry where you keep all that yummy fast food processed can food which keeps you so healthy….

And the mayhem begins…

nypost: New York’s first girlfriend, Sandra Lee, stormed out of BG restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman after thinking she heard offensive comments about her “semi-homemade” empire.

The Post’s Kirsten Fleming reports that Calvin Klein’s ex Nick Gruber was dining with new boyfriend John Luciano and several friends near the entrance to the cafe Tuesday night when Lee, the longtime girlfriend of Gov. Cuomo, came in to sit near the back of the restaurant with an unidentified male friend.

Unfortunately for Nick and his new hawt bixch page 6 goes on to report that their entourage was supposedly unaware of how big of a cheese Sandra Lee really was. Which normally wouldn’t be a bad thing cause who can really ever know who’s making small talk at your local Bergdorf Goodman store? But then again try telling that to Sandra Lee who prides herself on being infallible, widely adored and ill predisposed to any comments, thoughts, snickers, guffaws and yawns that don’t permeate the dictum: ‘Sandra Lee is the princess of mouth watering flaky angel cakes and good  table manners.’

Speaking of good table manners, the nypost proceeds…

Luciano told The Post he began to explain to his friends how Lee became a celebrity chef: “She takes an angel food cake, slices it in half, opens a can of frosting, frosts the cake, calls it semi-homemade, and makes a lot of money.”

But because of the tricky — or perhaps too good — acoustics at swanky BG, Lee overheard Luciano’s private comments while she sat at her table, and the domestic goddess was not amused.

“Sandra did a 360 with her eyes around the restaurant, and walked to the manager to complain, ‘Someone was talking about me,’ ” Luciano told us. “She said she was going to walk around the restaurant to find out who it was.”

Oh dear. Nick darling you must ween your new hawt bixch and explain one mustn’t carve up a demi god, celebrity, socialite or any general aspiring media whore in their presence. Please Nick, you of all people ought to know what it’s like to have your good name smashed in public

From there the evening of wounded egos continues…

Luciano said Lee then walked over to the table next to them, where four Italian tourists were seated. “She extends her hand and says, ‘I’m Sandra Lee, I have feelings, too,’ ” Luciano told us. “But they were Italian tourists, so they had no idea what she was saying. They were bewildered. So she got her friend and stormed out of the restaurant.”

Luciano said a member of their group went after Lee to explain his comments were harmless. “I don’t want to offend anyone; I’m apologizing,” Luciano told us. “I feel terrible. That’s not my style to offend people. I thought it was humorous, and I was actually giving her props.”

Kids, tell me Sandra Lee isn’t microwaving her favorite trinkets this afternoon in a desperate bid to rid her precious soul of  the ignominy of being publicly braised. I know Sandra, it’s so terrible when young punks like Nick and Luciano try to sully your good name just in the hopes of getting their mug on page 6. Right Nick?

Nevertheless the post goes on to remind us that Sandra Lee really is a kitchen warrior of sorts and explains how she managed to become a consummate fame whore after showing the world how to live off food stamps and processed can food with aplomb (don’t you worry Sandra, after years of being a struggling writer I too also developed my very own kinky canned food recipes).

The moral of the lesson? Next time Sandra walks into your living room, slowly kneel down, kiss her heels and take out that shiny piece of paper with all that crayon splashes that explains how much you really love her after all….Blah!


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